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Sharing a ridiculously silly tale of my journey to becoming a low maintenance woman. Spoiler alert: It didn't work. I'm still as high maintenance as ever.

Just the other day I caught myself informing my husband just how lucky he is to have such a low maintenance wife.

Merely typing the words brings me great emotional pain.

I know, I know. I'm nothing if not dramatic.

In Russia we have a saying, "If you don't praise yourself, no one will," – and I have clearly taken that saying to heart.

In my defense, it wasn't a serious conversation, so don't judge me too harshly.

Anyway, even as I was half-jokingly uttering those words, I knew that they couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Sure, I was getting a lot better at allocating less time towards my appearance, but it most definitely wasn't by choice! I have simply gotten to the point of my life where, when faced with the decision of getting an extra hour of sleep or looking socially acceptable, I typically chose sleep.

I'm quite certain that simply means I'm getting old, but let's not even go there today, alright?

I was never the type to make a habit of spending half of my monthly salary on clothes and cosmetic procedures, but is that all it takes to qualify me as low maintenance? Would I truly deny myself the luxury of bi-weekly manicures, monthly blow-outs and a regular wardrobe update if we weren't currently paying rent on one property, a mortgage on a second and restoring a third?

No, probably not.

So what does that make me?

That, ladies and gentlemen, makes me a fairly high maintenance woman who is on a budget – a confusing and less-than-desirable combination, to say the least. 

To further complicate the scenario, there's also my rebellion against society's idea of beauty.

Trying to balance the need to look my best, the need to be rational, with the need to not let the beauty industry dictate my life is exhausting, and it's safe to say I've given up trying to do so altogether. I don't know where that fine line is – never did – and I am finally and completely okay with that.

Maybe that's the elusive balance, after all: One day you're on one end of the spectrum, the next you're on the other. One day, your need to look like a grown woman who's got her life together wins; the next – your need to sleep prevails over all. As long as we own up to the fact that we by no means have it all figured out, then all is well in the world. 

I rarely come across a beauty, hair or skincare product that doesn't force me to choose which need to cater to first. So when I do get my hands on such a product, I can't help but share about it with the world by way of a blog post.

Enter the Goody #CleanRadiance brush.

Available at any Walmart hair care aisle, the Goody Clean Radiance brush features copper bristles that, over time, help reduce natural buildup, which, in turn, translates into less frequent hair washing. As a result, hair is left looking healthier and more radiant. What's more, the brush features a flexible cushion pad which aids in massaging your scalp while you brush your hair.

Talk about multi-purpose, right? I get clean, shiny, healthy-looking hair, a head massage AND an extra hour of sleep? Sign me up!

Becoming a Low Maintenance Woman | Sponsored by Goody

Be sure to pick up your own Goody #CleanRadiance brush at your local Walmart to see for yourself, and stay tuned for an amazing beauty giveaway coming soon to the blog! 


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