How To: DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug

In light of my recently discovered obsession with all things gold, I decided to paint anything and everything in this gorgeous, luxurious hue. I am not exaggerating when I say every vase, every cup, every picture frame in my house is now gold. Add to that my obsession with polka dots, and you've got one not-so-happy husband. 

Speaking of husband, if the marriage of gold and polka dots makes you giddy with excitement, it's only appropriate that you join in the fun with this DIY gold polka dot mug tutorial.


Liquid Gold Leaf {$5.49 at Hobby Lobby}Circular sponge brush {$3.99 for a pack at Hobby Lobby}Oven safe white mug {$3.99 at Target}


Clean and dry the mug.Lightly dip the sponge brush into the liquid gold leaf and carefully stamp on the polka dots.Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Make sure you've removed any stickers on the bottom.Let sit for 24 hours before washing.

Voilà, you've got a darling Kate Spade-esque mug {without the outrageous price tag}. Show me your own DIY mug by attaching a photo in the comments section, below.

Now, what else can I paint?



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    • Thank you so much, gorgeous lady! I too am a bit obsessed with gold and polka dots, especially combined. I’m currently in the progress of redesigning my office, and my gold obsession is becoming more apparent with each passing day… The look I’m going for is very Kate-Spade-meets-The-Great-Gatsby. Check out #FOSofficetour on Insta for a little preview!

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