Bathroom Inspiration: Gorgeous Tile Ideas

Just the other day I was standing in the hallway at work, talking to a coworker – when suddenly, without realizing what I was doing, I reached out my hand and ever-so-slightly brushed my fingers against the tiled wall directly behind her.

I wouldn't be surprised if, for a split second, you were worried about where this story was heading, and I'm willing to bet in that moment she felt the same.

You see, the wall was covered in tile – beautiful, modern and sleek white subway tile that was just begging me to touch it.

I must admit that, in retrospect, the sudden outburst concerns me, and I suspect I may be slowly losing my mind with this bungalow renovation.

With the plumbing and electrical wiring finally installed, it's time to buckle down and start making aesthetic decisions – and that thought alone gives me great anxiety, as my perfectionist tendencies tend to make any decision making on my part a very difficult and frustrating process.

And so I turn to doing what I do best: Browsing Pinterest for gorgeous tile ideas and making lists – lots of lists – all the while trying to convince myself that I really am making progress and moving closer to making a final decision.

Speaking of lists, here's a roundup of my favorite tile ideas for the bathroom. I'm working on a post on everything you could possibly need to know about choosing tile for your bathroom, but in the meantime, here are some tile trends to get your (and my) creative wheels turning and hopefully bring me closer to making a decision. Any outside help is, as always, appreciated – and in this case, needed!


Geometric tiles are a fun way to add dimension and visual interest to an otherwise uninteresting bathroom. Keep the overall look from becoming too cluttered by opting for simpler tile options for the shower and backsplash.

PROS: Stylish design, high quality, fairly low maintenance, intricate patterns do not highlight dirt 

CONS: Expensive to cover large areas, such as floors


Subway tile is one of the least expensive options on the market. Despite its seemingly boring shape, it's actually quite versatile. For a more contemporary twist on this traditional look, turn the tiles vertically, which not only prevents the room from looking dated (as subway tile tends to do) but also makes the ceiling appear higher than it really is.

PROS: Affordable, modern design, simple to lay out and install, elongates the room, creates little waste because it doesn't involve cutting to accommodate complex patterns

CONS: If installed in a narrow shower, the space may seem even more narrow than it really is 


Few tile patterns are more traditional and classy than the herringbone layout. It exudes luxury without looking dated and looks great with any style room. But remember those subway tiles I mentioned earlier? You can recreate the herringbone pattern at a fraction of the cost!

PROS: Classy design, fits with any room style

CONS: Typically on the more expensive side, extremely time-consuming installation, requires extra cutting where the tile meets the walls


I love the idea of a travel-inspired home, where certain design elements remind you of your favorite traveling adventures. Granted, this old-world look typically comes with a hefty price tag. In an effort to keep it authentic, many people opt to have such tiles custom made or order them from a different country, i.e. Moroccan tile from Morocco.

PROS: Custom look, stylish design, large impact even in a small space

CONS: Expensive, not everyone is a fan of this look so if you're planning to sell the place this may be something to consider


The minute I laid my eyes on hexagon tile I knew I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in our bungalow, though I have yet to decide where. The modern shape definitely lends itself to a hotel or spa-like feel, giving the overall space in which it is used a contemporary look.  

PROS: Modern design, variety of sizes available

CONS: Not everyone is a fan of the modern look – something to consider if you plan to re-sell the house


Built-in storage nooks give the shower a totally custom look, not to mention the convenience they provide in that all of the products are recessed into the wall. The nook keeps the shower clutter-free, which is another major plus for me.

PROS: Custom look, convenience, perfect for small spaces that don't have space for a protruding shower caddy

CONS: Extra cost, requires professional installation, can gather pools of water if not built correctly


Penny mosaic tiles are quite possibly the most versatile of the bunch; they look just as good in a modern bathroom as they do in a traditional one. They're perfect for floors, as the small size of the tiles gives it a higher grip – perfect for spaces where there is water being splashed around. 

PROS: Stylish and versatile design, fairly inexpensive, perfect for floors and showers due to its texture and slipping resistance

CONS: Difficult to clean, time-consuming installation because you have to apply grout around each tiny tile


Have you ever seen a photo of what appears to be wood in the bathroom and thought to yourself, "Well, they sure didn't think that one through..." One of the biggest trends in flooring is faux wood tile – ceramic tile that is made to look like wood, and this excites me to no end, because I love the idea of intertwining natural elements in the bathroom for a more organic feel.

PROS: Modern and organic design, unique look, wide variety of colors and finishes, easy to clean, doesn't require sealing, water resistance

CONS: Expensive, difficult to find an exact match if damaged and needs to replaced, difficult installation



  1. Hi!

    I love the geometric tiles via Style At Home that you shared! Would love to have them for my bathroom!

    Have been trying to find them online but failed.

    May I know where can I find them?

  2. Okay I am so in love with all of these ideas. And I’m really glad I’m not the only crazy person who reaches out to touch tile/wood/upholstery. I was watching Flip or Flop the other day and on the episode they did somewhat of a geometric marble flooring and I was so in love with it!

  3. Someday I will have a gorgeous bathroom like those pictured above! These pictures give me serious bathroom envy!

    xo Ashley

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