Home Renovation Progress Report: Bungalow Stucco Exterior

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

Before I chose design as a career, I very seriously considered becoming a psychologist – a fact that, if you’re a regular reader of FOXY OXIE, is probably quite evident in nearly every post.

I can get pretty anal analytical about details.

I even took a few psychology classes in college, but that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when I began studying abnormal psychology and reading up on the various psychological disorders out there – only to realize I may just have a few.

Case in point: The other day I found myself researching OCD behaviors to once and for all settle the question of whether or not I have obsessive compulsive disorder.

I know – the Internet can be so handy sometimes, right?

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

Why the candid confession, you ask?

Well, you see, I’ve been wanting to share the progress on the bungalow stucco exterior for quite a while – nearly three weeks, to be exact – but every time I stopped by the house to take some photos of the updates, I would try one angle and another – to no avail. All that unfinished business around the house exterior drove me and my OCD-ladden brain bonkers.

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

So today – more than anything else – is an exercise in kicking OCD in the butt.

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior 6

Behold, the renovated exterior! Just a few painting touch-ups left to complete around the windows and door frames, but other than that, the stucco is finished – and boy, does it look fantastic, wouldn’t you agree?

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

That twilight gray – literally the exact name of the color – is oh-so-dreamy. I just picture all of the contemporary landscaping I plan to do around the yard, and the mere thought of succulent gardens, concrete walkways and gorgeous pergolas makes my heart flutter.

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

Do you remember what this house used to look like?


Well, here it is, in all of its “BEFORE” glory, when we first “fell in love” with it. It was quite the charmer, no?

Home Renovation Progress Report

And here it is after we cleared away the poison ivy that had staked claim on the front yard.

Home Renovation Progress Report: Floor Plan Redesign

I know – “disgusting” doesn’t even begin to describe it, which is why these progress photos are all the more satisfying.

Here it is in the beginning stages of the stucco installation, all eager and full of potential.

Home Renovation Progress Report: Floor Plan Redesign

And voila, the end results:

Home Renovation Progress Report- Bungalow Stucco Exterior

I want to end today’s post with the following slightly unrelated, two-part question: 1) Do any of you deal with OCD? And what do you think about our new stucco exterior?



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  5. Thanks Kristine! Paint is definitely a miracle-worker! Do you have any paint-related home improvement projects in the works for spring? I ask because I’m working with an international paint company on a painting post and will be giving away FREE PAINT to one of my readers in a soon-to-come post! Stay tuned! XO

  6. Oh my stars!!! What a transformation!! I love the color. I cannot wait to see what it looks like once the landscaping and final touches are done. Thank you so much for sharing all of this and “kicking your OCD in the butt” for us!

  7. Oh my goodness, wow! Your house has come a long way :) You should be so proud of the progress!

    I also struggle with OCD. It can make blogging so difficult. Good for you for doing a post that puts you outside of your comfort zone!

    • Oh, I am definitely proud of the progress – just have a difficult time moving past details that aren’t “just so.” Thank you for your sweet words, and I hope you found the drastic transformation encouraging in your own journey to reach your goals and big, wild dreams! XO

  8. I love love love following along with the progress on your bungalow! And, I think those are all great shots of the house, but I can totally understand wanting to have something just the way you like it! I can’t wait to see what comes next with your precious bungalow!

    • Aww, thank you SO MUCH, Tiffani! Your encouraging words mean so much to me! Unfortunately it’s not even a matter of having things how I like it; I just get hung up on details that aren’t “just so” without really knowing what “just so” is… OCD is somewhat akin to shooting for the stars but not knowing where to aim, but I do hope you found the transformation somewhat encouraging in your own journey towards your goals and big, wild dreams! XO

    • Haha, don’t worry, there’s still a lot of landscaping and decorating left to do on the exterior, so hopefully the end result won’t look so “different!” :)) I’m working on a post on my contemporary landscaping plans, which should paint a better picture of how the house will ultimately look.

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