Cape Cod Rental Master Bathroom Design Plan

I’m really excited to share the master bathroom plans at our Cape Cod Rental. This room was such a pleasure to design. Unlike the kids’ bathroom and powder room, the master bathroom will be upscale.

You might be thinking, why would you make a rental property look upscale?

For starters, renovating an entire house – especially with insane deadlines – is extremely stressful. The only way I can muster motivation to renovate rentals is to focus on designs that excite me – and as a result enjoy the process. If I can’t choose the aesthetics, it’s extremely challenging to go through the stress and challenges of renovating over and over and over again.

Secondly, as I mentioned in a previous post, certain home improvement can help justify higher monthly rates and allow you to place higher-quality tenants in your property. The master bathroom is one of those projects. So I was adamant on going beyond builder grade in the master bathroom, to elevate the overall feel of this property.

Let’s look at what I’m working with.

Everything except the tub and shower combo has already been demoed out and painted.

I especially love the natural light in here. In fact, all three bathrooms at the Cape Cod Rental have windows, which is rare but obviously wonderful. I’m excited to add another layer of visual interest with some beautiful cafe curtains.

Now, let’s take a look at the moodboard and the different finishes I chose for this space.

Black Cafe Curtain Rings | Paint: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore |  Striped Cafe Curtain | Extra Long, Waffle Print White Shower Curtain | Fixed Shower Curtain Rod | Vintage Ornate Mirror | Chrome Shower Head | Black Vanity with Off-White Top | Brass Linear Sconces | Modern Chrome Bathroom Faucet | Black Wraparound Curtain Rod  | LVP Flooring

Right off the bat you may notice my all-time favorite sconces – “Azores” from Kichler. I’ve used them before in the Greenfield master and the Greystone master bathrooms. The linear shape, ribbed glass detail and brass finish of these sconces go so well together. Every time I’ve used them in a project, they instantly elevate the design. Plus, the light from these sconces is extremely flattering – and isn’t that what you want in a master ensuite?

I’ve mentioned before that we’re installing LVP throughout the entire house, including bathrooms. LVP flooring in the bathroom is a great choice. Not only is it typically more budget friendly than tile, it’s also extremely durable. There’s an additional comfort aspect that you just can’t get with tile, unless you install floor heaters. In the two weeks we lived in the Greystone House, we noticed how much more comfortable and warm LVP is on your feet.

The vanity I ordered for this space was a bit controversial on Instagram because of its off-white top. Personally, I love seeing the combination of white and off-white in interiors; I think it adds elegance, luxury and refinement to a design when you combine the two. Other details that elevate this cabinet is the bullnose edge stone, X-paneled sides and freestanding feet. These three details are typically found on custom pieces rather than ready-made. When I’m shopping for bathroom cabinets, I’m always on the lookout for those details that make the piece look custom-made.

I’m eagerly to see the distressed black finish on this cabinet, though. I typically shy away from faux finishes but figured this may actually be perfect for a rental, as it will hide any further damages from tenants.

The mirror is one I already own – bought it on Marketplace last year. But I found the exact one being sold on Etsy!

Want a sneak peek of how these pieces will tie together? Check out the quick mockup, below.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the following:

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