60-Inch Double Vanities Under $1400: A Roundup

60-Inch Double Vanities Under $1200: A Roundup

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself by sharing a vanity roundup before I’ve even shared our plans for the master bathroom, but I’ve been doing so much ordering and sourcing for the remodel and want to share these amazing deals before they’re gone!

Home Depot is currently have a great sale on vanities, with discounts as deep as major post-holiday sales. So if you have a bathroom renovation on deck for 2023, now’s the time to order!

When designing the master bathroom at Sunrise Farm, I initially felt like I had to choose between a double vanity or keeping a single vanity but adding a freestanding tub. With a little bit of brainstorming and creativity, I come up with a layout that fits a 60-inch double vanity AND the freestanding tub.

So today I’m sharing the great deals I found on 60-inch double vanities, showing you which options we considered – and the option I ultimately chose! Some of these beauties are nearly $1000 off right now!

60-Inch Double Vanities Under $1200: A Roundup

  1. Sonoma Vanity in Dark Charcoal with Carrara Marble Top | $1,198
  2. Aberdeen Vanity in White with Carrara Marble Top | $1,307
  3. Sonoma Vanity in Almond Latte with Carrara Marble Top | $1,379
  4. Melpark Vanity in Grayish Blue with Cultured Marble Top | $1,127
  5. Melpark Vanity in White with Cultured Marble Top | $1,127
  6. Windlowe Vanity in Green with Carrera Marble Top | $1,175
  7. Windlowe Vanity in White with Carrera Marble Top | $1,175
  8. Windlowe Vanity in Gray with Carrera Marble Top | $1,175
  9. Sonoma Vanity in White with Carrara Marble Top | $1,198
  10. Stanbury Vanity in Cashmere with Carrara Marble Top | $1,104
  11. Windlowe Vanity in Navy Blue with Carrara Marble Top | $1,077
  12. Talmore Vanity in Sky Grey with Artificial Carrara Top | $839
  13. Melpark Vanity in Dove Gray with Cultured Marble Top | $1,127
  14. Aberdeen Vanity in Black with White Carrara Top | $1,198
  15. Aberdeen Vanity in Dove Grey with Carrara Marble Top | $1,198

Right off the bat, I eliminated options 4, 5, 12, and 13 because they come with artificial marble tops. They are some of the most affordable options, though, so if marble maintenance is not something you plan to do, those are all beautiful options.

Option 8 is what we installed in the Greystone master bathroom – except the 73″ version. You can see a photo at the beginning of this post. Numbers 6, 7, and 11 are additional color options of the same design. I can’t believe these double vanities are a little over $1000 right now; that’s such a good deal – believe me, I’ve bought so many vanities in my life.

Option 9 and 10 are a bit out of my comfort zone, but they’re so beautiful and unique! They certainly look like something you’d find in a high-end bathroom. Number 14 is a larger version of what we installed in the Greenfield kids’ bathroom. Options 2 and 15 are additional color options of that same design.

Options 8 and 14, and their many color variations, is what we considered for the Sunrise Farm, having bought them before and being familiar with the quality first-hand. We ultimately ended up ordering option 8, because while I wanted a dark but not black vanity. Stay tuned as I share the design plans for this bathroom, and you’ll see what else I have planned!

Do you have any bathroom renovations coming up in 2023? Which of these vanities are your favorite?

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