Countdown of Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2022

At the start of every year, one tradition I enjoy very much is dreaming of all I will do with in the upcoming year.

An especially enjoyable part of this creative brainstorming process is reflecting on the year’s most-read blog posts. Seeing which topics you found most interesting helps me create content for next year. So, without further ado, below are 10 of the most-read blog posts I wrote in 2022.

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section: Which topics or posts did you find most helpful, interesting, or inspiring?

To read the posts, simply click on the titles. 10 Secrets to Getting the Best Deals on Appliances

No. 10 – 10 Secrets to Getting the Best Deals on Appliances

We first got into property investing in 2015 – without even realizing it at the time. As you can imagine, we’ve bought quite a few appliances since our first renovation in 2015. Appliances are a major purchase, no doubt. In this post I share 10 of my biggest secrets for getting the best deals on appliances.

Even if you’re not in the market at the moment, you’ll want to pin this post for future reference!

Big News: We're Selling Our House (The Greenfield Remodel)

No. 9 – Big News: We’re Selling Our House (The Greenfield Remodel

I don’t know why it was so terrifying to hit publish on this particular post. After all, the Greenfield Remodel was just another investment property we remodeled and ultimately sold.

The only difference with this property is that we lived there for nearly two years – the longest we’ve lived anywhere. In this post I share the listing photos (which I took myself), along with personal reflections on our new chapter in life.

No. 8 – Greenfield Kitchen Reveal: Before + After, Sources + Process

This post is 1 of the 3 room reveals I shared in 2022; it’s all about the galley kitchen at our Greenfield Remodel project. There’s lots of photos, sources, and a detailed explanation of the design process. I also share some shocking before and after comparisons, and you won’t believe the transformations!

If you have a kitchen remodel coming up, this post is chock full of useful information.

No. 7 – Greystone Kitchen Remodel Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

This is another super helpful kitchen remodeling post. I share all the details of our Greystone kitchen project, including before images, elevation drawings, design moodboard, 3-D renderings, my design process, progress photos, links to sources, and more!

No. 6 – Greenfield Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

I’m sure I say this with every reveal, but this one is my favorite, ha! Sharing all details, sources and design rationale behind the Greenfield master bathroom remodel.

I borrowed several design elements from this bathroom to recreate in later projects, but this space was the start of my love for dark bathroom vanities, extra long vanity mirrors, and the “Azores” sconces. Take a tour, and see for yourself!

No. 5 – Cape Cod Rental: Before Tour + Our Preliminary Design Plans

In case you missed the news, in 2022 we bought another long-term rental and immediately started demo on it.

In this post I take you on a “before” tour, sharing all of our preliminary design plans for the Cape Cod rental. We had 2-3 weeks before this property was occupied by new tenants, so any projects we planned had to be finished before then.

On top of that, because this is a rental property, I had to approach the design from a slightly different perspective than if it were a home we were remodeling to sell. Read all about the process of remodeling a rental property!

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Mirror (Plus a Roundup)

No. 4 – How to Choose the Right Bathroom Mirror (Plus a Roundup)

Choosing a vanity mirror can sometimes be an afterthought when designing a bathroom, but it really shouldn’t be! The bathroom mirror must be proportional to the rest of design, so it’s as important of a design element as any other. The size of your mirror will determine wall sconce placement, and the finish of the mirror should play a role in the plumbing fixtures finish.

Whether you’re building from scratch, remodeling like we were, or simply looking for a low-effort, high-impact upgrade, this post has some of my best tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror for your space.

Dark + Moody Powder Room Reveal at the Greenfield Remodel

No. 3 – Dark + Moody Powder Room Reveal at the Greenfield Remodel

Our dark and moody powder room was actually one of the first renovations we started at the Greenfield Remodel in 2019. It wasn’t until 2022 that I finally shared the reveal, though. Don’t ask me why it took 1.5 years!

The Greenfield Remodel is the first house we’ve owned that had a proper powder room. As you can imagine, I was excited for a new design challenge. Powder rooms are known for stretching designers’ creative muscles. Because of their small size, powder rooms offer the perfect opportunity to take risks and explore bold design elements.

No. 2 – Greystone Master Bathroom Design Plans

When designing the Greystone bathroom, I had one idea in mind: timeless luxury. In this post I share the master bathroom design plans for our Greystone project – including mockups, design moodboard, inspiration images, progress photos, sources, and more!

How to Add Brass Gallery Rail to Open Shelving

No. 1 – How to Add Brass Gallery Rail to Open Shelving

The most-read post of 2022 was this simple tutorial on adding brass gallery rail to floating shelves. I’m as shocked as you are; I figured surely the most-read post would be of a more personal nature.

However, there’s no denying that brass gallery rail is having a moment in design. This is a fairly straight-forward, inexpensive project that results in a charming, custom, high-end look. The best part? No power tools required!

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