En-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise Farm

Coming at you with another design plan and progress update: the en-suite bathroom design at Sunrise Farm. We are almost finished with this space, but before I shared the reveal, I wanted to walk you through my design plans and process. 


Let’s jump right into how this room looked when we bought the Sunrise Farm. Click on any of the photos below for a closer view.

One thing this bathroom had going for it is its size.

Sure, it may not look large at first, but I saw the potential. Although this space is only about 68 square feet total, it’s surprisingly 13.5 feet long! The width, however, is only 5 feet. It was decided: We had to knock down the linen closet and the wall between the vanity and toilet.

Floorplan Changes

Here’s a before and after comparison of the floorplan. The biggest improvement was taking out the linen closet, doors and walls. All of the separation made the bathroom feel choppy and small, and opening up the space made it feel nearly twice as big. 

You can see that we left some of the plumbing, like the toilet, in its original location; that helped stretch our budget. We did, however, upgrade all of the plumbing – a change that isn’t very glamorous but necessary. 

If you recall our conversations on Instagram, I debated whether to include a freestanding tub with a single vanity, or to forgo the tub and have a 72-inch double vanity. With this being our long-term home, I was adamant to add the tub (I do love my baths). So we found a happy medium with a 60-inch double vanity. I’m honestly blown away I was able to fit so much function in such a small space.

Best part: It doesn’t feel claustrophobic because we got rid of two walls that chopped the 


Ready to see what this room is about to become?

Here’s my design inspiration saved from Pinterest. I’m calling this style modern and fresh with vintage European influence. I want this house to feel like a modern cottage in the French country side.

En-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise Farm

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I loved the Greystone en-suite bathroom I designed last year, so you’ll recognize several of the same elements in this one, too. In fact, I included a photo from that project on my Pinterest board. 

It wasn’t intentional, per se. I didn’t set out to recreate that space. But as I chose finish after finish, there was a natural progression of what goes well with particular elements – and before I knew it, I was looking at Greystone en-suite 2.0 – but with a couple edits, of course. 

En-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise Farm

Subway Shower TileBullnose Tile Trim | Shower Niche Trim Tile | Penny Tile for Shower Floor“Platinum” Tile Grout | Bathroom Faucet | Exposed Brass Shower SystemModern French Doors | Door Paint: “Tricorn Black” by Sherwin Williams | Wall Paint: “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore | Fluted Window Privacy Film | Shower Drain | Character Bronze Opal Pendant | Freestanding Tub | Arched Gold Mirror | Brass Wall Sconces | Double Vanity with Carrara Marble Top


Let me walk you through the moodboard and design process. The first item I chose was the sliding French doors. Unlike in the Greystone en-suite bathroom, I found a much better deal this time around. It comes with all the hardware and door handles, the latter of which I’ll rub ‘n buff gold. We’ll be painting the doors Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, and adding ribbed privacy film, which we never got around to doing at the Greystone House. The doors already come with privacy glass, but I wanted to add that ribbed texture. 

The biggest reason for choosing this style of doors was the long and narrow bathroom layout. As previously mentioned, there was a mumble-jumble of doors and walls in this bathroom. Wanting to simplify the layout and open up the space, we eliminated standard entry doors into the bathroom, opened up the doorway wider, and added sliding French doors instead. Pocket doors weren’t an option, either, because we didn’t have a single inch to spare in the width of the bathroom, nor in the bedroom. 

Another reason behind the decision to add sliding French doors is to add a bit of natural light to the room. Because this bathroom has no exterior walls, adding a window is not an option. But you know how I feel about natural light, so widening the doorway was the best option. Once we add mirrors over the vanity, the natural light from the bedroom window on the opposite wall will be reflected by the mirrors, causing the room to appear even more bright. 

En-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise FarmEn-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise FarmEn-Suite Bathroom Design Plans at Sunrise Farm

Vanity + Plumbing Fixtures

I walked you through the process of choosing the double vanity in this post, along with my reasoning behind the one I chose. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that I wanted real marble stone and a dark (but not black) cabinet. It’s actually a smaller version of the 72-inch double vanity we installed in the Greystone en-suite bathroom

I chose vintage-style plumbing fixtures; I’ve used these exact faucets in multiple projects and highly recommend them. The shower system is an affordable dupe of this $5,000 system – and looks just as good. The biggest splurge as far as plumbing fixtures are concerned was the freestanding tub faucet, below.


Speaking of shower, I briefly considered recreating the same subway tile layout as we did in the Greystone en-suite bathroom, but with this space being smaller, I didn’t want to overwhelm the shower area with an elaborate pattern. Instead, I added soldier-style tile borders along the top and bottom, which added just enough interest without overwhelming the space.

I’m still on the lookout for the perfect shower door. We’re limited to a sliding door due to the layout, so I’m on the lookout for one that matches the finish of the plumbing fixtures.

Lighting + Mirrors

For the sconces I chose my all-time favorite: the “Azores” sconces from Kichler. I’ve used them in now 4 bathrooms and can’t imagine ever getting tired of them. Not only are they so beautiful, but they are also incredibly flattering due to the way the light gets diffused through the ribbed glass.

I’ve yet to choose mirrors, but I’m leaning towards something extra-tall – like we did in our Greenfield en-suite bathroom. That extra height will not only help reflect more natural light from the window, but it’ll also add height to the bathroom, making it feel taller. 

Freestanding Tub + Wall Treatment

I’m undecided on what sort of treatment I want to do on the wall behind the freestanding tub, but it definitely needs something. Vertical shiplap and a floating shelf? An oversize piece of art? Two pieces of art? What sort of art does one hang in a bathroom – especially so prominently? Maybe a peg board underneath a shelf? I initially wanted a super elaborate arched niche, but when framing decisions were being made, the husband vetoed that idea. “Lots of unnecessary labor for aesthetic purposes,” he said – or something like that. Maybe I can convince him otherwise later down the road. In the meantime I’ve got some brainstorming to do how to make that wall feel more intentional; if you have suggestions, I’m all ears. What would you do with that empty wall? 

We’ll have a vintage-style pendant hanging above the bathtub, which will tie in nicely with the vintage sconces and provide an additional layer of light. I’ll also need to add some brass hooks for towels, and maybe a pretty little shelf or two over the toilet – the kind with brass gallery railing, like I installed in the Greystone kitchen. There’s lots of empty walls (read: opportunities) to add interest and personality, so I don’t know how I’ll ever narrow down what ideas I like best. 

Okay friends — I think we’ve covered everything. Any questions or thoughts so far?

We’ve juggling several major projects all at once; it’s a full-house renovation, after all, and we’re getting down to all the details. We might even move in within the next month! Aaah, I can hardly believe it!

Make sure to check Instagram for all of the latest and greatest updates (like our beautiful custom island)!

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