Friday Favorites: June 24

Friday Favorites: June 24

Friday Favorites is a series where we share small, seemingly mundane moments from the past week – little details, often overlooked, that comprise this thing we call life.

Renovating and decorating is peculiar business; one minute you’re obsessing over which brass cabinet knobs to purchase for your new kitchen, and the next you’re contemplating the superficiality and materialism of it all. But, as they say, I’ve made my bed, and now I have to lie in it – or something like that.

Basically what I’m saying – and what I’m constantly reminding myself of these days – is that there is a time and a season for everything under the sun, and each season does not pass until it has taught you its grand life lesson.

Whoa, that got deep for a minute, right? I’m feeling all sorts of disoriented today – possibly from my complete lack of sleep for the past, oh, eleven months? – so please excuse my ramblings.

Speaking of brass cabinet knobs, I ordered a sample of the Artesia Hardware Collection from Home Depot to see whether “Sedona Bronze” actually means “brass” – I’m hoping that it does, because those are some nice and modern knobs! Plus, the price doesn’t even compare to the $30 per knob at Buster and Punch. I realize hardware makes a huge difference in the kitchen design, but $30 per knob? I’d need to take on a third job just to pay for the kitchen cabinet hardware! (But it is so, so beautiful… Le sigh…)

Speaking of the kitchen (look at me making smooth transitions like a boss), have you been following our renovating progress on Snapchat? I sincerely apologize for the number of times you’ve had to see my makeup-less and exhausted face (talk about behind the scenes, right?) or the fact that I document each and every drawer installation (hey, they’re soft-closing, which is pretty fancy in my book, okay?). Hopefully once we’re done with the kitchen, I’ll have more exciting videos to capture and keep your attention, like the DIY stenciled mirror project I’ve been telling you about (insert praise hands emoji).

If you do follow FOXY OXIE on Snapchat, then you’ve likely seen my latest design screw-up: I forgot to order three of the kitchen wall cabinets. I ordered all the additions, the doors, the hinges – but no cabinets. Yup, “moronic” is a pretty accurate description of how I feel right about now. But in my defense, I’ve never designed, ordered, assembled or installed a kitchen before, okay? So given the circumstances, I’d say I’m doing pretty good.

Thanks to my major screw-up, we’ll be making a trip down to IKEA tomorrow (also we’ll be picking up some of my family from the airport, but let’s keep our priorities straight, okay?).

Can’t help but share a win, as well. I had been on the hunt for these brass mirrors from Target, but every store within a 200-mile radius was sold out. So when my friends went on vacation down to Florida, I had THE MOST GENIUS IDEA EVER. I checked the Daytona Target, and lo and behold, 2 brass mirrors were waiting for me to bring them home and love them forever. Am I a little selfish for imposing my decor needs on my friends’ vacation? Maybe… But you guys, you’ve got no idea how long I’ve been looking for round brass mirrors for our master bathroom that aren’t $300 a piece. Major win!

So along with tons of brass knobs, I’ve been pinning outdoor living spaces like a madwoman. The idea of one day soon building a custom deck right outside the French doors in our dining room fills me with so much excitement. Then I saw Julia’s recent deck addition on Chris Loves Julia, which, of course, sent me on my most recent pinning spree. How gorgeous is her outdoor living space?! Also check out the insane 6-day kitchen makeover she and her husband recently finished. Hey Julia, I have a new project for you: MY KITCHEN. When can you start?

And speaking of transformations, have you ever considered DIY-ing the tile in your bathroom? I recently shared two guides I’ve been working on with Wayfair – one for tiling the bathroom floors and the other for tiling the shower. Have you had a chance to check them out yet?

Okay, that’s enough rambling for one day. Tell me about your week! What are you doing, searching for, thinking about, and obsessing over these days? Please share in the comments section, below.

I hope your weekend is lovely and productive and restful (those are some high expectations for just two days, am I right?).

Image via Buster and Punch



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  3. I think the knobs you found were a great subsitute. I understand the pain of finding the ridiculous but pretty fixtures. We are working on the lighting right now and have a paint-a-thon scheduled for the rest of the week. Kitchen reno is so desperately needed but we are settling for new appliances. Jealous of your new cabinets. Can’t wait to see how they look when done!

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