50 Creative & Fun Date Night Ideas

If the thought of dinner and a movie bores you to tears, read on for a list of date night ideas. If you feel so inclined, add your own ideas in the comment section! 

  1. Take a dance class together. 
  2. Go for a hike in the mountains.
  3. Pack a picnic.
  4. Prepare a five-course meal together.
  5. Go house hunting, even if you're not in the market.
  6. Put on your fanciest attire, break out the fine china and have candlelight dinner in your own dining room.
  7. Philosophize under the stars.
  8. Read a book together.
  9. Wander the bookstore.
  10. Indulge in at-home massage therapy.
  11. Host a dinner party with close friends.
  12. Go on a short adventure, even if it's to the closest bed & breakfast.Roll down the windows and go for a scenic drive.
  13. Find an abandoned field and learn to fly a kite.
  14. Hit up a karaoke bar.
  15. Feed the ducks.
  16. Visit a museum or a historic landmark.
  17. Go to the spa.
  18. Take a boat out on the lake.
  19. Play tennis.
  20. Have a picnic in your living room – basket and all.
  21. Explore the fresh food market, or Amish village, or strawberry field, or winery.
  22. Bake an elaborate dessert together.
  23. Light the candles and indulge in a bubble bath.
  24. Babysit your friends' children.
  25. Go to the playground and act like five-year-olds.
  26. Plan an exotic vacation to the most far-fetched place imaginable.
  27. Hunt for treasures at your local flea market or yard sales.
  28. Go to the theatre.
  29. Take a dip in the pool.
  30. Work out together.
  31. Take on a DIY project together.
  32. Go bowling.
  33. Test drive your dream car.
  34. Play 20 Questions.
  35. Take a class and learn to do something together.
  36. Go bungee jumping or sky diving.
  37. Go bike riding.
  38. Volunteer together.
  39. Sightsee your own city.
  40. Reminisce through old photographs.
  41. Go to a local coffee shop that has open mic.
  42. Sleep in.
  43. Have an elaborate breakfast in bed.
  44. Set goals together, and don't forget to write them down!
  45. Play cards.
  46. Wake up at 4AM and watch the sunrise together.
  47. Pretend to be an art connoisseur at an art show.
  48. Hot air ballooning.
  49. Go to a drive-in movie.
  50. Have a five-course dinner at different restaurants.

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  2. I love 21, specifically the winery part ;)
    It has been years since I’ve been in a relationship, but my ex and I used to window shop pretty much every Saturday. We’d get warm drinks, pop into stores, and buy used books. Plus all the walking tuckered us out, which was a perfect prep for a shared afternoon snooze.

    • Window shopping, drinks, and a book store sound like the perfect ingredients for a lovely night! But why wait for a man to come around when you have girlfriends? Grab your nearest & dearest and make a day of it this weekend! After all, the point isn’t to go on a date, per se, as it is to add variety to your life! XOXO

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