10 Stylish Black Sandals for Summer (Under $50!)

10 Stylish Black Sandals for Summer (Under $50!)

With the onset of warmer temperatures comes the excitement of all the places I’ll go, the summer outfits I’ll wear, the nature I’ll enjoy, the fun I’ll have – until I’m hit with the sinking realization that despite my best intentions, I once again waited until the last minute to find myself a comfortable yet stylish pair of flat, black sandals versatile enough to take me through my summer adventures.

If you follow FOXY OXIE on Instagram, you may be thinking, “What about that strappy pair that you recently posted?

That, ladies, is an ol’ pair I borrowed from my sister – “granny sandals” I call them, because I’m pretty sure their soft sole and stretchy straps were designed for the elderly. Case in point: just the other day a woman in her 80’s came up to me in church to ask where she could buy herself a pair.

Oh yes, I am just that stylish, ha!

So, in honor of the inevitable summer adventures awaiting you – and because I’m just an all-around nice person, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite black sandals for summer that I discovered while looking for a pair for myself.

Best part? They’re all under $50, with the majority being $25 or less!

10 Stylish Black Sandals for Summer (Under $50!)

  01  |  02  |  03  |  04  |  05  |  06  |  07  |  08  |  09  |  10

Speaking of adventures, how’s your weekend going?



  1. Love your picks! I definitely agree that every wardrobe needs a pair of black sandals.. I definitely want another pair for the summer!

  2. Shockingly, a good pair of black sandals is something my wardrobe is lacking right now… I’m honestly not sure how I let that happen?! I definitely needed this inspiration. Hope you’re off to a great week!

    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  3. I love the tassel details of the ones from Target! (#8). They have the best shoe selection!

  4. My favorites are number 5 and 9! I love the graphic you made for this post – it’s super cute. Black sandals are the best because they go with so much!


    • The first ones are actually what I bought, and I love them! They have a super comfy cushioned bottom and are wide enough for my wide feet. They were originally $59.99, but I scored them for $16.99 with those Kohl’s coupons I posted about in this post a few Fridays ago!

  5. I totally love “granny” shoes from Kohls. They are so comfy and still pretty cute. I’m in the market for black sandals right now so this is perfect. Thanks!

    • Ha, the granny sandals from Instagram aren’t from Kohls – I borrowed them from my little sister! The ones from Kohls (number 1) are what I upgraded with! :) Let me know which ones you end up getting; maybe I’ll snag myself another pair!

      • OK apparently I can’t read, haha!! But I do totally check out their “extra cushioned” section all the time. I need the support!

        • See, it didn’t even occur to me to check Kohl’s when I was looking… I rarely (if ever) shop there, but from now on that’ll be the first place I check! I love the Croft & Barrows ones I got; the extra cushion is definitely amazing for the 15-minute hike from the garage to my office every morning! I just might buy another pair!

          Also, the original price was $59.99, but I scored them for only $16.99! Talk about a deal, right?! I posted last week about some Kohl’s coupons I discovered, feel free to check them out in Friday’s post! XO

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