Aesthetically-Pleasing, Beautiful Gardening Tools: A Roundup

beautiful gardening tools

Earlier this week the girls and I started more seeds in containers. We’re hoping by next week – once it finally stops raining for a bit – we can start sowing directly in our garden.

While the going has been a bit slow – it’s not like there’s a full-house renovation requiring all of our attention and finances – I am excited to make even the smallest steps towards my gardening dreams.

It’s no secret that I prefer my surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing. When I made the decision to get into gardening this year, it was no different. Today I’ve rounded up some beautiful gardening tools to make this hobby that much more enjoyable.

beautiful gardening tools

  1. I love how feminine this sun hat is! It’s foldable, has UPF 50, and is under $30.
  2. I’ve spent what feels like months looking for a vintage library catalog on Marketplace to organize my growing collection of seeds. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a single option under $2,000 – I kid you not. This wooden alternative, although not vintage, is so pretty – and only $60!
  3. If I must own tools – and in gardening you obviously must – let them be gold in color! These pruning shears are under $10 and come with a security lock, which is vital when you have budding gardeners, like I do.
  4. The girls and I recently DIYed a simple potting bench using cinder blocks and old wooden shelves, but if you want something a little more aesthetically pleasing, this option is under $100!
  5. I am typically not a floral-pattern-loving type of gal, but it feels wrong to be working in the garden in a boring apron. This sweet one is 100% cotton and currently 18% off. If grey and blue is not your favorite color palette, there are over 30 additional color options!
  6. For less than $6 you can get 100 of these white and modern plant labels! That’s approximately $0.05 per label.
  7. I own a similar brass watering can that I bought last year. But what I like about this option – besides its vintage aesthetic – is that it holds 1 liter of water and is currently on sale!
  8. Okay, I know a woven basket for your gardening tools is not an absolute must – but how cute, right?! This is actually a cutlery holder, but I love that it can double as a gardening caddie.
  9. Earlier this week I worked on cleaning up our flowers beds in the front of the house, and believe me, I wish I had a pair of these long gardening gloves! They’re made from leather, have nearly 6,000 excellent reviews, and are available in six different colors.
  10. Although there are dozen of different gardening tools you could buy, what you really need is these three items. Currently 40% off, this trio includes a hand trowel, transplant trowel, and a cultivator hand rake. I love the simple, modern design!
  11. While I haven’t yet graduated to compost-collecting status, I have been gathering used coffee grounds to use in the garden. I can see totally myself using this compost bin for that! I like the modern design and the fact that it’s 100% rust-proof. Plus, it comes with non-smell charcoal filters and is currently on sale.
  12. Why use a boring wheelbarrow, when you can use a pretty gardening cart? Best part: This cart costs way less than a wheelbarrow. Reviews mention ease of use, aesthetics, and price as main advantages.
  13. If you’ve been searching for gardening boots, you better run, because these are currently almost 50% off! The light pink color is sweet, but there are 14 other color options to choose from!
  14. This stainless steel plant mister would be perfect for watering seedlings. I saw a similarly-shaped glass version at Target’s dollar spot earlier this week, but if you’re as obsessed with brass as I am, this one is it. 
  15. This vegetable and flower basket has only 5-star reviews – almost 100 of them, in fact! Yes, it’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s so beautiful! If you love to share photos of your harvest, this basket is Instagram-approved. If not for yourself – get it for a garden-loving friend!
  16. Last but not least, a shovel that is as beautiful as it is functional. I wouldn’t mind having this tool on display in our mudroom – it’s that pretty.

Well, I hope you enjoyed perusing this gardening tool roundup as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Once we’re not pouring all of our resources into the house renovation, I plan to buy numbers 2, 3, 8, and 10 to start. What about you? Find any favorites?

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