Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour, Product Links + Design Tips

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

I should be packing, seeing how we move into the Greenfield Remodel this week. But here I am, crafting this kitchen reveal – because why not, right?!

This is procrastination at its finest.

By the way, are you confused with all the house names yet? The Edgmon Ranch is the fix-and-flip house we recently sold – the one we bought at an auction sight unseen. The Greenfield Remodel is our latest venture – the one we’ll be living in while also renovating.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to talking about kitchens; they are all I’ve been thinking about the last couple weeks. I’m in the brainstorming stages of the kitchen renovation at the Greenfield Remodel – which, by the way, is proving to be more challenging than any other kitchen project I’ve tackled. I had such grand plans for that space. But, of course, structural limitations always have a way of dashing my hopes and dreams.

I figure a good kitchen transformation is just what I need as encouragement to keep going. Plus, I needed a distraction from stressing out about just how much I have to do (and am not doing) before the end of the week.

Speaking of transformations, let’s start with the incredibly satisfying before and after comparison. Below is how the kitchen looked when we first bought the Edgmon Ranch. You can tour the entire house in all of its “before” glory here, and the “before” kitchen tour is here.

Here she is after we worked our magic:

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Our main goal for this space was to give it a major facelift while staying within the existing footprint. The room was quite small, and to make matters worse, the original kitchen layout felt uncomfortable because of the fridge placement. Knocking down walls wasn’t an option, so we had to get creative with maximizing space.

The most notable changes to the layout are 1) switching the location of the fridge and the stove, 2) adding two floor-to-ceiling pantries around the fridge, and 3) exchanging upper cabinets for a modern, floating shelf.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Switching the locations of the stove and the refrigerator really opened up the room and made the layout much more functional.

The fridge is the bulkiest of kitchen appliances. So if you can find a way to recess it into a wall or a built-in pantry – somewhere away from the main part of the kitchen but still within the work triangle – you’ll have more continuous counter space and an overall clean and streamlined look.

To maximize space, recess the refrigerator into a wall or built-in pantry.

The two pantries flanking the refrigerator create such a nice moment of symmetry; it makes my OCD-ladden heart oh-so-happy!

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

I plan on dedicating an entire post to the kitchen cabinetry, but for now I’ll just give you an overview – because I know you’ll ask.

We chose the “Satin White Shaker” collection from Hampton Bay, available at Home Depot. The cabinets are preassembled for a hassle-free installation, which is a big reason we chose it. We DIYed our IKEA kitchen at the Strelkov Bungalow a couple of years ago, and although the end results were beautiful, the assembly and installation process wasn’t one we wanted to live through again – especially on a tight deadline!

A ready-made cabinetry option like this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which I’ll address more in a separate post. But one important note to add is that most big box stores and manufacturers give you the option to work with a kitchen designer for free. If you’ve never designed a kitchen, I highly recommend at the very least consulting with a professional designer before you get started. Although I do have kitchen design experience, it was still nice to bounce off ideas and get an additional set of eyes on my design.

Many cabinet manufacturers and retailers offer free design help.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial elements in the room: the floating shelf. The husband made it himself using a 2″ x 10″ x 12′ pine board, these brackets and a simple piece of trim attached on top for a bit more substance. He then primed it and color-matched the paint to the kitchen cabinets. It’s a low-cost, high-impact project, although the bracket installation was a bit of a headache.

We took a big risk by eliminating all upper cabinets in lieu of one long shelf. But the end results confirm that we made the right decision. Without the visual weight of upper cabinets, the kitchen feels so much bigger and more open than before!

Storage was a concern for many that were following along with this renovation on Instagram, but thanks to the pantry addition, the new layout has the same (if not more) storage as the old layout. The difference is that now the storage is reconfigured for better accessibility and functionality. After all, what good is extra storage if you need to contort your body into unnatural positions to reach something?

Eliminating upper cabinets makes a small kitchen feel bigger and more open.

I’m contemplating writing a post around small kitchen organization – specifically using this specific kitchen to show you where I would store what. I think you’ll be surprised just how efficient a small kitchen can be with a little careful planning.

Is that a topic you’re interested in reading about in a future post? Let me know in the comments section, below.

Reserve open shelving for items that you use daily. Do it for convenience and, more importantly, to avoid the issue of dust buildup.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Back to the floating shelf, I had so much fun styling it for real estate photos! I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to create a beautiful vignette.

In any styled vignette I like to stick to a classic white, black, clear and gray color palette and bring in texture and warmth through woven pieces, marble, wood, copper or brass. While freshly-cut greenery and artwork aren’t necessary in a kitchen, they sure elevate this space.

One of my favorite elements here is that black and white photo I took of the well-known, beautiful doors in the Palace of Versailles. That trip feels like a lifetime ago… Yet my designs continue to be heavily influenced by old European flair and all the inspiration I gathered from that 3-month trip across Europe.

From the moment I first began brainstorming the Edgmon Ranch kitchen remodel, I knew I wanted to infuse a little French “je ne sais quoi” into it – and the photo is just one subtle nod to that.

I’ll share a shelf-styling video soon with a more detail on my process, so stay tuned for that! Make sure you’re subscribed to the FOXY OXIE email list, so you’re the first to know when new posts are published.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

While we couldn’t eliminate the angled peninsula altogether, we did get rid of the peninsula seating. With a small kitchen, having peninsula seating didn’t make sense when there’s a beautiful breakfast nook right next to it.

We kept the existing floor tile for several reasons: time constraints, budget constraints, and the fact that it was in great condition. The tile does a nice job tying together the contrasting warm hues of the brass elements with the cool hues of the stainless steel and chrome. Without the old oak cabinets reflecting off the floor, the tile looks softer and not as in-your-face as before.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Speaking of finishes, combining brass and chrome is one of my favorite ways to add visual interest to a space because of that juxtaposition of warm versus cool.  When I design a room – kitchen or otherwise – I love to play up contrasting elements: feminine and masculine, soft and edgy, warm brass and cool chrome. If all the finishes matched, the design would look boring and one-dimensional.

Mix up the kitchen finishes! We come to truly know and appreciate a material by its contrast against another. It’s what makes a room interesting and multi-dimensional.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

The paint color I chose for the walls is “Barely White” by Farrell Calhoun. It’s technically a really light shade of gray. But at certain times of the day it looks a little blue because of its undertones.

I always recommend using eggshell paint sheen for kitchen walls – especially if you have little ones. It’s easier to wipe clean than flat sheen, but doesn’t look shiny like a semi-gloss sheen.

A couple words on the white walls with white cabinets look: Generally, I prefer to use the same color on the walls and cabinets in an all-white kitchen. This is one place where you want to avoid that contrast of warm versus cool tones. Almost always the warm-toned element will appear dirty or dated next to the crisp white element. I learned this lesson the hard way, when we ran into this issue at the Strelkov Bungalow a few years ago.

In this case, however, we were using ready-made cabinetry, which came in a crisp white color. I could’ve color-matched the wall paint to the cabinets, but we had just finished painting the entire house “Barely White.” Both, the cabinets and the walls had cool undertones, so I knew it would work. All in all, the two white colors create a subtle contrast, making the cabinets pop.

If using different shades of white for the walls and cabinets, make sure they at least have the same undertones.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Let’s talk about that masterpiece of a backsplash, installed by yours truly. The penny tile adds so much texture to the space, which is so necessary in an all-white kitchen.

I combined it with white, unsanded grout – “Avalanche” from Mapei – to give it a bit of 3-D effect without adding too much contrast. A busy, high-contrast backsplash can quickly overwhelm a smaller kitchen like this one.

White tile and dark grout tends to look very modern, while white tile with white grout can fit either aesthetic.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

For the countertop we chose the trusted Luna Pearl granite. It’s quarried in Spain and is sometimes called Bianco Sardo granite. It features a small, intricate pattern of whites, black, gray and peachy-brown. What’s special about this particular granite is that it has pearlescent accents. This add a luxurious look without the luxurious price tag. In fact, its affordability is one of its most attractive factors, making it perfect for a fix-and-flip.

The countertop does a nice job of tying in the darker elements with all of the white.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

The modern globe pendant lights are one of my favorite design elements here.

Light fixtures are often considered the jewelry of the room, and these look like something you’d find in a Parisian cafe frequented by artists and writers during the Art Deco era.

I switched out the fluorescent ceiling light with a simple, brass, 2-light flush mount, so as to not compete with the pendant lights. In the hallway that leads to the laundry room and garage, I used the same flush mount but in a smaller size to keep the proportions right.

To find a flush mount fixture that is beautiful and affordable is quite rare and require lots of searching. Usually, it’s either one or the other. These, however, were such a great find, and the 13″ is under $60 and the 9″ is a little over $30. Talk about a score!

Would you be interested if I put together a roundup of my favorite affordable flush mount fixtures – like I did with pendants some time ago? Let me know in the comments section, below.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

The appliances are all from Frigidaire’s Stainless Steel suite – except for the range hood, which is from a brand called Winflo. The range hood is super affordable, very quiet, and has great reviews! Thankfully, the stainless steel seems to match, which isn’t always the case when buying appliances from different collections.

Although ideally I would’ve liked to have a fridge that was symmetrical, this one was a lucky, brand new Facebook Marketplace find. A French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer (like this one from KitchenAid) would really highlight the symmetry of the built-in pantries, but sometimes design decisions – especially in a fix-and-flip – have to be based on cost rather than aesthetics.

If your project timeline allows, search Facebook Marketplace for new or barely used appliances. You can score some great deals that way!

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Let’s talk about the hardware. Unfortunately I failed to get a close-up photo of these beautiful pulls and knobs. But they’re all from the “Minted” collection by Sumner Street Home Hardware. The satin brass finish goes perfectly with the brass pendants and flush mount lights.

The style is very traditional. So, to keep things fun and fresh I went a bit of an unconventional route for the hardware placement.

In traditional spaces, the general rule is to use knobs on doors and pulls on drawers. For transitional and modern spaces, knobs and pulls can be used interchangeably.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

Last but not least, let’s talk about the faucet and sink. The latter is a standard undermount stainless steel sink.  It’s currently more than 80% off on Wayfair.com, so if you’re in the market, run!

If you’re a perfectionist like me, I always recommend using a sink grid to protect the stainless steel sink from scratches and dents. It’s a small price to pay for daily peace of mind.

The chrome faucet is probably one of my favorite finds. The quality is superb, and it looks so much more expensive than it is! The bridge element is so classic and adds just the right dose of curves to the space. I also love the fact that the spout swivels.

Edgmon Ranch Kitchen Reveal Tour

That, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our tour! I realize this post holds a lot of information, so feel free to bookmark it and refer to it later. Hopefully you learned something new or found inspiration for your next kitchen project!

Questions, comments? Please share below! If you want to see more of this project, check out these posts:

You all have requested product links, which I included throughout the post as well as into a consolidated list below. A cost-breakdown is also in the works, so I’ll be sharing that soon! I’m working on a full before-and-after tour of the Edgmon Ranch, along with lots more really fun posts, so make sure you’re subscribed!

If you want more updates on our latest renovation, the Greenfield Remodel, join me on Instagram, where I share daily behind-the-scenes updates.

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