Europe Travel Video Diary

Europe Travel Video Diary

If all went according to plan {outlined here by none other than yours truly}, I would have only returned from my dream vacation in mid-September, but {surprise!} life rarely goes according to plan. Alas, I left Europe two months ago, and from where I stand {or rather, sit — at the kitchen table, clad in my oh-so-sophisticated pajamas, i.e. a random ol’ T-shirt} it feels like two lifetimes have passed.

Among the plethora of reasons why a Europe travel video is fitting for any occasion is reason #1, which is the fact that I have an incurable case of wanderlust and simply cannot stop talking about Europe. As some of you know {and others are starting to figure out due to the unhealthy amount of travel-related posts on the blog} my dear husband and I spent three months traveling through nearly 20 countries this summer, and needless to say {but clearly, I’m going to say it anyway} it was the best three months in the duration of my entire existence {that means, like, best vacation ever, y’all}.

Clearly, the seven thousand photos {I’m not even exaggerating} and a notebook full of hurriedly scribbled thoughts and memories from this trip provide a nice, albeit vague, insight into just how perfect everything was, but as a fellow blogger once said, “Video helps me where my vocabulary {and photography skills — or lack thereof} simply cannot.” Of course, what with iMovie crashing, YouTube drastically downgrading video quality and a bevy of other evil forces out to ruin my masterpiece, I had to leave out quite a bit of footage. So here you’ll see only 18 of the 36 cities we visited.

Having a blog has been a wonderful reminder to seize the beauty of every moment, but some magic is just too good to capture on film and will forever remain etched in the crevices of my memories, locked away for only me to remember. Of course, every now and then it makes itself known in the form of an overwhelming bout of nostalgia, so if you ever see me sobbing uncontrollably for no apparent reason, just buy me a one-way ticket to Paris, and I will love you forever. So with that, I present to you my European dream come true. Enjoy!

I still have oodles and oodles of content to upload, but if you want to see the travel destinations I already posted, you can find them on the Travel page. And of course, tune in every now and then for more vacation inspiration!

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