Introducing Our Next Venture: The Greenfield Remodel

Introducing Our Next Venture – The Greenfield Remodel

We have officially closed on our next venture, the Greenfield Remodel!

At the end of August, we sold our first non-live-in investment property, the Edgmon Ranch. Since then, I’ve been catching up on sharing that renovation here on the blog.

That entire project took a mere five months from start to finish! It’s no surprise that my main priority at the time was survival – hence why I’m only now catching up on blogging about it.

A few things will be different this time around…

For starters, we’ll be living in the Greenfield house while we remodel it.

Yes, it sounds insane, especially with two very young children; we’ve never done that before! Then again, I will not miss having to pay rent on a second property, or the inconvenience of having to drive 30 minutes to and 30 minutes from the Edgmon Ranch.

The advantage of living in the house while we renovate is two-fold. First, we’ll be able to dedicate more resources towards the renovation, since we’ll no longer be paying rent. Second,  we won’t have to rush like we did with the Edgmon Ranch; that extra time will hopefully give us the freedom to do more DIY projects!

Our ultimate hope is for a more balanced lifestyle, as we tackle this remodel, work full-time and raise our children.

Something else I plan to do differently this time around is actually share about the renovation in real time! I want to take you along for every decision and let you experience first-hand the highs and the lows of a live-in renovation. I want you to see all that goes into renovating an investment property, and talk to you candidly about our strategies, fears, failures and successes.

What exactly will all that look like?

For starters, I do plan on blogging more frequently. Remember those DIY projects I mentioned earlier? There were so many stylistic changes I wanted to make at the Edgmon Ranch (our last flip), but when you’re on a time crunch and are paying for labor, those unnecessary stylistic changes can quickly eat up the entire budget. So, I’m really hoping to flex my DIY skills this time around and bring a couple of those dream projects to life in this house.

I also want to share more videos, so you can see our raw, unfiltered life mid-renovation. I haven’t thought through exactly how that’ll look, so if you have any ideas, send them my way!

Speaking of help, would you do me a favor?

If you know someone who enjoys house projects or is curious about flipping investment properties, would you share with them? Following along on a real, live flip project is a great way to dip your toes in and see if it’s really something you could do. Plus, you can learn from all our mistakes, ha!

Finally, a little bit about this next project…

This house is huge – at least in comparison to everything else we’ve previously lived in and|or renovated. It’s a lot of house to flip, which is both exciting and overwhelming. Immediately I imagine having to maintain a large house with young children – while also tearing parts of it apart. Sounds fun, no?!

The Greenfield house is right under 2300 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, an office, a formal dining room, a large master ensuite, double car garage, partially fenced, level yard and a deck. It’s located in an established, high-end neighborhood on a quiet and beautiful culdesac, right in the heart of town with close proximity to all the necessary amenities like grocery stores, freeway access, great schools, etc. This house checks off so many of our must-haves!

I can’t wait to tell you (and show you) more! I’ll be sharing all the “before” pictures next week, as well as a walk-through tour on Instagram. Until then, join me on Instagram – that’s where I’ll be sharing daily content, tips and tricks, some how-tos, and just general “life in the midst of a live-in renovation” adventures.

We’re off to celebrate!



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