Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

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Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

I’m slowly making my way through all the reveals at Greystone House. First, I shared the kitchen. Then, the master bathroom. Today I’m revealing the combined mudroom and laundry.

Side note: Stay tuned for the downstairs and kids’ bathrooms.

In writing this post, I realized I never showed you the design plan for the combined mudroom and laundry. Can you believe 2.5 years have passed since we bought this property?!

When we bought the Greystone House, the laundry room was as basic as they come. It had brown tile, brown walls, and one of those plain, plastic utility sinks. The space was so uninspiring that below is the only “before” photo I got of it!

Introducing the Greystone House + My Preliminary Plans For It

But the space did have some things going for it. For example, it was on the main level, with close proximity to the master bedroom and kitchen. The close proximity to these two spaces made it convenient to do laundry throughout the day, as necessary.

The space was also right off the garage, so it doubled as a mudroom. Contrary to popular opinion, a mudroom doesn’t need to be near the front door. The best location for a mudroom is next to the garage. This ensures the daily mess of shoes, jackets, etc. is out of site from guests and can be put just where it’s needed before the kids have a chance to spread it from one end of the house to the other.

I knew I could pack maximum functionality into this space, so I set about designing an English-inspired laundry space. Check out all of our design choices, below, and why they work so well in this space!

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Peg Rails

To maximize functionality, I added peg rails around the perimeter of the room. Not only can you hang laundry to air dry, but you can also hang jackets, purses, keys, etc. I shared a DIY peg rail tutorial, in case you’d like to attempt this simple DIY project yourself.

During the Greystone laundry design phase, peg rails were at the top of my must-have list. With the room serving multiple purposes – as a combined mudroom and laundry room – I needed to maximize space and functionality. The easiest way to do that is to utilize wall space as much as possible – hence the idea of peg rails running all along the beadboard paneling to hang all the things.

I could hang cleaning tools like a broom, towel, various cleaning brushes, etc. for easy access. I could use the pegs as drying racks, hanging laundered items that had to be air dried. Last but not least, the pegs could serve as a drop-off station for coats, scarves, purses, keys, etc., since this room is right off the garage.

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Built-In Countertops

Next, we splurged for built-in countertops atop the washer and dryer, so the new owners could use that space for folding laundry. Having permanent countertops in the laundry elevates the overall design of the space, improving the overall laundry experience. Not only do the countertops provide ample workspace for sorting, folding, and treating laundry, but they also create a designated area where tasks can be efficiently completed without the need to move laundry from one surface to another. This saves time and minimizes the chances of clothes becoming disorganized or misplaced during the process.

Additionally, countertops offer storage solutions and organizational opportunities. Highlighting all the potential for organization was a big selling factor for this property. When styling this space, I was very intentional in showcasing all the ways you could ease your life with a little laundry organization.

The countertops can be styled with baskets, jars, bins, etc., providing a designated space for laundry essentials like detergent, clothespins, stain removers, etc. This helps to keep the room organized and ensures that everything needed for laundry tasks is easily accessible.

Continuing with the advantages of permanent countertops in the laundry room, they also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. They can be customized to match the existing decor, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. Here, we carried the countertop material from the kitchen over to the laundry room to tie the two spaces together.

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House


Let’s talk a little more about storage. A combination of closed and open storage offers a chance to hide the less-than-pretty items, while displaying aesthetically pleasing items like towels, cleaning spray bottles, etc. I’ve shared a roundup of aesthetically pleasing laundry organization tools, so check that out!


Laundry is generally not a chore most people enjoy, so I was adamant on making this space cheerful and comfortable. I wanted the new owners to be drawn to spending time in this room – and actually enjoy it. One way to completely change the feel of a space is lighting. Don’t just think about the aesthetics; you have to consider the functionality of the lighting as well.

When choosing lighting for a room, you have to think in layers. There are two main functions in this space, so I added two layers of lighting. Each layer had to handle the demands of the work that was being done in the room. The pendant in the center of the room provides the brightest light; it’s best for loading and unloading the washer. Even though it has a single bulb, with the right kind of bulb it puts out plenty of light. The glass shade helps to project light and bounce it around the room.

The wall sconce is not as strong of a light; it’s more of a moody lighting. It works best for folding clothes, for example.

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Laundry Sink

Perhaps the biggest workhorse of this entire space is the laundry sink from BLANCO, which excels in both style and functionality. With its sleek design and durable construction, this sink provides a practical and versatile space for all your combined mudroom and laundry tasks. The deep basin offers ample room for soaking, hand-washing, and even accommodating larger items like buckets or mops. Its high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.

Also from BLANCO is the Culina faucet. Its design is inspired by professional kitchens and offers amazing features, like including powerful pressure sprayers, flexible spring coils, and magnetic docking arms. The Culina is available in a standard size and a mini. The mini, featured here, is perfect for smaller prep sinks, stylish basement bars, or sinks located beneath cabinets with less overhead clearance.

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Cottagecore Charm

To infuse the laundry room with charming cottagecore vibes, I decorated with special touches that exude a cozy and nostalgic feel. One way I achieved this was through thrifted finds. When shopping for styling accessories for the Greystone House, I scoured secondhand shops to discover unique finds like the cottagecore-inspired artwork featuring a mother and daughter duo picking wildflowers in a field.

Another key element in creating a cottagecore atmosphere was the use of woven elements. I incorporated woven baskets for storing laundry essentials and hung a woven and lace hat on one of the pegs for a touch of texture. These woven accents not only contribute to the aesthetic but also bring a sense of warmth to the room.

To further highlight the cottagecore charm, I opted for off-white floral encaustic tile floors with a distinct distressed look. This old-world flooring choice adds a whimsical and nostalgic touch to the space.

Lastly, we chose a beadboard backsplash to capture the quintessential cottage aesthetic. Beadboard, with its vertical lines and classic paneling, imparts a sense of rustic charm and adds depth to the laundry room walls. This timeless feature brings character and a touch of English country appeal to the space.

Combined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone HouseCombined Mudroom and Laundry Reveal at Greystone House

Shop the Room, by Category:

CABINETRY + HARD FINISHES.: Cabinetry, Custom | Beadboard | Beadboard Paint Color: “Agreeable Gray” by Sherwin-Williams | Wooden, Screw-In Shaker Pegs | Countertop | Encaustic Cement Floor Tile, Floor & Decor

PLUMBING FIXTURES: Single-Basin Sink | Sink Grid | Mini Semi-Pro Single-Handle Faucet | White Sink Flange

LIGHTING: Clear Glass Pendant | Brass Wall Sconce

HARDWARE: Brass Cabinet Knobs | Brass Cabinet Latch

DECOR: Wooden Black Stool | Gray Ceramic Vase | Vintage Art Print | Brass Watering Can | Mini Broom and Dust Pan Set | Woven Hanging Basket with Handle | Wooden Broom | Clear Glass Jar with Lid | Wool Dryer Balls | Wooden Clothespins | Amber Glass Soap Dispenser | Dish Brush with Dish | Woven Straw Hat | Amber Glass Spray Bottles | Waterproof Hand Soap Labels | Woven Rope Baskets | Mini White Flower Arrangement

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  1. What an incredible transformation! Your combined mudroom and laundry space is an absolute masterpiece of design and functionality. The peg rails are a brilliant touch, maximizing utility and organization. The built-in countertops not only elevate the aesthetics but also enhance the laundry experience. The thoughtful lighting layers create an inviting atmosphere, and that BLANCO laundry sink is both stylish and versatile. The cottagecore charm you’ve infused is simply heartwarming. Kudos to you and the amazing brands for creating such a delightful and practical space!

  2. So I followed you on LTK and you mention your cabinets are from Home Depot or are these custom? Please share the details of cabinets, are they Hampton bay or not? Thanks

    • We remodel multiple properties every year, so I understand how it could be challenging to keep track of which project belongs to which house. Here on the blog I typically tag each post with the project name to keep things organized.

      The cabinets at the Greystone House (pictured here) were custom. However, we have used the Hampton Bay line from Home Depot in several previous remodels. It’s a decent budget-friendly alternative, and if you have a good designer then you can definitely create a semi-custom look with ready-made cabs.

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