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If you're an avid reader of FOXY OXIE, then you know that the husband and I currently live in a one-bedroom basement apartment. Very recently we've started figuring out what our next step may be in terms of settling down, and being the over-zealous planner that I am, I've been scrolling through Pinterest like a madwoman, browsing my favorite home decor sites, and drawing house plans on, on a (premature) mission to figure out how I want my home to look.

Please tell me you can relate.

Armed with the knowledge of my decor preferences, which, for the record, I've re-confirmed with an unhealthy amount of "What's Your Decorating Style?" quizzes, I've set my mind on a fun mix of Parisian eclectic and mid-century modern.

Although our budget can't possibly accommodate glass exterior walls, custom-built walk-in closets and luxurious bathroom suites, I'm hopeful that a few of these details can be incorporated into the overall design without breaking the bank!

So without further ado, here is my house wish list: house wish list | copper lighting

Copper Lighting

You already know my obsession with all things gold, but I'm beginning to shift over to copper for its rosy undertones. A grouping of copper pendants – whether in the kitchen or over the dining table – is a gorgeous statement piece, instantly adding just the right dose of understated glam to the room for as little as $40 per pendant, like this West Elm perforated industrial option.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | exposed brick wall bedroom

Industrial Details

My obsession with the industrial style stems from my dream of one day living in a warehouse-converted loft. Whether a brick wall, pipe and cord lighting fixtures, exposed beams, metal artwork, or industrial-style faucets – adding a few urban touches helps balance out feminine details. Budget-friendly options include wallpaper and faux brick wall installments.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | acrylic ghost chairs in dining room

Modern Lucite

I have to watch myself when it comes to acrylic and lucite furniture, because I have a tendency to overdo on straight and clean lines. A fun way to incorporate this style without overwhelming the room is to pair ghost chairs with a table of a more natural nature, such as wood. Add a few faux fur throws atop the chairs, and you've got the perfect juxtaposition of modern and organic.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | outdoor living space

Outdoor Living Space

I adore dinner parties and love entertaining friends at our house, so a place that has ample outdoor living space is a must. I absolutely cannot bare the thought of having to sit indoors all day long!

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | wood room divider

Texture and Natural Elements

Combining lots of textures and natural elements like wood and greenery allows you to bring the outdoors inside. Immediately, the space feels much more relaxing, doesn't it?

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | nursery

Room to Grow

While a one-bedroom house may suffice for now, we eventually would like to have little ones. Additional bedrooms, or at the very least space that could later be transformed into a bedroom, will be essential when we are hunting for a house. 

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | herringbone backsplash

Herringbone Backsplash

There is something so classic about a herringbone pattern... The zig-zag layout turns a plain ol' kitchen backsplash into a work of art. Frankly, I'm not sure there's a budget-friendly alternative to this, other than not use the most expensive materials.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | gold hardware accessories

Gold Hardware Accents

Adding gold in small doses, such as hardware in a bathroom, lets you add a dose of glam to your home without breaking the bank. Pairing gold with soft grays and whites gives off an understated and sophisticated vibe.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | gallery wall

Fun Gallery Wall

How could a print designer not have a gallery wall in her own house, right? Always living in a rental place, I've never truly been able to expand my gallery wall as much as I'd like, so I'm excited to have our own space to beat in as many nails and hang as many frames as I'd like!

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | smart design

Smart Design

Ask anyone, and they'll tell you their biggest pet peeve about their current home situation is the lack of storage space. Despite our best efforts to live a minimalistic lifestyle, we still manage to accumulate lots of stuff. Smart design maximizes a home's unused crawl spaces and nooks, giving you plenty of storage.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | claw foot tub

Claw Foot Tub

A freestanding tub is synonymous with luxury – for me, anyway. I can just imagine the evenings I'll spend soaking away the day's stress.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | built in wardrobe

Floor-to-Ceiling Built-in Wardrobe

Of course every girl dreams of a glamorous walk-in closet complete with custom-built, velvet-lined jewelry displays and a separate room for the shoe collection, but unless you've won the lottery, something that extravagant is probably out of your budget. It most definitely is out of mine. Personally I would be content if all of my clothes could fit in one place, but if we were to splurge on a closet, I would opt for a floor-to-ceiling, DIY version that looks like it came with the house. It offers just as much glamour but for a fraction of the price of a walk-in. 

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | sophisticated office

Sophisticated Office Space

Out with the old, and in with the new! As much as I love my current office, I do think my tastes are shifting towards a more refined feel – something classy with a feminine touch.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | efficient laundry

Efficient Laundry Closet

I've never understood why anyone would want to have a separate room for laundry. It is my least-favorite chore, so why devote an entire room to it? A smartly designed closet tucked away in a bathroom or hallway is the perfect solution. Stacking the washer and dryer leaves plenty of room for storage and eliminates the need for more square footage.

VIEW SOURCE » house wish list | en suite master bathroom

En Suite Master Bathroom

I'm quite partial to an open floor plan, and while most people typically incorporate it in the kitchen and living room areas, I dream of having an open concept master retreat, complete with an en suite bathroom for luxurious, hotel-like pampering.


Clearly, I would need an entire neighborhood, rather than just one house, to accommodate all of my requests, but a girl can dream, right?

What do you look for in a home or apartment? More importantly, how do you address the gap between your house wish list and your budget? Looking forward to hearing your advice!

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  4. Oksana,
    I love your sense of decor. Such a great mix of modern and classic. Thanks for sharing, will save this for inspiration for my future home as well!

    • Hi Tamara, Thanks so much for your sweet words and for stopping by to share your thoughts! Isn’t it lovely to dream? I’m sure I’m in for a major reality check, though! :)

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