Fall 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 5: Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Five seconds into scrolling through my blog or Instagram account, it becomes very obvious that our entire house is shades of black, white and gold. For as long as I can remember, the mere thought of incorporating color into our neutral home paralyzed me with total fear.

Case in point: Once upon a time I attempted to venture out of my colorless comfort zone. Deciding to start small, I bought an emerald quilt set for our master bedroom. Less than a month later (much to my husband’s dismay), I was browsing the Internet in search of a white set.

It’s no secret that neutrals are safe; they’re versatile and classic and don’t require much commitment. But safe can quickly veer into the boring category – which is where I found our decor as of late. Technically, our bungalow renovation was almost complete, but many of the rooms felt unfinished, unintentional – not unlike a blank canvas waiting for an artist to breathe life into it.

After I finally came to terms with the idea that the house may benefit from a bit of color after all, I zeroed in on two pieces of furniture to make over. I chose our dining room credenza and the wicker chest of drawers in the mudroom. Both pieces were slightly off from what I imagined when I first purchased them, and returning either was not an option. The dining room credenza, especially, was a daily eye sore, as it was a buttery, slightly off-white color, while the rest of our dining room and kitchen are white. So instead of replacing the furniture completely (you know, budgets and all that jazz), I chose to give these pieces a second life with some color.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

That brings us to week five of the One Room Challenge. Over the past few weeks, I worked with Rust-Oleum on updating the two items mentioned above. Today, I am finally sharing these furniture makeovers with you.

Clearly, I’ve learned nothing from my first attempt at incorporating color into our home, because I once again chose a moody bluish-green for both pieces of furniture. Considering our existing color palette, it seems like the perfect, most natural fit. Just search “moody blue and gold interior” on Pinterest to see what I mean.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

The color I used is Rust-Oleum’s Universal All Surface Gloss Paint and Primer in One in “deep turquoise.” Let me tell you, unlike my first attempt at color, I am in love with these results.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Over the course of my adult life, I have spray-painted just about anything and everything that could possibly be spray-painted. Lamps, vases, console tables, wine bottles, mirrors, desks, chairs – you name it, and it’s likely fallen victim to my spray-painting obsession.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

A couple benefits of using this specific product from Rust-Oleum include the following:

  1. The glossy finish gives the furniture more of a high-end look, rather than that of an obvious DIY project. Typically, matte finishes are reserved for more farmhouse, cottage chic interiors – which our house is most definitely not.
  2. This particular spray paint works on all surfaces. I was able to use it on the wicker chest of drawers and the wood credenza with equally great results.
  3. The fact that it’s a paint and primer in one product eliminates the major (and, in my opinion, painfully tedious!) step of applying primer. When you’re doing the One Room Challenge with a three-month-old baby, you’ll take all the step eliminations you can get!

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

In case you’ve never attempted spray-painting furniture before, here are a couple things I’ve learned over the years:

  • If you need to fill holes, make sure you allow enough time for the wood filler to dry.
  • Before painting, sand the furniture using fine grain sandpaper. If anyone ever tells you can skip this step, don’t listen to them. Paint adheres better to a sanded surface. After you’ve sanded, use a clean cloth to wipe away the dust.
  • The following piece of advice may come as common sense, but be sure to refer to the product label. Not all spray paint is created equal. There was a time in my life where I spray-painted gold anything and everything within arm’s reach. After trying many other brands, I found Rust-Oleum’s representation of gold to be the most accurate. It’s no surprise that I’ve been loyal to the brand ever since.
  • Be sure you’re working in a well-ventilated area. If you’re spray-painting outside, the weather can affect drying times, so be sure to take that into consideration.
  • Shake each can of spray paint for a full minute or longer before using it. Also, shake the can periodically as you work to ensure even coverage.
  • Before you even think of pointing the can at the furniture, spray it to the side to make sure the paint isn’t dripping at the nozzle.
  • For best results, spray very thin coats and allow them to dry before applying the next one.
  • If you make a mistake, know that it’s not the end of the world. Just wait for that coat to dry, sand the area once again and re-spray it.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Want to incorporate some color into your own neutral space? No need to lose your mind and paint an entire room. Start with a piece of furniture, and see how you feel about it. You’ll be amazed at the difference a bold statement piece makes in a room.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

To keep the piece from feeling out of place, sparingly use the same color throughout your entire house – whether with bigger items like furniture or smaller home decor and accessories (or, ahem, bedding).

And now, behold everyone’s favorite part: GIFs of the before and after.

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers with Rust-Oleum

Well, what do you think of the new look? Are you a fan of furniture makeovers like these, or do you prefer to start fresh with a new piece?

I’d love to hear your spray-painting stories; please share in the comment section, below.

Thank you to Rust-Oleum for kindly sponsoring this post. All writing and opinions are always my own and never influenced by gifted products or any type of compensation. Thanks for supporting the brands that make FOXYOXIE.com possible!

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  1. thanks…..
    now, i think i can do it too…. i was thinking i had to buy an expensive sprayer and that expensive paint after seeing your work…………..
    i will try to see if i can do it on a dime.
    poor girl gets there just the same.. see

  2. Love your choice of color! I have always used Rust-Oleum on my outdoor projects with fabulous results. This spring I plan to spray paint my 5pc white wicker resin patio set. Haven’t chosen a color yet but I definitely know which brand…

  3. I’m like you (or rather, like past-you) in that adding a bunch of color scares me. Black and gray, all the way. But these pieces look amazing! Loved the finished product.

  4. Beautiful, and on a totally unrelated — tell me about your record player? My daughter has a smaller Crosley version, and the sound is a little tin-ny sounding. What has been your experience with yours? BTW the teal paired with the tan/leather is a great combination.

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