Gray Kitchen Backsplash Tile Under $10

Gray Kitchen Backsplash Tile Under $10: A Roundup

Remodeling your kitchen? I’m sharing my favorite gray kitchen backsplash tile options under $10, along with some personal stories!

The other day an Instagram follower asked if I had gray kitchen backsplash tile recommendations that would look good with Luna Pearl granite.

Luna Pearl is the granite we installed at our Edgmon Ranch project, seen above. This reminder sent me on a walk down memory lane, and I’d like to share some of those memories with you.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Edgmon Ranch was a property that we renovated in 2019 and sold in 2020. It had the most beautiful landscaping – dozens of peony bushes, lilacs, tulips, cherry blossom trees, fig trees, several Muscadine grapevines winding on an arbor, many varieties of roses, hydrangeas, lilies, pink magnolias, and so much more!

Every time I would go for a site visit, I’d bring home a massive bouquet of fresh blooms. I photographed styled shoots underneath those cherry blossom trees, taught the girls many botanical lessons in that flower garden, and picked lots of sweet fruits in the 10 months it took us to transform and sell that house. With the world being in a very strange and confusing place at the start of 2020, that flower garden became the most life-giving and therapeutic distraction. The house was about a 25-minute drive from where we lived at the time, but some days we’d drive out there with the girls for no other reason than to pick flowers.

One day we collected almost three dozen peonies! As we were getting ready to head home, our then-two-year-old had a better idea: “Take flowers to grandma?” she asked – and my heart had never been more proud of this sweet and selfless child. So we spent half the day driving around town and delivering small bouquets of peonies to her little friends and favorite people.

Not every day is bright and cheery – but that day? That day will go down in my memory as a really, really good one.

The Edgmon Ranch was purchased by an older couple who were relocating. The wife was terribly missing her garden from their previous home, so imagine her immense joy to discover the grounds at the Edgmon Ranch!

A Deeper Lesson

There’s a deeper lesson here somewhere, I’m sure. Something about making the most with what you have in front of you, perhaps. A quote by William Morris, a British poet, comes to mind, “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life – and elevating them into art.” The end of a renovation is always bittersweet for me, and the end of the Edgmon Ranch was especially so. But I always like to remind myself that the end of one thing is only the beginning of something else. And isn’t it exciting to discover what that something else might be?!

Anyway, thanks for indulging my sentimentality today.

Back to the topic at hand, I’ve put together a roundup of some favorite gray kitchen backsplash tile options that are under $10 per square foot. Options 1, 5, and 9 all look like variations of the ever-popular designer “Cle” tile from Zellige. Under $10 per square foot, those would definitely my top choices.

I always recommend ordering samples to make sure the tile fits your overall kitchen style and color palette. Photos online can sometimes be deceiving – but isn’t that life, in general?

Roundup: Gray Kitchen Backsplash Tile Under $10


  1. Amagansett 4″ x 4″ Straight Edge Ceramic Singular Tile, Wayfair
  2. Premium 2″ x 6″ Straight Edge Glass Mosaic Subway Tile, Wayfair
  3. Saloni 3″ x 12″ Ceramic Subway Tile, Wayfair
  4. Domino Random Sized Porcelain Mosaic Tile, Wayfair
  5. Gray 2″ x 10″ Polished Ceramic Subway Wall Tile, Home Depot
  6. Mirabella 3″ x 4″ Glass/Natural Stone/Ceramic Grid Mosaic Tile, Wayfair
  7. Russell 4″ x 12″ Porcelain Singular Subway Wall & Floor Tile, Wayfair
  8. Bianca 2″ x 4″ Glass/Ceramic/Natural Stone Grid Mosaic Wall Tile, Wayfair
  9. Amagansett Fog 2″ x 8″ Satin Ceramic Wall Tile, Home Depot
  10. Lifeproof Carrara 10″ x 12″ Ceramic Hexagon Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile, Home Depot
  11. Classique White Carrara 4″ x 16″ Ceramic Marble Look Subway Wall Tile, Wayfair
  12. Daltile Restore 3″ x 6″ Glazed Ceramic Ash Gray Subway Tile, Home Depot
  13. Color Beat 4″ x 8″ Ceramic Subway Tile, Wayfair
  14. CC Mosaics Beveled Porcelain Mosaic Tile, Wayfair
  15. Jeffrey Court Gris Rustico 3″ x 6″ Glossy Textured Ceramic Wall Tile, Home Depot

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