Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom

Stopping by real quick this morning to ask for your help.

Remember that electrical box dilemma above the dresser in our bedroom? Well, good news: I finally found art large enough to cover that eyesore!

My issue? I can’t decide which piece I like better. Won’t you help me decide?

To review, here’s the space in question.

Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom

Now, below are the three options I’m considering.

The “Lost in the Fog” photograph is what I’d typically be drawn to – simple lines, moody tones – perfect for the bedroom. However, I can’t help but wonder if this is my chance to add some color to the space. Should I go with something more safe like the “Aurum Sand No. 3” or something more dramatic like “Pamela?”

While I adore all three options, I know that I’ll never tire of “Lost in the Fog.” With the other two, I’m afraid a couple weeks down the road my OCD will kick in, and I won’t be able to handle the abstract lines.

What do I choose?

I guess it would be helpful if I showed you what I’m talking about… Feast your eyes on the goodness below.

Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom

See what I mean? All so beautiful, but so incredibly different… Will you help me choose?

I’m including a a previously-published photo of our bedroom to give you a better idea of the overall color scheme and style (although some elements, like the bedding and lack of wall art, will soon change). You can see more photos of the space in a previous post, titled “Simple Pleasures: Saturday Mornings and Coffee in Bed.”

Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom

So, which piece of art would you choose?

Help Me Choose Art for Our Bedroom

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  1. I’m a sucker for gold so I think the first option is my favorite!! So happy that you found a piece that is big enough to cover that space!

  2. Option 1 without a doubt is not only a beautiful picture but will tie your entire room together. It is soothing – perfect for your gorgeous bedroom! All the best with this.

  3. Option three would be my choice but bedroom art should be a bit more soothing to the eye, so option one with gold. I think options one or three would go with the modern aesthetic better than the (gorgeous) option two.

    I am dealing with the same thing in our apartment that we had just renovated to a totally New York contemporary style. We will be only using original art for the apartment. Original paintings for one of our rooms and my artistic slightly “weird” photos and travel shots for others, including bathrooms. So I am dealing with the same problem where one photo could look great in different rooms, so have to think and re-think and feel torn:)

  4. Lost in the Fog is definitely what I would choose! But I think Pamela would go nice with the gray dresser as well. I’d probably choose Lost in the Fog so that I could change my duvet cover to something colorful or festive or different whenever I wanted without clashing with the rest of the room! :)

    • Funny that you mention the duvet – because I do have plans to change it very soon – to white, ha! So not very colorful or festive, unfortunately… I always tell myself that I should go neutral with “X” so that I can introduce more color with “Y” – but it never happens. Everything ends up either white, black or gray. :)

    • Melisha! So glad I have people like you to talk sense into me… I don’t know why I questioned myself in the first place. Happy to report that I placed the order this morning – can’t wait to see it in real life!

    • You are so, so right, Ann! Good thing I have you guys to talk sense into me… Happy to report I placed the order this morning – can’t wait to show you all how it turns out!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion! XO

    • Maybe one day I’ll be able to get over my OCD and go for abstract paintings… but for now, I’m playing it safe with something tried & true. :) Thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts – I so appreciate it! XO

  5. If you’re drawn to Lost in The Fog, you should definitely go with that one! The other two are beautiful, but they’re obviously not your favorite! Beautiful bedroom, by the way!

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