Decor I Bought for Staging the Greystone House

Decor I Bought for Staging the Greystone House

Remember when I gave myself a $200 budget to update my decor inventory?

I have quite the collection of decor and staging accessories, which I use when selling our investment properties. My collection also comes in handy when I want to update our own home – or at least when we had a home, ha! But when time came to stage the Greystone House, I realized my collection was due for an update.

Today I’m sharing the decor I bought — and whether I stayed on budget. We all know home decor adds up quickly, but just how far can $200 take you? Well, you’ve got to know where to shop to score good deals. My go-to retailers are Amazon, HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, Target, Discovery Outlet, and thrift stores. I DIYed the soap dispensers, which you can also do with the help of the tutorial I shared.

More importantly than the specific products I purchased are the general categories of items I shop for when staging a property. Even if you have no plans of staging or selling your own home, hopefully today’s post will give you plenty of simple decorating ideas that make the biggest impact.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What, Where, and How Much

Salt and Pepper Grinders, Amazon $21.99
3 Scrub Brushes with Ceramic Dish, Amazon $11.89
12 White Bath Towels, Amazon $22.99
Wooden Broom, Amazon $24.99
Mini Broom + Dustpan, Amazon $12.46
Brass Watering Can, Target $14.99
3 Turkish Kitchen Towels, HomeGoods $9.99
Vase, Burke’s Outlet $8.99
6 Soap Dispensers and Custom Labels, DIY + Etsy $9.70
3 Foam Bath Sponges, Dollar Tree $3.00
Wooden Clothespins, 2 Packages, Dollar Tree $2.00
2 Glass Storage Jars, Target $20.00
4 Woven Baskets, Target $34.00
Brass Utensil Crock, Target $10.00
Wooden Kitchen Utensils, HomeGoods $3.99
Art, Thrifted $1.00
Mini Arrangement, Thrifted $0.25
Faux Hydrangeas, Thrifted $1.00
Faux Magnolias, Thrifted $1.00
TOTAL  $214.23

The total came out to $214.23. Are you surprised? I was too!

As I was buying items, I was so certain I had blown my entire budget. There’s only so many times you can say “It’s just $20…” before you’ve reached $200. It adds up quickly! The fact that I already owned quite a bit of styling accessories and decor definitely helped.

Click through the gallery below to see how I styled these items.


To help give you a visual of just how much decor $214.23 can get you, I’ve put together a moodboard, below. Feel free to shop using the links at the bottom, but do note that I’ve included alternate retailers for items that were either sold out or were bought in-store at discount outlets.

Decor I Bought for Staging the Greystone House

Salt and Pepper Grinders | Scrub Brushes with Ceramic Dish | White Bath Towels | Wooden Broom | Mini Broom + Dustpan | Brass Watering Can | Turkish Kitchen Towels | Vase | Soap Dispensers | Custom Labels | Foam Bath Sponges | Wooden Clothespins | Glass Storage Jars | Woven Baskets | Brass Utensil Crock | Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the following:

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  1. The mini broom and dustpan are so cute. How fun! I love to get things at target because it always has stylish things that don’t cost a small fortune. Your sense of design is exquisite! Your photography captures everything quite nicely too. Everything was beautiful but my favorite thing was actually within the picture of the salt and pepper grinders. It’s the picture of the woman sitting in a white dress. Its blurry but I can tell it’s lovely!

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