20 Renovation + Design Projects on Our 2021 To-Do List

20 Renovation + Design Projects on our 2021 To-Do List

Just typing out “our 2021 to-do list” made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Twenty projects in one year?! I have officially lost my mind. Never mind the fact that it’s already February, and I’m just now sharing this list, ha!

I thought about including a photo of each project but quickly realized this post is turning into a novella. How about if you want to see the current state of the projects, you head over to Instagram and ask for a video tour!

The last couple months of 2020 our Greenfield Remodel slowed down to a standstill. Many factors were to blame – none of which I’ll dwell on today, because today I’m excited and looking forward with renewed energy!

We renovated our last investment property, the Edgmon Ranch, in less than six months. I can hardly believe it myself! Although we’re not necessarily holding ourselves to that timeline with the Greenfield Remodel, the goal of property investing is to ultimately sell the property. The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can move onto bigger, more exciting ventures. More on that later…

We’ve been living in renovating the Greenfield Remodel for about three months now, and it’s time we start finishing and crossing projects off our 2021 to-do list! Without further ado, behold our enormous, mind-blowing, borderline frightening to-d0 list of renovation and design projects we plan to finish in 2021. All I can say at this point is wish us luck, ha!

1. Powder Room

We started this renovation back in October or November but, unfortunately, had to put it on pause as our priorities shifted. We’re finally getting around to finishing all the projects left here, which includes:

  1. Tile the floors,
  2. Install the toilet,
  3. Install and paint shoe molding,
  4. Hanging the mirror and artwork,
  5. Paint touch-ups,
  6. Decorate.

I’m hoping once the kids’ bathroom is complete, the powder room will follow soon after. As soon as the flex grout and schluter trim arrive, I’ll be tiling the floors. So tune in on Instagram for that adventure!

2. Kids’ Bathroom

Speaking of the kids’ bathroom, it was actually scheduled to be finished by mid-December, but due to some unexpected personal matters it too was put on pause. I shared the official design plan here last week, although if you’ve been following along on Instagram then you’ve probably already seen all the details long before that. Our plan is to have the kids’ bathroom completed by the first week of February – so stay tuned!

3. Master Bathroom

Once both of the current bathroom renovations are wrapped up, we can finally start on the master bathroom. That will be a massive project, as we’re basically demoing out every single thing besides the shower. I can’t wait to share my design plans for this space with you; I can honestly say it’ll look nothing like you’ve ever seen before! I’m pushing all sorts of limits and going out of my comfort zone with this renovation, and I’m so excited to see it take shape!

4. Kitchen

Our grand plan is to finish all the bathroom renovations before moving on to the kitchen. The kitchen renovation will probably be our biggest project of 2021, as it requires complete demo, layout changes, lots of electrical and plumbing work, demoing out a wall, moving exterior doors, all-new hardwood floor installation, so on and so forth. It’s going to be a major transformation, and I cannot wait! I’m in the process of finalizing the new layout, so you can expect to see more blog posts about this project very soon.

5. Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook remodel will be done simultaneously with the kitchen, since it’s basically one space. But I list it as a separate project, because it won’t be your average breakfast nook. Of course, we could take the easy route: Buy a small bistro table and a couple chairs, and call it a day. But you already know I have far more grander plans. I’m envisioning a built-in window bench with custom fluted architectural detailing. I haven’t the faintest idea of who, exactly, will be making my custom dreams come true (or how), but I’m confident it’ll happen, ha!

6. Dining Room

The dining room renovation will also be an extension of the kitchen, as the previously mentioned wall we plan to demo actually divides the kitchen from the dining room. In the end, the dining room will be more integrated with the kitchen while still feeling like its own space. I’m currently waiting on a backordered chandelier for this space – it’s a design that I typically don’t go for, but I think it will look really interesting in this space, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

The dining room currently serves as an extension of garage storage, with everything from hardwood floors to power tools taking up every inch of space. I cannot wait to have it as a functioning space again, because this mid-renovation mess has been the cause of so much stress for me. You know I need my surroundings to be orderly in order to stay sane!

7. Living Room

The living room renovation is about 75% finished, and I’ve even shared several major sneak peeks on Instagram. But it’s always that last 25% that takes the longest (and makes the biggest difference). I’m still waiting on the chandelier I ordered back in November; I’ve lost track of how many times it’s been delayed, so at this point I’m just hoping it arrives intact. I also moved the cowhide to another room so I’m on the lookout for swim thing a bit more vintage. There’s also a fireplace makeover I’m considering, massive 3-D abstract artwork I plan to DIY, a mirror that needs to be sourced, along with a couple other smaller items.

8. Girls’ Shared Room + Playroom

The girls’ shared room, which also serves as their playroom, is actually almost finished. So far, we’ve painted the room, installed all-new hardwood floors, hung a new light fixture and furnished it. I’m still hoping to find an indoor swing on Facebook Marketplace – how cool would that be in a kids’ space?! I also have a massive list of decorative items to hang – artwork, mirror, peg racks, book shelves, etc.

9. Entryway

The entryway is also nearly finished and ready to be photographed and shared here on the blog. I have a couple items I’ve yet to source, including a full-length mirror, two picture frames and possibly a bigger rug. Then there’s the door hardware to update and the wall sconce to spray paint (remind me to tell you that story…). It’s always the last 5 percent of a room that take the longest – have you noticed?

10. Staircase

The staircase is actually completely finished – I just can’t find the time to share the reveal, ha! If you follow FOXY OXIE on Instagram, you’ve likely already seen the remodel in all of its glory, but it deserves its own posts here on the blog, too. Stay tuned!

11. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom at the Greenfield Remodel has so much potential, and I’m excited to turn it into a luxurious retreat. The room is so big – I don’t think I’ve ever had a master bedroom quite that size. It also has the best natural light – and you know how important that is to me.

We’ve already painted the room and installed new hardwood, but other than that there’s not much else that has been done. In fact, when I was showing a friend a tour of the house the other day, her response was, “It’s so…empty!” That it is! Besides the bed, an oversize mirror that needs to be hung, and a dresser that is far too small for the space, there is nothing else there.

I scored some beautiful antique American of Martinsville nightstands on Facebook Marketplace a month or two ago, but they need to be refinished. I’m sure you already guessed where this story is going: I just haven’t got the time! So, they’re stored away in the garage for the time being.

12. Garage

Speaking of the garage, it may not be the most exciting project for some people, but if you love organization then you’ll want to stay tuned for this one. Currently our garage is so stuffed to the brim that there’s barely room to walk through it, never mind fitting 2 cars! In fact, taking out the trash every week requires passing a full-fledged obstacle course. Not only are half our packed boxes there, but so are all our power tools, furniture, items we’ve ordered for the renovation, along with who knows what else. The other day I found a random package of cream cheese, so there’s really no telling what you could find…

As I already mentioned, the garage mess has overflowed into the dining room. As a result, before we can start the kitchen/dining/breakfast nook renovation, I’ll have to get the garage under control.

13. Outdoor Living Space

Knowing our luck, we’ll probably be tackling the outdoor living space right before listing this property for sale, giving ourselves no time to actually enjoy it. Nonetheless, outdoor spaces are always fun to design. There’s a deck off of the living room that needs some work and a large front porch that needs aesthetic appeal.

14. Exterior + Landscaping

We don’t have extensive plans for the exterior and landscaping for 2 main reasons: ROI and HOA limitations. Because this house is part of an HOA, making any sort of exterior changes would require requesting approvals, which equates to time, which is something we simply don’t have. What’s more, the exterior looks great as is, so although red brick may not be my personal favorite exterior material, that’s not enough of a reason to paint it, since the ROI would not be worth it.

Having said that, there are a couple changes we want to make, mainly aesthetic updates, to increase the value of the home.

15. Guest Bedroom 1

If you follow FOXY OXIE on Instagram, you know I’m in the middle of converting the smaller of the empty bedrooms into a temporary home office. I was getting so tired of lugging my laptop, photo equipment, samples, etc. from room to room. This is a temporary solution (read: budget-friendly), because this won’t be the office location long term. The actual home office is serving as a dining room while the actual dining room is filled with power tools. Are you confused yet?

16. Guest Bedroom 2

As for the second spare bedroom, we do plan to use it as an actual guest space for guests. We’d love to host some friends and family while we have a house with so much space, so we want to maximize said space and actually design a guest bedroom. The bigger of the two spare bedrooms will be a simple but functional guest bedroom, with a queen-size bed, side tables, beautiful lighting, curtains, rug and artwork. That’s the general plan for now, but we shall see how it evolves over time.

17. Office

Once the kitchen renovation is finished, and the office is no longer being used as a dining room, I want to add built-ins there all along one wall. I also thought about making this room into a game room of sorts – sometimes called the 4-chair room. Have you ever heard the term? Basically, it’s an arrangement of 4 chairs around a round table; the space has multiple uses, anything from a study to a game room to a music room to a library. I’d love to make it into a multifunctional space that incorporates all those!

18. Laundry Closet

The laundry closet at the Greenfield Remodel is very basic without much room for improvement, but nonetheless, I think I can make it special with a couple of updates. For starters, I’d love to trade out the wire shelf for 2 wooden ones. Then, I want to add a countertop for folding laundry. Finally, some pretty organization will elevate this space even further. I enjoy doing quick, budget-friendly projects like this, because they’re low-cost and high-impact.

19. Master Closet

The master closet is another one of those spaces that isn’t terrible, per se, but it’s very basic. The plus side is that it’s huge, so that’s a major selling point. But I’d love to upgrade the wire shelving system to custom built-ins to maximize the space to the max. I’ll upgrade the fluorescent tube light with a beautiful and oversized light fixture, add a mirror, change out the rug, and maybe bring in a small vanity and a velvet stool. Those are my preliminary plans for now; stay tuned to see how that transpires!

20. Another Investment Property

Last but not least is a little secret we’ve been keeping!

You may remember that before we purchased the Greenfield Remodel, we were actually looking to buy two investment properties simultaneously – a short-term fix-and-flip and a longer-term house we can live in and renovate at a more leisurely pace. (More on that in this post.) But the house market in our area has been insane; there’s been such a significant migration to Tennessee from more liberal states, resulting in more demand and higher housing prices. As a result, we were only able to get one property – the Greenfield Remodel, and we ended up moving in, despite it being the short-term fix-and-flip.

Well, all that is about to change! I’ll have a post with all the exciting details in the next couple days, but suffice it to say things are about to get REALLY chaotic fun around here, ha!

There you have it, folks! Twenty projects in one year – think we can do it?

Sounds insane – I know. Nearly every day someone remarks on how insane people think we are to take on so much. But truth be told, I am so proud of all that we’ve been able to accomplish in getting closer to our goals. Ever since we first got into property investment, it’s never been about money for us (a question I get very often). Our goals from the start have always been around financial freedom and a more intentional life balance, and sometimes that requires certain temporary sacrifices.

Nonetheless, we have no intention of putting our entire life on hold as we renovate house after house. In fact, some of our more important priorities for 2021 include spending more time with our little ones (while they’re still little!), entertaining and hosting more, traveling more (especially now that we bought an RV!), working on our health, and generally just finding a better life-work balance (again, a big reason we got into this field in the first place).

Maybe I’ll dedicate a blog post to this topic, considering how often it’s brought up these days. Would you find that interesting?

What are your plans for 2021?

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