Celebrating Five Months with Mila

Well, I am nearly a month late posting this – but we have a few days before she turns six months, so it’s still acceptable, right?

Mila turned five months three days after Christmas. This month has been full of new discoveries and milestones for our sweet girl – as is any month, really, but this one was possibly my favorite month to-date!

A big, big reason behind it being my favorite is that Mila finally started falling asleep without help from me. Last month I talked about how she’d hit a sleep regression and was waking up practically every hour at night to nurse and be comforted. Well, this month we went from bouncing on the yoga ball for hours on end to me simply placing her in the crib and her dozing off without a peep – each and every single time, both during naps and at night. Whatever gentle sleep training we did with her is finally paying off!

Because I am writing this four weeks late, though, I can go ahead and tell you that the magical sleep phase lasted only until she hit her next mental development leap at 5.5 months. Not to worry, though. That, too, soon ended.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s focus on month 5, which included lots of firsts for Mila:

  • First time in a walker (in the beginning she would get so angry when she’d realize that it moves, ha!),
  • First time in a high chair (we haven’t started feeding her solids just yet, but she was so amazed watching us eat that we now sit her in the high chair during meals, and she’ll sometimes mimic chewing as we eat.),
  • First time she actually enjoyed being in a carrier (she’s hated being in a sling ever since she was born, but one evening we had “Christmas Under the Stars” at our church, and I sat her in a baby carrier – we use the Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Multi-Position Galaxy Baby Carrier – and she proceeded to fall asleep a short while later.),
  • First time sleeping a whopping 10 hours straight (which happened right on her five-month birthday),
  • First time she actually enjoying being rocked on the glider (she melts into my body and grasps me oh-so-tightly – it’s my absolute favorite feeling in the world. Sometimes she even caresses my face with her tiny hand – I could just die from happiness.),
  • First time Mila saw snow (we got just a slight dusting on December 8),
  • First time celebrating Christmas (although it was a bit of a disaster because she wasn’t a fan of neither the tree farm nor the Christmas church service, I was nonetheless excited to rediscover the magic of the season through our little girl’s eyes. She does like sparkles and lights, so there’s that!),
  • And, as I already mentioned, the first time she showed a genuine interest in food other than milk (she’s started opening and closing her mouth, pretending like she’s chewing when she sees us eat).

Other skills she’s developed or improved include holding objects, reaching for her toys and passing said toys from one hand to another like an expert.

Her favorite activities these days include playing peekaboo (she finally understands the concept), having her ears cleaned (she literally closes her eyes and smiles), taking baths (she splashes around and is no longer afraid of running water), looking at other babies (she always smiles and babbles to them), watching cars through the windows (especially while she waits for daddy to come home from work), watching mama dance around the house in an attempt to make her laugh out loud (it rarely works, but I do try!), wiggling her fingers and bending her hands back and forth while she watches them intently, singing when I sing (her oohs and aahs are the sweetest sound in the universe), sucking on her fingers (but no teeth just yet!), watching the flames dance around in the fireplace (our new favorite pre-bedtime activity), and seeing her own reflection in the mirror.

I mentioned last month that she was becoming very attached to me. Well, this month we have a full-on stage 5 clinger – although I usually don’t mind one bit. Though she hasn’t started throwing fits about it just yet, she has her eyes on me at all times and is very aware when I leave the room or hand her off to someone else.

A couple more updates on her sleep: she naps 3 to 5 times a day, each nap ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Her bedtime is 8:30PM, and I notice that if I try to put her down earlier, she will whine until almost exactly 8:30 on the dot and only then falls asleep. She typically sleeps for 12 hours (from 8:30PM to 8:30AM) and usually wakes up once, sometimes twice to feed.

A couple not-so-fun developments: she’s only now developed cradle cap, poor girl. And she’s completely stopped rolling over, although she can sit by herself unassisted for a few seconds, so I’m not too worried about the rolling. She is a bit of a big girl, so I’m sure it’s not easy to roll over those juicy cheeks of hers, ha!

Speaking of cheeks, Mila weighs a whopping 19 pounds at five months. She wears clothes that are 9-12 months, with several things being for 18 months. It’s mainly because she is so tall, but then again, she does have some thighs on her…and cheeks…and a delicious baby belly. Oh, I could just eat her up!

We’re still holding on to size 3 diapers – if only because I bought so many, I don’t want them to go to waste (is that terrible of me?). But if the recent blowouts are any indication, it’s time to move up to size 4.

Oh, I almost forgot! In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I finally quit my job! Yup, yup, after a month of trying to do both, work full-time and be a mother, I am officially a stay-at-home mama – and I couldn’t be happier about it. To be quite honest, I’m convinced that the reason Mila has suddenly started sleeping so well and being just an all-around perfect child is because she has her mama’s attention 24/7 once again. Poor girl was struggling so much last month, and I know it’s because my stress transferred over to her.

As irony would have it, the day I submitted my two weeks’ notice, Mila and I were involved in a car accident (we are alright, thank God, and it wasn’t my fault, which eases the situation just a bit). Because it coincided with such a major life change, the accident seriously made me question if I was making the right decision of quitting my job. (I’m strange like that in that I connect two completely unrelated events, thinking that one must indicate something about another. Ridiculous – I know.)

Anyway, now that it’s been some time since I’ve been home with Mila, I couldn’t be happier. More importantly, Mila couldn’t be happier – which confirms that we made the right decision.

If you have any questions about anything I mention in these monthly posts, I’m always happy to help! I am by no means an expert but am always open to sharing our experience if it helps someone else. So if you’re wondering about sleep training, or helpful apps for a first-time mom, or our favorite gadgets and such, let me know and I’ll address your questions in a future post!

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  1. Your babygirl is so, so precious!! I’ve just found your blog tonight (thanks, Pinterest!) and have been reading it for over an hour. It’s wonderful. :)

  2. She is beautiful! And I also do the relating-two-totally-unrelated-things when I make a big decision and then something major happens. So you aren’t alone. I think it’s just the life of an over-thinker like me!

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