Greenfield Remodel “Before” Tour

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Hello, hello and welcome to the “before” tour of our latest project, the Greenfield Remodel!

When I shared our big news after closing on Friday, I realized that just last October we bought the Edgmon Ranch. Here I am, exactly a year later, introducing you to a new house.

Are you excited?! Because I’m excited!

The Greenfield Remodel is going to be much bigger than anything we’ve renovated before. Just under 2300 square feet, this house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, an office, a formal dining room, a large master ensuite, a double car garage, a partially fenced, level yard, a deck…the list just keeps going and going! We’ll get to all the details later, but suffice it to say there’s a lot to renovate!

What really sealed the deal for us, though, was the location. The Greenfield Remodel is located in an established, high-end neighborhood on a quiet and beautiful cul-de-sac with sidewalks and mature oak trees lining the street. It’s such a dreamy setting, especially in the fall! Even better is that it’s right in the heart of town, with very close proximity to necessary amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, freeway access, great schools, coffee bars, etc.

But enough chit chat; I know you’re here for the photos! (I’m looking at you, Dina…)

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Directly to the left of the entryway is the formal dining room. Let’s start there.

The extra tall windows are so nice! But remember those mature oak trees I mentioned earlier? There’s one directly in front of the house, blocking some of the glorious natural light that could be filling the dining room.

I love the fact that most of the house has crown molding; it adds so much elegance to the space. I’m really looking forward to incorporating more traditional decor – something that doesn’t come as naturally to me. It’ll be a fun challenge to design a more sophisticated space.

Speaking of decor, I’m afraid our current dining table will be too big for this space. Instead, I’m picturing a round dining table, a statement chandelier, possibly a ceiling medallion (do I need a ceiling medallion?), black and white wallpaper (a soft floral or maybe a fun, geometric pattern). Maybe I’ll even fit a small buffet table in the corner somewhere with a beautiful mirror above it.

Time to go thrifting, ha!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Through a doorway is the kitchen – the most challenging of spaces in the entire house.

The current layout is not the most efficient use of space, and as much as I dread having to demo walls and move plumbing, electrical, etc. I’m afraid there’s no other option here. It’s far too small and closed off to appeal to today’s buyers.

Maybe you remember, we only recently toured this house and I shared the tour on Insta (saved in my “House Hunting” highlights). At that time, a lot of you said this kitchen might be fine if we just did more simple cosmetic updates (paint cabinets, new countertops, new flooring, appliances, fresh paint, etc.) But the more I consider our options, the more I’m convinced that for a house this size, the kitchen should be bigger and more grand.

Do you agree?

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

I have a couple ideas for reconfiguring the layout, but I need to double-check on load-bearing walls. If the wall separating the kitchen from the living room is a load-bearing wall, then we may have to consider a galley kitchen. Not my favorite layout, but I’ve seen it done quite well, so there’s hope!

Either way, the cabinets along the wall where the fridge currently stands need to be extended, because that left corner is lacking functionality. I’m hoping we can move the garage doors to where the pantry door currently is, and extend the kitchen cabinets almost to the bay windows.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

If we do end up demoing the wall seen below, that’ll do so much to open up the space and make it feel bigger, lighter, more intentional. Essentially, we’d have cabinets running along the entire back wall and a large island with a sink and seating extending into the living area.

I’m also considering adding a built-in bench along the bay windows for extra storage, but we shall see if we have the necessary clearance around the door to the garage.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of bay windows, but adding the built-in bench will make that area feel a little more intentional rather than an after-thought.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

You can’t deny some of the charming details here, though – like that dish rack above the sink, and the glass cabinets flanking it, and the paneling on the peninsula.

What would you do: Make cosmetic changes or demo and re-build? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Keep in mind that this is a fix-and-flip property, so ROI is a big factor to consider.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Next to the kitchen is the living room. For now though let’s take another right, and make our way back towards the entryway.

Directly to the right of the front door, through the French doors, will be my office. I’m considering painting the doors black – possibly even all interior doors! I’d love to add some floating shelves spanning the back wall, a la Chris Loves Julia’s “reading room”

Are you a fan of black interior doors? Black paint is a low-cost, high-impact way to update a space – but I also understand the appeal of classic white doors.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Back out into the hallway, let’s make our way to the living room. But first, a quick stop in the guest powder room.

It is small but efficient. I love the idea of using a fun wallpaper in a hall bathroom, or maybe even a dark paint. I’d love one of those vintage pedestal sinks, with the chrome legs and towel rod, but I’ll probably just end up keeping the current pedestal sink. With the right sconce and mirror, the scalloped shape could be really fun!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Moving on to the living room, we have a fireplace flanked by a window on one side and a door leading onto the deck on the other. I’m sure the builders were striving for symmetry here, but oh I wish they placed the exterior door elsewhere – like maybe where the bay window is! I mean, how am I supposed to hang curtains now?! Hang them just on the window? Forget them altogether? So many decisions to make…

The brown carpet will be the first to go – maybe even as soon as this Wednesday! The fan will get replaced by a beautiful statement lighting fixture. (Sorry, not sorry to all fans of fans, ha!) I’m also wanting to update the tile on the fireplace, but I’m thinking I’ll just paint it black for starters.

Speaking of paint, any guesses what color I’m going with? Here’s a hint: The entire house will be the same color – for now.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

The wall next to the stairs would be a cool spot for a credenza and a gallery wall.

Speaking of stairs: The carpet will be replaced by hardwood treads – possibly painted black. Thinking to paint the handrails and newel post black too, but I’m also afraid of overdoing it with the drama. The balusters are in great condition, so the smart thing to do would be to keep them. But I recently found the prettiest modern, black metal balusters – and you know how much I love combining traditional and modern elements!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Let’s take a 360-degree view of the living room, while we’re here. Here’s another view of the wall that I really, really want to tear down. Can’t you just imagine how much more open and cohesive the two rooms will feel when there’s no wall dividing them? If we run hardwood floors throughout the entire area, that’ll be even better.

The pony wall, especially, is such an eyesore. Judging by the crack in the drywall, it must’ve been a later addition. I’ve never understood why builders put kitchen seating like an island or peninsula right next to a breakfast nook. It seems so excessive and unnecessary!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Onto the second floor we go…

I like that the stairs are broken up into two sections, with a landing in the middle. I prefer one-level houses, but if I have to deal with stairs on a daily basis then these are not too bad.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Immediately to the left of the second landing is the first bedroom.

The size isn’t too big, but the massive window more than makes up for that. Plus, there’s a huge closet, too. Just imagine it with fresh paint and fresh carpet, and a new lighting fixture.

At this time we’re leaning towards carpet in the 3 kids’ bedrooms because we’re already having to add so much hardwood on the first floor. We’ll see…

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Continuing away from the stairs, let’s go into the second bedroom. It’s very similar to the first, down to the paint color choice. Again, that natural light is great.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Back out in the hallway, let’s cross over to the kids’ bathroom.

It’s very basic, with builder-grade finishes. It definitely needs work, but it’s a good size.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Back in the hallway, turn to the right, pass a small linen closet, and you’ll enter the master bedroom.

It’s such a good size, with lots of natural light and an interesting tray ceiling detail. This is the only room in the house that has higher-than-standard ceiling, so you already know I’ll be replacing that fan with a beautiful chandelier.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

The carpet here looks new, but I’m hoping we can install hardwood floors instead. Carpet in the master bedroom is not ideal – especially this terrible shade of brown.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Now, we’re in the master bathroom. More basic, builder-grade finishes here – lots of room for improvement. The layout reminds me of the master bathroom in our bungalow – just wider, which is a plus.

This space will be a complete gut job. From the tile to the tub to the vanity, every single element will get an upgrade.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

The master closet is a really nice size. It’s the epitome of a walk-in closet. I’m dreaming of custom built-ins to really elevate this space and make it feel luxurious.

Our bungalow had a similar master ensuite layout, where the closet had to be accessed through the bathroom. When we first reconfigured the bungalow floorplan, I remember thinking it’d be a nuisance, but this setup quickly grew on me. It’s really convenient and efficient.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

I would really like to change out that privacy window above the tub. It’s such a dated look, but I’m not sure if a new window is really in the budget when there’s technically nothing wrong with this one.

I’m also picturing a free-standing tub (already found one), with a beautiful fixture over the tub – similar to what we did in the Edgmon Ranch master bathroom.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Back in the hall, directly across the master bedroom door is this alcove. I’m on the hunt for a beautiful chandelier to replace this basic one. We’ll get rid of that cafe curtain, paint everything, update the balusters, and this area will be really bright and beautiful. I can picture it already!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Then, to the right of the master bedroom is a long hallway that lead to the bonus room. The double doors on the right is the laundry closet. I really like having the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms – super convenient!

The next door on the right is a big linen closet – can never have too many of those!

Greenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

Last but not least is the bonus room, or the 4th bedroom. We’ll probably use it as a play room, but really it’s big enough to serve as the girls’ bedroom and play area.

Again, lots of windows and natural light here and a good-size closet. This room is right over the garage, hence the slanted ceilings on one side. But even with the slanted ceilings, it feels so big. Essentially, it could function as multi-use room – like an office area and a guest bedroom, or a workout room and a guest bedroom.

Greenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" TourGreenfield Remodel "Before" Tour

If you’re still here, thanks for making it to the end of the post and suffering through my iPhone photos! It’s been raining all weekend, so getting good photos was a challenge.

I’m planning to do a video tour on Insta later today or tomorrow, so check there if you want to get a better feel for how the rooms flow together. I also talk a lot about some preliminary design plans, so be sure to tune in!

I can’t even express how excited I am about this new project! We start tearing out carpets on Wednesday! Of course I’ll share every little bit with you along the way; subscribe and follow along on Insta.

So, what do you think? What room transformations are you most excited to see? Any specific questions you’d like answered or projects you’d like to see in future posts?


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