House Hunting: Our Wish List for Our Next Home

House Hunting: Our Wish List for Our Next Home

My wish list started out even longer, if you can believe it.

But as I went about my days, mulling over what house features I considered necessary, I very quickly realized that more features means more maintenance and more cleaning and more time spent away from more important things in life.

Features like a double vanity in the master bathroom: nice to have, but truth be told, we are rarely – if ever– in there at the same time. Now, an additional sink to keep clean? No, thanks. I’ll pass. Another example: a laundry room rather than a laundry closet. Why would I want to devote an entire room to a chore I despise? Ha!

I’m sure if I pondered longer, I’d cut my wish list down to, like, three necessities – but that doesn’t really warrant a blog post, now, does it?

I should probably add a disclaimer: I am fully aware that many of these features are luxuries rather than necessities. To expect all of this in one house is unrealistic – believe you me, I speak from experience.

But a girl can dream, right? This particular girl dreams of:

  1. Fixer upper: I know, I know. Normal people buy houses that are ready to be lived in. But I think we’ve already established that we’re not the norm, ha!
  2. Near grocery stores, with freeway access: Husband’s job is in a nearby city, so ideally I’d rather not add to his commute.
  3. Fenced-in, level yard: You already know how I feel about straight lines, so this one needs no explanation. The fenced-in part is for the girls’ safety and my peace of mind.
  4. One level: Stairs and babies and young toddlers…just no.
  5. Large windows and natural light: I’ll save you my 30-minute spiel on the effect natural light has on productivity, creativity and mood in general.
  6. Minimum of 4 bedrooms: Master bedroom, a room for each of our girls, and a bonus room to serve as a playroom or guest bedroom.
  7. Garage or shed for storage: Because no matter how adamant I am about decluttering, stuff accumulates.
  8. Formal dining room: I adore dinner parties and love entertaining friends at our house.
  9. Deck or outdoor entertaining space: See above statement.
  10. Open floor plan: The kitchen must be open to the living area. I love our current layout (above), where the kitchen is part of the living area but still in its own little nook.
  11. Mostly hardwood flooring: “So you can put a rug on it?” was my husband’s oh-so-clever response to this one. But seriously, carpets gross me out. It is what it is.
  12. Walkable neighborhood: I would love to be able to load the littles in the stroller and not have to drive 20 minutes so we can then walk for 15 before getting back in the car and driving 20 minutes home.
  13. Big closets: I’d like to blame it on the little ones and all their cute clothes, but I’m quite certain the husband has more clothes than all of us combined.

Speaking of the husband, are you curious how my wish list compared to his?

He didn’t care for a formal dining room, wasn’t particular on the number of bedrooms, didn’t understand my desire – no, my need – for a level yard. Two items he added to the list: energy efficiency and a basement.

Men….am I right? Just kidding – I’m always down for lower bills and more storage!

I’m curious: Which house features are on your wish list?


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