Freestanding Tubs Smaller Than 55 Inches: Roundup

Freestanding Tubs Smaller Than 55 Inches Roundup

Our latest purchase for the Sunrise Remodel is a freestanding tub for the master bathroom! I’m so excited to get back into my nightly routine of baths – you have no idea…

Any other bath lovers out there?

The most common sizes for freestanding tubs are 60″ and 55″. The first is the most universally appealing; the latter is generally preferred by remodelers with smaller bathrooms. Overall, freestanding tubs range in length from 45 to 72 inches; some are just harder to find than others.

The master bathroom at our Sunrise Farm project required a tub of a very specific size: under 55 inches. I spent hours (and hours) browsing the internet for freestanding tubs smaller than 55 inches, and it occurred to me that surely there are others like me, searching and finding very little. Why is there no quick resource for something like that? My Google search came up short, so my only option was to peruse site after site, narrowing my search by size and comparing the extremely limited results.

If you’re reading this post, chances are high that you’ve been searching for a freestanding tub smaller than 55 inches; I’m about to save you hours (and hours) of time. You’re welcome.

Freestanding Tubs Smaller Than 55 Inches Roundup

Freestanding Tubs Smaller Than 55 Inches

  1. Walmart, 54″ – $579.00 – This tub is nearly identical to the one we purchased for the master bathroom at the Sunrise Farm. Unfortunately, the one we bought at Home Depot is currently sold out.
  2. Lowe’s, 53.9″ – $679.00 – This one is identical to the one we bought, except slightly more expensive.
  3. Wayfair, 41″ – $1,459.99 – I love the idea of round tubs, especially in more modern spaces.
  4. Wayfair, 47″ – $765.00 – This particular tub is finished on all four sides, meaning you could place it in the center of a bathroom (if you have the space).
  5. Wayfair, 47″ – $1,159.99 – The contemporary design and defined lines of this tub will complement any bathroom decor.
  6. Wayfair, 54″ – $917.22 – The curvature of this roll-top style tub claims to provide more comfortable seating.
  7. Wayfair, 53″ – $1,572.35 – Highly acclaimed for its clean and contemporary yet minimalist shape, this tub will become the focal point of your bathroom.
  8. Overstock, 53″ – $1,336.64 – This tub has slightly less of a curve than option 6 and is one inch smaller. I’m finding that the smaller the tub size, the harder it is to find, the more expensive it often is.
  9. Wayfair, 42″ – $3,042.00 – This curvaceous Japanese-styled deep soaking tub is very unique, hence the price tag. With a spacious round interior and internal seat, it is approximately 10 inches deeper than the standard freestanding tub.
  10. Home Depot, 54″ – $699.00 – One of my favorite features of this one is the fact that it’s ergonomically designed, providing the most comfortable bathing experience.
  11. Home Depot, 53.9″ – $599.00 – The curved back and perfect soaking depth ensures a comfortable bathing experience with this option.
  12. Wayfair, 51″ – $1,449.99 – The geometric design of this option will fit perfectly in a more contemporary space.
  13. Amazon, 51″ – $2,119.00 Covered under Signature Hardware’s 25-year limited warranty, this round tub has a very unique design.
  14. Amazon, 47″ – $969.99 – This tub is a classic shape that is approximately 7 inches smaller than what we needed.
  15. Home Depot, 53″ – $899.00  – Comes with a tub filler, this is a great package deal if your bathroom finish is chrome.

Freestanding Tubs Smaller Than 55 Inches Roundup

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