A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

I cannot believe it’s time for the One Room Challenge again. In case you’re blissfully unaware, the ORC is a grand ol’ opportunity to throw sanity out of the window and attempt to transform an entire room in under six weeks (while six months pregnant, might I add)!

For the ones new to FOXYOXIE.com, welcome and thank you for stopping by! My name is Oksana, and I am a designer, blogger, wife and mama-to-be to a little girl arriving in July. The husband and I bought some property back in July of 2015 – read about that oh-so-hilarious story here.

Anyway, the property included nearly seven acres of land and a dilapidated, crumbling, straight-out-of-a-horror-film bungalow – originally built in 1930 and abandoned for 20 years prior to us purchasing it. If you’re having a difficult time picturing that mess, pop over to a previous post that highlights just some of the exterior transformation.

Over the past 21 months, we’ve made steady progress in turning this house into our little home. If you’re curious, click on any of the photos below to tour the somewhat finished rooms:

Living Room Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Dining Room Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Kitchen Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Master Bedroom Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Guest Bathroom Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Entryway Tour:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

You can also peruse all posts in “Our Bungalow Renovation” series if renovations and home improvement are your cup of tea.

Back to the excitement at hand… Mere days after finishing our first-ever One Room Challenge (where we transformed our living room) I found out we were pregnant. With our baby girl due mid-July, it only made sense that the next ORC would involve creating a nursery for the little babe.

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

I’ll admit, for a hot second I contemplated using the challenge as motivation to tackle the remaining unfinished spaces in the house – the guest bedroom, laundry room, hallway, master bathroom, master closet, mudroom, the house exterior and deck – but quickly realized that being six months pregnant is likely not the time for a self-inflicted mental breakdown.

All the photos so far are of the room in its current state. Just a few days earlier, however, it was packed to the ceiling with boxes and the beginning of what was supposed to be my office. I’ve temporarily shifted everything into the guest room (and out of my mind) and plan to deal with the mess later, but for the next six weeks the nursery is my priority, and I refuse to feel guilty for the mess in the rest of the house.

Are you with me?

If you’d like to see how this room looked before, here’s a peek. Be warned: it ain’t pretty.

And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This room was originally a combination of the only bathroom in the house and a storage closet. Any remains of that mess, however, are long gone – including the hoards of bees that used to live inside these very walls.

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby GirlSpring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

The Design Plan

Like any normal (and totally sane!) woman, I’ve spent a solid portion of my life pinning photos of babies and nurseries. But when time came to choose a style for the nursery, I couldn’t commit.

First decision: choosing a color palette. I wanted the room to fit the overall classic color scheme in the remainder of the house. Yet it’s not every day I get to design a space for a little girl, and I definitely didn’t want to lose out on the fun and frills of that experience!

But, I reasoned, the square footage of this room is quite small – no bigger than 96 x 126 inches (8 x 10.5 feet). Mixing bold colors and patterns would feel way too chaotic, so instead I chose a calm and soothing color palette of gray, black and white with plans of adding bolder elements through the accessories.

I’ve talked ad nauseam on Instagram about wallpapering this wall or that but never progressed beyond daydreaming. The nursery, however, is a perfect place to experiment with more playful motifs, so I was ecstatic to secure a partnership with Walls Need Love to help me do just that. The best thing about Walls Need Love – other than their massive selection, obviously – is that the wallpaper is temporary. Should we have a baby boy later on and need to move baby girl into the bigger bedroom, changing out the floral wallpaper with something more masculine will be a breeze.

Two major challenges I’m facing in this room are the limited square footage and the long and narrow layout. Fitting a crib, a dresser, as well as a glider is out of the question. I had to sacrifice something. Considering that the first is a necessity and the last is my not-so-secret obsession, the dresser had to go. Instead, I will be working with ClosetMaid to install a built-in custom closet, complete with drawers to make up for the lack of a storage in the room.

Here’s a peek at the mood board:

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Modern Glam Nursery for Our Baby Girl

Chandelier  |  Curtains  |  Artwork 1  |  Artwork 2  |  Rocking Chair  |  Mirror  |  Blanket  |  Crib  |  Floor Lamp  |  Faux Bouquet  |  Pouf  |  Rug  |  Wallpaper  |  Storage Box |  Cake Stand  |  Dresser

A Massive To-Do List

In no particular order, here are my main projects for the room:

  1. Install a custom, built-in closet to maximize storage space.
  2. Remove the closet doors for easier access, given the small size of the room.
  3. Organize said closet with matching storage boxes and baby clothes hangers, a la Ali Fedotowsky’s nursery.
  4. Install a whimsical feature wall with large-scale floral mural.
  5. Choose, order and hang artwork that is versatile enough to evolve with the room over the years.
  6. Find, purchase and hang black-out drapes and a curtain rod.
  7. Order the DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib from Amazon.
  8. Find a comfy, stylish and affordable glider that won’t overcrowd the room.
  9. Decide between a teeny-tiny chest of drawers (on which to put a changing pad) or a small changing table. Given my OCD tendencies, I’m not fond of open shelving that would come with a changing table. Yet I’m afraid no chest or dresser is small enough to fit into the tiny room.
  10. Research and purchase a crib mattress and bedding. Is organic really better? Why are there so many sizes?
  11. Possibly find and purchase a small side table to place next to the glider. Although I am cramped on space, a good side table can double-up as storage.
  12. Complete a couple of DIY projects, including a wood bead hanging shelf a la Preciously Me, possibly a floral mobile, and maybe even a knit blanket if I’m feeling extra ambitious.
  13. Find and order accessories, like an elephant hamper, rocking chair, plush toys, cozy throw pillows and blankets.

Wow, that is one massive to-do list… I better stop talking and get to work!

Don’t Want to Miss the Next Update?

I will be sharing our progress every Thursday, and I hope you’ll tune in to cheer me on and see how it all unfolds. You can also sign up for the FOXY OXIE newsletter or follow on Instagram Stories, where I plan to share lots of behind-the-scenes peeks.

Which parts of this project are you most excited to see play out in real time? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, below.

Huge thanks to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing the One Room Challenge. To see the other bloggers’ transformations, check out the “One Room Challenge” linkup.

Another thank you to this round’s sponsors, including ClosetMaid, Walls Need Love, Lamps Plus, and Minted.

Most of all, thanks to all of you lovely people who continue reading, sharing and commenting on FOXYOXIE.com. You make this blog (and projects like this!) possible.

One Room Challenge, Week 1: The Living Room Renovation

About the One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge (ORC) is a wildly anticipated design event hosted by Calling It Home in partnership with House Beautiful.

Twice a year, 20 featured designers along with hundreds of guest participants are challenged to transform any room they so choose, but they must complete the entire project in six weeks.

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  7. Oksana!! This is going to be the most beautiful nursery ever! I am loving all of your choices and am so excited to see this room come together. Your last makeover was amazing and so I know this is going to be marvelous.

  8. What an exciting time in your life! I am thrilled that you guys are taking the nursery on as your next one room challenge and can not wait to see how all of the pieces you chose come together and how they compliment the rest of your home decor! I love that you have chosen to go mainly black and white with touches of pink. Personally, I am not a fan of nurseries that are in classic boy/ girl colors.

    • That’s interesting… Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Charlotte! I personally don’t have anything against traditional boy/girl colors – I just have this irrational fear that somehow the ultrasound tech misread the screen and we’re going to end up having a boy, ha! But truly, in a space this small it doesn’t make sense to add loud color – as much as I’d like to go all out with a bright pink crib. I will admit, now that I’ve started creating 3-D mockups of the space for next week’s post, the room is definitely looking a bit too grown-up for my tastes. We shall see!

  9. Had to click through to your post. I love your style girl and what you guys have done so far with the bungalow. So chic and bright, it’s amazing. We’re due with our first girl in July too! Congrats and have so much fun with the nursery. It’s going to be a stunner with that wallpaper! Can’t wait to see.

    • Hi Karisa! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words about our humble abode! :) Congrats on your little babe – when are you due? Have you chosen a name – because we’re having the most difficult time with that! And I just popped over to your blog, and you have SO MUCH amazing content around nursery decor – can’t wait to dive into it!

  10. So great! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am participating for the first time so I am loving seeing everyone’s ideas and progress.

    • Well in that case, welcome! I have to warn you though, the One Room Challenge is addicting! Before you know it, you’ll be renovating and remodeling perfectly functional spaces just to be a part of the ORC excitement, ha!

      I love how you just found out about it yesterday – cheers to serendipity! Can’t wait to see how your office turns out. The nursery was actually supposed to be my office, before we found out we’re expecting. Now it’ll move to a little nook in the mudroom – something I am more than okay with, because BABY! :))

  11. Okay, a couple of things…I found you through the last ORC and I am so glad to see you are back again! Love your style and LOVE your plans for your nursery. It’s going to be beautiful! And I second Cassie—Congrats!

    • Oh hi Brittany! Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so happy we found each other – I loved the clean palette of your Insta the second I laid eyes on it. Can’t wait to see what you do to your master bathroom! Ours is still a major work in progress, so maybe I’ll tackle that next round!

  12. I’m doing a nursery, too! This is going to be so feminine and gorgeous! My first daughter’s nursery is very French-inspired and I still love it so much! Can’t wait to see how you pull this one together!

    • I have a feeling it’ll look nothing like what I outlined here… That’s usually the case with me – changing my mind every three minutes, ha! I love, love, love the bold colors of your design plan, though, and can’t wait to see how it all turns out! I don’t know how you’re doing it at 37 weeks – I can barely survive at 25! :)

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