Christian Home Decor Ideas (That Aren’t Farmhouse)

Christ-Centered Home Decor Ideas that Aren't Farmhouse

Raise your hand if you grew up with scriptures displayed around your house as artwork.

I know I did – both in Ukraine and even after we moved to the States, every Slavic family I knew had these very specific paintings portraying some picturesque scenery along with a fitting verse from the Bible. I remember as a teenager and well into my 20s thinking how tasteless and “not cool” that was – you know, because that’s the standard against which you measure everything as a teenager.

But life is nothing if not ironic, because here I am displaying scriptures as art in my own house. Sure, my rendition may be a little more modern and reflective of this decade, but I finally understand “the why.”

Here I have 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 stenciled on our bedroom mirror. I can tell you of numerous times when the husband and I have been in the middle of a disagreement and I’ve caught a glimpse of the words “Love is not proud” – or whichever part was most applicable in the moment – and had a quick come-to-Jesus moment before continuing to speak. That’s the thing about visual cues – they catch our attention.

Decorating with Bible verses and Christian home decor helps us to quite literally build our homes around the Word of God. It’s a daily visual reminder of the bigger picture beyond our day-to-day life.

“Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Write them ON THE DOORFRAMES OF YOUR HOUSES AND ON YOUR GATES.” (Deuteronomy 11:18-20)

Integrating Christian Home Decor into Your Home’s Aesthetic

All of this pondering made me realize the fact that faith is rarely ever displayed in the popular interior design world. Why is that?

If interior design is all about cultivating a home that’s reflective of the people who live there, why is faith excluded? Why is there very little, if any, tastefully-designed Christian home decor that isn’t necessarily farmhouse style? It’s about time to recognize this inconsistency, and change it.

Can we think of a way to display this significant part of our lives in a way that feels authentic, beautiful, and in line with our home’s aesthetic?

It seems trivial to consider the aesthetics of decor with such significance, but you know me… If I’m going to be looking at something every day I’d rather it be aesthetically pleasing to me – you know?

Disclaimer on Farmhouse

When I shared these thoughts on Instagram, the most common response was, “Yes, love that idea – but only if it’s done in a tasteful way.” Numerous people went on to clarify that “tasteful” did not equate to the cliche farmhouse-style wooden signs, with which I personally agree – not because there’s something wrong with the farmhouse style but simply because, again, it’s not my aesthetic. If the DMs in my inbox are any indication, farmhouse is not many people’s personal aesthetic.

Disclaimer: I write this knowing all human experiences are different, and speaking about personal aesthetics is, obviously, personal – and faith even more so. It’s a nuanced and complex topic. But I believe we can do difficult and uncomfortable things such as discuss this subject with understanding and without being triggered by someone saying they don’t like farmhouse style. If you do – own it. If you don’t – own that too.

So I’ve been brainstorming, and today I’ve rounded up numerous ideas for incorporating scripture and Christian home decor into our homes in ways that don’t involve reclaimed wood and distressed paint.

Stenciled Mirrors

I truly think the reason I dared to venture into the world of displaying scripture as art was because of the idea I had to stencil it on a mirror. There’s something equally vintage and modern about this idea, making it versatile enough to fit different aesthetics.

I can totally see it fitting even a farmhouse-style home. But using a minimal font on an ornate mirror works well for other aesthetics, because the writing is stenciled rather than hand-lettered. Had it been hand-lettered, it would lean more towards that farmhouse aesthetic.


Having grown up in Ukraine, when I hear the word “tapestries,” I immediately envision rugs displayed as wall decor, ha! If you know, you know. That association aside, people have decorated with tapestries for thousands of years, and that trend continues today – although is it really a trend if it’s been around for centuries?

Again, the key here is to stay away from anything that looks hand-lettered, as that can look like a DIY.

Mural with a Message

A couple years ago I came across a house tour that had a massive black and white mural in the entryway. “Count your blessings” was written across the top, and tally marks covered the entire massive two-story wall.

I don’t know that I’d necessarily do something like that in my own home, but I love the idea behind it. It was simple yet striking and made quite the point. An industrial or modern home may be a good fit for a mural like that.

Display Blocks, Stands and Frames

While typically reserved for displaying photos, frames and photo stands could easily work for Bible verse cards too. I love the idea of something minimal but meaningful like this. I’d display it on open shelving or the kitchen countertops. Layer it on top of stacked books on a console, or tuck it away into your dish cabinet for a fun surprise every time you take out a plate.

Felt Signs or Letter Ledges

While not necessarily my aesthetic, I know a lot of people like the letter display trend. So if this is something that you already own, switching it to a Bible verse is an easy and quick way to incorporate more scripture into your decor.

This idea could be fun implemented into a kids’ space, too – whether on a dresser, bookcase, or hung from a peg board.

Canvas Banners

I wouldn’t necessarily display a canvas banner in, say, our living room, but it’s a cute and playful idea for a child’s room or playroom. We have that extra-long peg board in the girls’ shared space, and I’d love to add a canvas banner with a Bible verse to that!


Personalized mugs – or any personalized item – are one of those decorative objects that can veer into that kitsch category. But if done in a minimalistic way and with scripture or a quote that holds sentimental value, it could be something really special.

Journals, Christian Coffee Table Books and Aesthetically Designed Bibles

I realize how millennial it is of me to suggest buying a Bible based on how it looks, but why not? Why wouldn’t you care how it looks?

The Gospels Hardcover Set from Alabaster Co. is a stunning example. It’s a well-designed, visual Bible that can be incorporated into your decor as a coffee table book or console table decor. Underneath the book jacket, it has a beautiful gray cloth cover with gold foil lettering and is truly a work of art. FYI, they sell out quickly, so be sure to get on their waitlist!

Another, more affordable, option is displaying journals with a Bible verse ingrained on the cover. Style them on any tabletop for a daily reminder of God’s goodness. Last but not least: Christian coffee table books are a little hard to come by, but they’re out there!


Prints are an obvious choice when it comes to displaying scripture as art. The caveat is to display the prints in a fresh and creative way, otherwise it’ll once again end up looking like a DIY. I like the idea of using interesting typography to feature the nine fruits of the spirit in a gallery wall of sorts. Another great example I came across was to have a favorite hymn or a page from the Bible printed in extra large format and displayed in a simple frame. I’ve also seen prayers or Bible verses hand-lettered across a canvas in an elegant way – that could look really cool, too.

Prayer Board

I have a friend who has a large chalk prayer board in her kitchen, and I love the idea of adding requests together as a family and have that be a regular part of everyday life for your children to witness and learn from.


Just like with most personalized home decor items, doormats can quickly veer into farmhouse territory. The trick, again, is to keep fonts and overall designs simple.

Computer Desktop Picture or Screen Saver

This is a no-brainer, really. Most of us have at least one computer or laptop in the house. Why not use the desktop or screen saver to display a Bible verse? I’d much rather look at that than, say, a random photo of mountains.

Be right back – currently changing mine!

Laser-Cut Wood Sign

Remember when I had a wooden “These are the Days” sign made for the girls’ old playroom? How cute would it be to have a Bible verse laser cut the same way to hang in their playroom? Depending on the design, it could be tasteful enough to display in the main living space, too.

Jewelry or Keepsake Boxes

A small but meaningful way to incorporate scripture into home decor is by way of a jewelry or keepsake box. For example, on our living room bookshelves we have a small keepsake box I had personalized for my then-boyfriend, now-husband as a gift. He had quite the collection of cuff links, so I had this small gift made to house his collection, and finished it off with Philippines 1:3 engraving on it. “I thank my God every time I think of you.” This same idea could be applied to jewelry boxes, too. A small but meaningful engraving on something you see and use every day can remind you daily of God’s mercy.

That, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my list of ideas. Got any ideas to add?

As you can see, there’s quite a range of ways to decorate with Christian home decor. The biggest takeaway: If something is meaningful, it can be displayed in the most simple way yet will feel special and authentic to you. The most important part is to not take these reminders for granted. Displaying scriptures around the house truly can change your walk with Christ; I’m speaking from experience!

Now, a three-part question for you: 1) How do you display your faith in your home? 2) Which of these ideas will you be incorporating into your own home? 3) Do you struggle integrating Christian home decor with your personal aesthetic?

Chime in with your ideas in the comment section, and hopefully your thoughts will inspire someone else!

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