Ask Oksana: Submit Your Interior Design Dilemmas

Ask Oksana: Submit Your Interior Design Dilemmas

Launching a New “Reader Design Dilemmas” Series

Last weekend I had a revolutionary idea. As if I didn’t already have way too much on my plate, I thought, “How fun would it be to help readers solve their interior design dilemmas?”

I regularly receive comments and emails about decorating this or styling that; what’s more – my own friends and family are always asking me to “come decorate my place,” so I thought, why not help all of these people AND create fun content for the blog while I’m at it?

I know first-hand about the transformative nature of a well-designed room; it can instantly lift your spirits, and make your home that much more enjoyable.

Moved into a new place and not sure how to decorate your empty walls? Starting college and want to add personality to your dorm room? Recently get married and not sure how to combine two totally different decorating styles? Feel like you can’t find the right piece of furniture within your budget? Tackling a home renovation DIY-style and need advice?

I would love to help!

How Can I Submit?

Submit your burning design dilemmas in the comments section below, or email them to with the subject line “Reader Design Dilemmas.” Include as many details about the dilemma as possible – for example: what your budget is like to fix the problem, what’s your style preference, any measurements I need to know about, etc. so that I can make my answer as specific as possible. If applicable, attach a few photographs of a few different angles of the space in question for reference.

Best of all? This e-design service is totally free – you get a customized answer to your specific design dilemma without having to spend a penny!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

I’ll be tackling your questions right here on in a new “Reader Design Dilemmas” series.

Here’s a Glimpse of My Design Portfolio:

Click on any of the photos below to see the full gallery.

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  1. Hi Oksana! My burning question for you has been burning for years ! Can you recommend an upholstered & reclining sectional or separate couch & love seat ? My husband & I are shopping for our new home and his main thing is they have to recline. The fabric (I want linen) and color (gray) is up to me. We have searched all local furniture stores and only found one couch that is customizable to be able to recline and be upholstered linen. If you know of any websites or stores , please let me know ! He is a truck driver so if it is out of state it’s no problem as long as it’s on the Eastern USA side. We are from upstate NY. Looking forward to your response. Budget is 5,000$

  2. I love what you do! I’ll send you an e-mail with pictures of my living room. I have no idea what to do with walls, furniture, etc, and I would really appreciate if you give me some ideas! Thanks again!

  3. Really great blog – love it!! I just made my own blog (still needs a ton of work, but I still have a full time job so it always gets put off :( maybe soon I will become a full time blogger ;) I will be coming back to your page for sure!!

    • Hi Victoria! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I too have a full-time job and in addition also freelance, so I can totally relate to how difficult it is to balance everything on your plate. It sounds like your husband is very supportive of what you’re doing, so I have no doubt you’ll figure out! Oh, and it’s so cool that you live in Alaska!!! I want to hear more about that. :)

      • Wow you are a superwoman! Great job God bless you! :) I love living in Alaska, my hubby is a realtor so we both are into houses & tbh there’s not much charming/whimsical homes up here, so we are trying to change that :) I love everything French too! & am taking some French on the side ;) we’ll see how that works out hehe! Pretty awesome that you live in TN i love
        Places that are so full of history <3

  4. I love the idea! It shows how much you care about your readers!

    Currently, I’m having trouble with designing around 10 Ikea Hexagon mirrors on a blue wall. I am trying to go for a more spread out look instead of having them all cluttered together

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