Exterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front Door

Exterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front Door

The bungalow renovation is progressing at an alarmingly quick rate, and I’m extremely excited and at the same time a bit saddened at the realization that this roller coaster of a journey will one day come to an end.

If you’re my husband, and you’re reading this, you probably suspect that I have completely lost my mind.

But you see, I’m only now getting into the groove of poring over each detail and finding it amusingly entertaining to devote hours upon hours to filling each square foot with character and personality.

And don’t even get me started on vintage treasure hunting, which, I’m beginning to think, just may be nothing short of my calling in life. I mean, have you seen my five-dollar plant stand? Or my Marcel Beuer chairs I picked up for free?

Thanks to the intense, hands-on experience from this project, I honestly feel able to tackle just about any design dilemma. I’ve even toyed around with the idea of starting my own interior design firm, but knowing myself well, that which brings me joy as a hobby typically loses its luster when it’s called work.

Such is life, I guess.

A few words about the latest updates: The insulation is put in, the front door – although not yet painted – is hung, and we’re finally done with the stucco exterior – a beautiful twilight grey color that will fulfill my modern design dreams when it is paired with contemporary landscaping.

More on contemporary landscaping later, because today’s focus is on the front door.

Chances are, you’ve never given the front door a second thought. Am I right?

Much like kitchen faucets, the front door is one of those design details where function generally takes precedence over fashion.

In the bungalow, however, the front door was one of the few opportunities to preserve the original character of the house, and I planned to do just that with a Craftsman front door.

The terms Craftsman and bungalow are often used interchangeably for the reason that bungalows were most popular during the Arts and Crafts period in America, which spanned approximately from 1900 to 1930.

Known for straight-line design, a typical Craftsman front door has three windows on the top, which are sometimes divided into six parts, and two flat panels on the bottom.

After perusing Craigslist and Southeastern Salvage for months, our hopes of finding a good deal proved fruitless. So one day, while browsing good ol’ Home Depot for a bathtub for the guest bedroom, we discovered the most darling Craftsman front door – for less than $250!

Granted, for that price it came without any sort of bells and whistles, so I’ve been brainstorming ideas on infusing this slab of fiberglass with personality. Wall scones, plants, door handles, welcome mats, and house number plaques are just a few ways to increase curb appeal. As the following mockups indicate, the smallest detail can make a world of difference!

Exterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front DoorExterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front DoorExterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front DoorExterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front DoorExterior Design Concept: Craftsman Front Door

Have you ever given your front door any thought? Do you have any tips you’d like to share on adding character to the front of the house? Which of these color combinations caught your eye? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!







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  3. This was such an interesting post to read! I’m still in college, so I only have my tiny little dorm room to decorate. I can’t wait to have my own home and have my Pinterest boards come to life!


  4. Ah, you are actually the first to choose red! I think my personal favorite would be a cross between orange and red – like a poppy tangerine, but I’m afraid I may get tired of such a bold color rather quickly… We shall see! :)

    • Oh, it’s SO MUCH FUN, but also equally frustrating at times… At the risk of sounding extremely cliche, I have learned so much about myself personally throughout the demo and renovation process. I feel like with any project of such massive size you tend to get acquainted with yourself (and your husband, or whatever the case may be) on a whole other level! :) Thanks so much for reading, Morgan, and for your constant support and encouragement! XO

  5. I love that this allows you to really see a wide variety of options before making your choice! I love all of the bright colors!

    xo Ashley

    • Oh I am totally amazed just how much Photoshop allows me to brainstorm and plan! I’m obsessed with any sort of home decor or house drafting software in general.

      I do love the bold colors myself, but the more that I look at these doors, the more I’m drawn to something more neutral and subdued… I’m thinking either white or charcoal gray will be our final decision, simply because I don’t want to realize six months later just how much I’m tired of the color orange (or whatever the case may be)! :)

    • HGTV is my guilty pleasure; I could watch it for days straight – it’s terribly addicting!

      Thanks so much for your support, Lauren! I’m excited to share the latest additions and hope you’ll stop by the blog and check them out! XO

    • “Excited” doesn’t even begin to describe just how thrilled I am that it’s all finally coming together – and so quickly, too! Thank you for your constant support, Elana! XO

  6. The first two digital design color combos were my favorite! I love following along with your bungalow renovations. I once read that the color of your front door should directly reflect the feel of your family for that year, but painting your door every year sounds a little crazy to me. I have certainly never painted my front door, ever, so I guess I haven’t put a ton of thought in to it.

    • The first two options are also my favorite, but we’re leaning more towards the charcoal gray. Painting the door a new color every year does sound exhausting, considering just how much time I put into every detail! I’m afraid I just may get tired of a bold color, so that’s why we’ll likely choose a neutral color – can never go wrong with that! Thanks so much for your constant support, Tiffani!

    • I’m always saying how I need more yellow in my life; maybe a bright yellow door will do the trick! :) Ironically, after I put these mockups together, I came across an online quiz titled, “Which color should you paint your door?” – and I got yellow! I think it’s a sign…. LOL

    • Oh I am totally amazed just how much Photoshop allows me to brainstorm and plan! I’m obsessed with any sort of home decor or house drafting software in general. Thanks so much for your constant support, Kayleigh! XO

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