Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

Continuing sharing our plans for the Greystone House, today we’re looking at the downstairs bathroom design. I contemplated calling it the basement bathroom, but the basement is technically just the lower level, since it’s above the ground and has lots of natural light. So, I’ll refer to it as the downstairs bathroom, since it doesn’t feel like that typical dark basement bathroom.

Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

Before we get to the pretty details, let’s have a quick look at how the downstairs bathroom looked when we bought the Greystone House. The most obvious issue was that the bathroom had two doors – one from the main lounge area and another from a guest bedroom. This left much of the wall space in the bathroom as well as the guest bedroom unusable. Another problem was the outdated diagonal shower stall, which was not even installed properly. The mismatched tile was another glaring issue; not even sure what happened there, but my guess is that it was an inexperienced DIY project.

None of the aforementioned issues, however, are as obvious as that paint color. I’ve never met a lime-green room that made me go, “Oh, now that’s beautiful!” Have you? If so, I would seriously love to see it. Less offensive but still jarring details that had to go: the outdated lighting, the builder-grade vanity and matching mirror.

Now, for some major pluses in this room: the natural light and large size, both of which are so impressive that I would be doing this space a major disservice by not maximizing its potential.

Much like the guest bathroom upstairs, my plans for this space were minimal at first. Aren’t they always, ha! On our initial walk-through, we figured we’d keep the corner shower insert and just change out the cosmetic components – new sink and vanity cabinet, new toilet, new floors, new mirror, new lights. Long story short, it turned into a bigger project than we originally planned.

The more I thought about there functionality of the downstairs space and how it could be used, the more I couldn’t shake the thought that we had to move some walls around. You can imagine how thrilled the husband was to hear this, ha! But really, having the two doors in the bathroom was not a smart choice. I understand the intention behind that decision, but the execution left much to be desired. Closing up one of the doors would free up wall space in the guest bedroom, and it would allow us to install a full-size bathtub in the bathroom, along with a little shelving unit for storage – appropriate for what will essentially function as a bathroom for overnight guests.

The style of the downstairs bathroom will very much be in line with the other bathrooms; there’s the neutral color palette, classic finishes like white subway tile, patterned tile floors, brass touches. If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you know this is that signature FOXY OXIE aesthetic for all properties we renovate.

Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

Perhaps a bit random, but I’m abnormally excited about installing a cute little cafe curtain with a brass cafe rod in the window above the toilet – which, if you know me, is a statement I never thought I’d make. I previously thought cafe curtains were the epitome of grandma chic – an aesthetic I cannot relate with. But I stand corrected. Cafe curtains are classic and quite versatile, and I formally apologize for not seeing their full potential.

I cannot imagine any other window treatment here. The cafe curtain with a brass rod and possibly brass rings will add another old-world, charming element to the space. It’ll tie in nicely with the patterned floors and subway tile for that modern European look.

Let’s talk about budgeting. Because we splurged for a custom tiled shower and tub here and opted to hire out the labor, we had to save elsewhere. The vanity cabinet, sconces, and toilet are all extremely affordable, allowing us to allocate those funds towards the shower.

I was hoping to find a vintage mirror to complete this modern European design, but the caveat is that there is only approximately 22 inches between the two sconces, so the mirror would have to be no wider than 18-20 inches. That really limited my options, so I found this ornate black one that I absolutely love in this space.

I’ve mentioned it several times before, but I’ll say it again. One of the most high-impact changes you can make to a bathroom is to upgrade the mirror. It drastically changes the overall feel of the space, and to further illustrate this point I’ve included a lineup of mock-ups using different mirrors. See how the mirror changes the feel of the space?! Which option do you like?


For the record, Home Depot is currently running a great 25% off promotion on lots of mirrors, among other home decor items! Below are some of my favorites.

Check out a couple sneak peeks of the downstairs bathroom progress, below.

Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design PlanGreystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

In case you missed a link to something you liked within the article, I’ve rounded up all of them below.

Greystone Downstairs Bathroom Design Plan

Vanity Cabinet | Patterned Floor Tile | Subway Shower Tile | Bullnose Tile Trim | Jolly Tile Trim | Apron-Front Bathtub | Ornate Black Mirror | Brass Wall Sconces | Victorian Brass Showerhead | Shower and Tub Faucet with Cross Handles | Tub Drain Trim Kit | Victorian Brass Centerset Bathroom Faucet | Cafe Curtain | Paint Color: “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore

So, what do you think?

Do you have any questions for me? I’m always happy to address them in the comment section, below. So excited to share more of both, the Greystone House and the Greenfield Remodel. Be sure you’re following FOXY OXIE on Instagram for daily renovating progress, and sign up for the newsletter to be the first notified when new updates are published!

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