Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

Once upon a time, when we first bought our new (old) house, the entryway looked like this:

How charming, right?

Since then, we completely reconfigured the floor plan, demolished walls and put up new ones. We then re-wired the electrical, installed hardwood flooring and hung new light fixtures.

Entryway Update Lucite Console Table

Then came the paint – or rather, two rounds of two coats of paint, because someone couldn’t decide on the perfect shade of gray – that someone, of course, being me.

Sadly – and I know you’re getting tired of hearing this phrase – the entryway is nowhere near finished. It will continue to evolve over the next few months, I hope.

After all, the entryway is your only chance to make the right first impression on anyone who walks in. I waxed poetic on that idea in an earlier post, when we first installed the lighting, if you’re curious.

I’d like to think we have far more personality to share than what you currently see in the space. The front door is yet to be painted…(should I go with dark charcoal or black?) a lonely, empty wall to cover with art or mirrors or 3-D panels…(or maybe wallpaper?) storage solutions to dream up and space to maximize… You get the point.

But today I wanted to show you what’s actually finished – as well as offer a couple of tips of why certain pieces work in this space. Hopefully this post’ll inspire you to evaluate the functionality vs. personality of your own entryway and see where you can improve.

It all started with a rattan chest that I thought might look good in the entryway.

Boy, was I wrong.

The chest was far too bulky and visually overwhelming for such a small space, so I decided that the mudroom/office nook would be our dressing area that would house coats, shoes, etc. The entryway, on the other hand, would be more of a greeting area for visitors.

Instead, I chose a lucite console table from Safavieh. It takes up very little visual room, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Yet there’s plenty of table space to hold odds and ends.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make a space feel bigger and more open. Remember my collection of brass, round mirrors from Target? I’m happy to report that another one has found a permanent home – in the entryway.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

Sure, you may notice its twin hanging on the fireplace, but there’s no such thing as too many round, brass mirrors in my book!

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

The round shape adds a nice balance to otherwise straight lines, and the brass of the frame goes well with the brass of the chandelier.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

A dark, patterned indoor/outdoor rug is another must-have for the entryway. It fulfills multiple purposes; first, it’s a place to wipe off our shoes, as one does in an entryway. Second, a rug can be a great way to add personality to the space.

The indoor/outdoor, patterned aspect is an excellent idea for a high-traffic area.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

A small basket underneath the console can be a sneaky way of hiding clutter. I love this faux-knit, plastic option from The Container Store. It doubles as a stool for anyone who needs to sit to put on shoes.

And when I say “anyone,” I really mean me and my growing belly.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

Atop the lucite console table, I like to add fresh flowers – a cheery sight for anyone who walks in and the perfect way to add color to the space.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

A letter holder is quite useful, too, as it’s a dedicated landing space for mail.

Last but not least, a decorative bowl or pretty votive holder are convenient for holding keys, loose change and other knickknacks that would otherwise end up a mess atop the kitchen counters. And, of course, can’t forget a large, gold tray to instantly ground all the random objects together.

Entryway Update: Lucite Console Table

Now, it’s your turn! What do you like to keep in the entryway, and what do you prefer to hide elsewhere? Any tips and tricks for combining functionality and personality in this small space?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Safavieh, who very generously gifted us the “Atka” acrylic console table. Thanks so much for supporting the companies that allow me to create unique content while featuring products I truly love.

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  1. Hello,

    Wow what a beautiful job! What color and brand is the grey paint you used? Grey is such a tough color to get perfect but you picked a perfect one.


    • Hi Bridget! Thank you so much! Grey is definitely a challenge. We used “Metro” by Farrell Calhoun. As with any color, the very same paint can look entirely different in your space due to the amount of natural light, time of day, other colors in the room, etc. so I always recommend a swatch test! As much as I like ours, it tends to lean a little cool blue at certain points of the day, so keep that in mind.

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  6. Your home is so gorgeous, Oksana! I fall a little more in love with it every time you do a room reveal.

    I totally understand your desire to wait things out on the entryway. I slowly decorated my apartment because I wanted to get a feel for the space first.

    Looking forward to seeing how your entryway turns out! I have no doubt that it will be gorgeous.

  7. Love it! Your house is SO charming – and all the more impressive that you guys have been able to do so much with that old rundown home you bought before! Thanks for sharing the floorplan changes – I really found that fascinating to look at!!

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