5 Tips for a Better Weekend

It never fails. Every Monday morning I find myself staring blankly at a coworker – any unsuspecting coworker that happens to cross my path on that most evil, most despised of days – and trying to search my brain for the most concise answer to everyone's favorite question, "What'd you do this weekend?"

It just may be easier to say what I didn't do: relax. 

Between the errands, home projects, grocery shopping lists, church, get-togethers, dates, laundry, brunches, sleep, sports games and catching up on work {did I miss anything?}, two days is simply not enough to conquer my ever-so-massive to-do list {and yes, sleep is, in fact, on my to-do list}.

I am willing to bet that you too find yourself wishing there were 48 hours in a day. I’m curious to know what you do to savor these fleeting days of freedom. Do you indulge in some me-time? Go for a stroll? Keep a journal? Take a break from technology? Travel? Please share your own tips for a better weekend in the comment section, and let’s inspire each other to slow down and appreciate what truly matters in life.

  1. Sleep in. Savor the feeling of having nowhere to go and nothing to do. Lounge around in bed with your mug of coffee. Don’t worry about anything you have to do until after your morning routine is done.
  2. Indulge. Whether you treat yourself to a special dessert, a manicure, a little shopping, fancy chocolate or fresh cut flowers — anticipation makes the pleasure even greater.
  3. Forget about work. It seems next to impossible these days to completely disconnect from the online world — but, hard as it may be, setting some limits is essential for a happy, healthy weekend. In fact, as soon as 5PM hits on Friday, make it a point to clear your mind from all work-related worries.
  4. Schedule a time for errands. If you're like me {i.e. employed}, there are certain things that can only be done on weekends. Carve out a time to check those things off your to-do list preferably earlier rather than later, so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend with a clear conscience.
  5. Slow down. The reality of the matter is that there are things you must do, and then there are things you feel you must do. See the difference? Don't give in to the pressure of attending every friend's step-daughter's pet's surprise birthday party. Pick one event to be the highlight of your weekend, and focus your energy on that, as opposed to running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Too many events or projects will leave you feeling exhausted. 

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