Budget-Friendly Brass Hardware for Your Kitchen (Under $5!)

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Can we all put our hands together for Home Depot and this Liberty Hardware “Artesia” hardware that will soon grace our all-white kitchen?

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These exact beauties were $23 each at one retailer, and $6 each at another, and seeing how we would need approximately 30 – well, let’s just say I didn’t even bother bringing the idea up to the husband. Lord knows my penchant for brass has already increased our renovating budget quite a bit, so there was no way I could (or would) justify spending nearly $200 on brass pulls and knobs.

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So when I found the exact same hardware at Home Depot – for $2.74 for the little knobs and $3.11 for the larger pulls – I had to physically constrain myself from running out into the street and yelling, “MY DREAMS HAVE FINALLY COME TRUEEEEE!”

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Seriously though, talk about a find, right?

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By the way, I feel the need to disclaim that this post is not sponsored by Home Depot or Liberty Hardware – I genuinely am SO ECSTATIC for scoring all of our kitchen hardware for a little over $90 that I couldn’t help but share with you all. Renovating is not a budget-friendly endeavor by any means, so when one finds a deal like this, one can’t help but share with others. Also, one may or may not be slowly losing one’s mind, as illustrated by one’s tendency to refer to one’s self in third-person.

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Anyway, if you’re considering making a few aesthetic updates around your own kitchen, may I suggest changing out the hardware? It’s an instant game changer, and for less than $100 you can have a totally new look!

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To help you get started, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite brass knobs and pulls under $5 each.

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I suggest ordering a sample first to make sure the color plays nice with the rest of your textures and finishes. Case in point: the color of these Artesia pulls was “Sedona Bronze,” and when I first mentioned ordering a sample, I was quite afraid that the color would, indeed, be more bronze than brass. Boy, was I relieved to find that “Sedona Bronze” is far more natural brass than bronze. There is a brushed look to them, though, so do keep that in mind.

Favorite Brass Hardware for Your Kitchen

Bars, from left to right: 

Amerock Manor 3″ Center Bar Pull, $3.00

Atlas Homewares 250-B Modern Craftsman Pull 3″ CC Satin Brass, $4.67

Berenson Zurich Steel 4″ Center Bar Pull, $1.19

Artesia 3-¾ in. (96mm) Sedona Bronze Cabinet Pull, $3.11

Knobs, from left to right: 

QMI Satin Brass 1.25-Inch Round Knob, $3.00

CB2 Hex Brushed Brass Drawer Pull, $4.95

Richelieu Hardware – Modern Expression – ⅝” Diameter Striped Rod Knob in Brass, $3.77

Artesia 1-3/4 in. Sedona Bronze Bar Cabinet Knob, $2.74

Atlas Homewares – Cabinet Hardware – Successi ¾” Euro-Tech Nipple Knob in Satin Brass, $4.68

Siro Cabinet Hardware Milan Knob in Bright Brass, $3.15

Bins, from left to right: 

QMI Satin Brass 3-Inch Shallow Cup Pull, $4.95

Stella ¾” Center Finger pull Color: Satin Brass, $3.19

Atlas Homewares Euro-Tech 1-1/4″ (32mm) c.c. Solara Cabinet Pull, $4.25

Martha Stewart Living 3 in. (76mm) Bedford Brass Awning Cup Pull, $4.04



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  3. Hi, we great Russian minds definitely do think alike. I have the long versions of these on my master closet doors, and they absolutely MAKE the room. And what a great price! Just found your blog and really like it, especially the Russian writing on the mirror. Best of luck with your renovations.


    • Hi Lena! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. :) I’m very curious how you found my blog. Laughing so hard at your “great Russian minds” comment, but what an amazing idea to use the long handles on closet doors! My mind is already spinning with ideas on where else I can use these beauties! Do you have a photo of the closet doors you can share? I’d love to see how it turned out!

    • Oh girl, you’ve got NO IDEA how many choices are out there for EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of a house! It’s funny, people ask me why I’m so particular about this detail or that, but the truth is that I’m really not; it’s just that when you have to make an intentional choice, you can’t help but weigh all of the options, you know?

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