Home Renovation Progress Report: Interior Decor Plan

Home Renovation Report | Interior Decor Plan
Sharing bits and pieces of my interior decor ideas for our bungalow and how I plan to combine traditional bungalow characteristics with more modern updates...

I always thought I would gravitate towards an all-white home, but instead, I've found myself dreaming of natural textures like wood and marble – which comes as a total surprise, considering I am rather OCD and cannot even force myself to wear a patterned article of clothing, let alone deal with the haphazard pattern of marble.  

As exciting as it is to watch the home renovation progress, I cannot wait until it's finally time to decorate. I know I will change my mind a million times between what you see now and what the actual decor will be, but I'm giddy with excitement to see how it'll all come together – and, dare I say it, looking forward to the challenge of making it all work!

I thought I'd share a few of my plans with you here:

Home Renovation Report | Interior Decor Plan

Have any of you gone through a major home renovation? Are there any tips you can give me about the process of picking out wall colors, fixtures, tiles, etc.? How would you go about designing a home that takes into consideration traditional bungalow characteristics – like a freestanding, exposed brick fireplace – and combines them with more modern elements – like a crystal chandelier or lucite dining chairs?

I feel like my interior decor preferences are a frustrating combination of many different styles, so I’d love to hear your advice!


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