10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past to Inspire You

Let’s settle the debate once and for all: Are you a decorate-November-1st type of gal, or do you prefer to wait until Thanksgiving?

Typically, I prefer to wait until Thanksgiving. Our wedding anniversary is at the end of November, so between that and Thanksgiving, I’ve got enough celebrating to focus on without adding Christmas to the list just yet. This year, however, with us living in the RV, I feel like if I had the chance, I’d have started decorating earlier. Alas, there isn’t much room in the RV for our belongings, let alone a Christmas tree, so I’m still brainstorming ideas how to prepare for the best season of the year.

Speaking of brainstorming ideas, in case you need some inspiration, I’ve gathered up 10 Christmas-focused posts from the past. There’s everything from crafts projects to Advent calendar roundups, to reflective pieces, and more.

Click through for 10 holidays posts from Christmas past to inspire you this season.

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

1. Simple But Gorgeous Holiday Decor Ideas Inspired by Scandinavian Style

This is the last winter home tour I ever shared – back in 2018. I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t shared our holiday decor since then, other than perhaps for the fact that I’ve tried more and more to be present each day as my little ones grow up. But in the event you’re looking for a few simple (but gorgeous) holiday decor ideas inspired by minimalistic, refined Scandinavian style, this post is for you. My personal favorites are the star garland, asymmetrical wreath on the mirror, and the Moravian paper star. Definitely scheming how to bring those ideas back this year in our RV!

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

2. 2016 Winter Home Tour: DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas and Tips

Welcome to our Christmas home tour from 2016! A touch of glam, a hint of whimsy – come see all of my DIY holiday decorating ideas and tips! We had just finished renovating our Strelkov Bungalow, so I went all out decorating for the holidays. That fireplace decor was a work of art, if I do say so myself.

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

3. Create a Cozy Home with Festive Candles (And Candle Holders)

Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve lived the last three months in an RV, but this year I’m especially craving that comforting feeling of a cozy home. Decorating with candles is the easiest way I know to achieve that feeling. In this post, I’ve rounded up the most beautiful and festive candles, along with candle holders. If I didn’t already have quite the collection of both candles and candle holders waiting for me in our storage unit, I’d order every single one of these!

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

4. DIY Modern Advent Calendar + Roundup of Favorites

Making an Advent calendar pushes you to figure out your priorities ahead of time and commit only to those! By all means, figure out how your family wants to spend the holiday season and focus on those activities; don’t do things simply to cross off some generic winter bucket list! Take ownership of your time and energy this holiday season, and don’t let the culture of busyness distract you. Even if DIY is not your cup of tea, I’ve also rounded up 15 modern Advent calendars that, last time I checked, can still be delivered before December 1st.

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

5. The Easiest DIY Gold Hoop and Greenery Wreath

You’ve seen a plethora of these gold hoop and greenery wreaths, but I guarantee you’ve yet to find a DIY tutorial as simple as mine. In fact, it’s so easy, I finished it in less than 10 minutes – seven of which I spent looking for floral wire, which ended up being completely unnecessary. These gold hoops are so versatile, and can work as decor for a holiday party or be displayed on the front door all season long!

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

6. DIY: Modern, Asymmetrical Wreath on a Round Mirror

In preparation for Christmas decorating I had pinned enough asymmetrical wreaths to know I wanted to try my hand at one. They are so festive yet modern, simple but pretty – just how I like my holiday decorations. Wasting no time, and without any clear plan or vision of the end results, I got to work. I gathered a few random supplies I had on hand and began crafting. Follow along with this oh-so-simple tutorial to make your own modern, asymmetrical wreath, and learn how to attach it to a round mirror.

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

7. 50 Last-Minute Advent Ideas: Acts of Kindness and Family Activities

To help inspire myself (and hopefully you), I’ve put together a list of Advent ideas that focus on acts of kindness and family activities. Even if an Advent calendar isn’t your cup of tea, this list can serve as a Christmas bucket list. Enjoy!

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

8. The Best, Most Perfect Time to Decorate for Christmas

The age-old question: Is there such a thing as the perfect time to decorate for Christmas? How soon is too soon? How late is too late? This reflective piece explores the meaning of Christmas, traditions, and the comparison game of a picture-perfect holiday. If Christmas has become less of a magical celebration and more of just another item on the to-do list, this post is for you!

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

9. DIY: How to Create Tulle Pom Pom Garlands

I originally created these tulle pom pom garlands for our first daughter’s nursery. Since then, I’ve used them as a tree garland every Christmas. Combine this pretty garland with twinkle lights and display in a child’s bedroom for some holiday magic.

10 Holiday Posts from Christmas Past

10. Glam Holiday Decor Ideas on a Budget

This last post is more for giggles, if anything. It’s back from 2015, when I just began shifting my blog content to interior design. Take a walk down memory lane with me, and see how I decorated for the holidays back in 2015! I will say, the pretty little vignette on the neon orange (!!!) side table is still something I’d recreate today!

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