Friday Freebies: “Collect Moments Not Things” Free Wallpaper Download

 Collect Moments Not Things Free Calligraphy Wallpaper Downloads | FOXY OXIE FRIDAY FREEBIES

"Collect Moments Not Things" is a hand lettered wallpaper, perfect for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or any mobile device! Download yours for FREE! 

Contrary to popular belief, I am not an expert on many topics.

(Cue eye roll). 

But I do know a lot of things about a lot of things.

Seriously, if you are ever on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and need to phone a friend – I'm your gal. I may not remember which day it is or the directions to my favorite coffee shop (the one I frequent on a weekly basis), but should you need a pointless piece of trivia – look no further.

Here's something you may find interesting: Did you know that on average, a person looks at his or her phone more than 1500 times per week? Unless I'm simply horrible at math (which wouldn't surprise me one bit, seeing how that is my husband's cup of tea – not mine), 1500 times per week comes out to be nearly 215 times per day! 

Let's switch gears for a minute. (I promise there is a method to this madness.)

One of my many, many resolutions this year is to improve my hand-lettering skills, and in addition to the #FOXYOXIEloveletters, I'll be taking up another personal project called FOXY OXIE Friday Freebies, in which I will hand letter a series of motivational quotes and make them available to you as FREE wallpaper downloads for your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices!

Are you seeing the connection? My hope is that in addition to fulfilling my own resolution, this project will also motivate you to fulfill yours too – with a gentle reminder 215 times a day. 


Today's mantra is "Collect Moments Not Things." Snap a photo of how you dress up your technology with FOXY OXIE wallpaper, and share it on Instagram along with the hashtag #FOXYOXIE! I will be re-posting my favorite shots on my own Instagram profile, as well as right here on the blog

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