Fireplace Makeover: Painting the Brick Fireplace White

We have finally gotten around to tackling the eyesore that is our fireplace. Progress is being made as we speak! 

Here it is in all of its "BEFORE" glory. Quite a charmer, no? The pile of decaying leaves really adds a certain something to the space.

Fireplace Makeover: I Need Your Thoughts

As soon as we took down the separation wall to create an open concept living space – with the living room in the front and the dining room behind the brick – the fireplace immediately rose to the top of the list of my favorite features in the house. 

Fireplace Makeover: Painting the Brick Fireplace White

Remember the list of fireplace ideas I compiled nearly a year ago? It's been a huge inspiration in helping me decide what I want to do with the fireplace, and I'm excited to report that we've decided to paint it white!

After seeing our master bathroom (white tile galore) and hearing about my most-recent decision to re-paint the whole house white, few people are surprised that the fireplace will also be painted white. My fondness of the color – or rather, lack thereof – has become a running joke with anyone and everyone that helps out at the house.

"What did you guys decide to do to the ___?" Don't bother asking; we're painting it white. 

Before you interject with, "But it's brick!" feast your eyes on what served as the inspiration behind our decision. 

Before we can do that, however, we're having a professional build out some of the brick, because, for starters, the hearth depth is not up to code. And while the thicker on the bottom, thinner at the top look is all shabby chic and SO retro, I personally prefer straight lines, so that part will be built out as well.

I've put together a few Photoshop renderings to give you an idea of what I have in mind. At first, we weren't sure about the mantel – whether to built it into the brick or attach a floating option – but we have since decided on a built-in one.

Fireplace Makeover: Painting the Brick Fireplace Whitefireplace option 2fireplace option 3fireplace option 4fireplace option 5

Options 2 and 4 felt a bit awkward and disproportionate. Option 3 was way too busy for my tastes, and Option 5, although right in line with my contemporary preferences, felt a bit too stark. 

The first option had enough traditional elements, like the layout of the brick along with the built in mantel, to not feel completely out of place in a 1930 bungalow. We are going with option 1, and I can't wait to share the end results with you! 

What do you think? Which mockup is your favorite?

That's all for today, folks: A short and sweet update on the #StrelkovBungalow remodel – because my husband tells me I write WAY TOO MUCH in each post, ha!

I’ll be back oh-so-soon with more updates from the magical world of bungalow renovations, and in the meantime, please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us to make lots of progress over the next few weeks so we can (hopefully) move in some time towards the end of July, although it’s looking more like August at this point. Paying rent on top of a mortgage on top of a full-house remodel is quickly catching up. 

Speaking of catching up, to see what we’ve renovated so far, you can browse the full “Our Bungalow Renovation” series. If you have any questions about anything mentioned on the blog, feel free to ask. I know first-hand how nice it is to hear real-life experiences from fellow DIYers. 



  1. Hello, so glad to have found you! I’m pending on a cottage now and want to paint the fireplace white – how I found you ;) Maybe I missed it somewhere but could you tell me which paint you used? Color, manufacturer, etc.?

    Thank you, your blog makes it feel less daunting and doable for me!!!
    ~ Jean

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  4. Oh wow what an amazing difference that makes! It looks awesome – I’m loving following your renos on snapchat, your place is looking so fabulous

  5. I’m weirdly obsessed with following your home renovations haha. I love all of the photo inspiration you’ve chosen! You need to come decorate my new apartment!

    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  6. This is one of my favorite ideas!! If I had a brick fireplace it would totally be white! I love option 4!

    xo Ashley

  7. Too funny, everyone always comments about that Fixer Upper episode, and I know exactly which one you’re referring to! It was a couple from Nashville who owned a coffee shop…

    Which version of the fireplace are you calling beautiful, though? Surely not its current stage! Haha

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