It’s Official: We’re Moving! (Cue the Panic…)


Last Sunday, while having lunch with friends, the husband casually mentioned that we’re moving next weekend – which, of course, sent me into a frenzy, because – what?! Next weekend?!

Truth be told, it’s completely my fault for not putting two and two together. Back in June we discussed moving out of our rental apartment into the bungalow by the end of August and agreed to give our 30-day notice to the landlord.

I just didn’t realize it was the end of August already, that’s all.

See what happens when you’re trying to juggle a full-time corporate job, a 13-month full-house renovation, a blog and miscellaneous freelance design projects – not to mention life in general?

Anyway, it’s happening; we’re moving. The renovation has been a roller coaster of a ride (and the topic of every dinner conversation for months), and although the bungalow isn’t, necessarily, finished, we are moving in with plans of finishing at a more leisurely pace than the total chaos of the last 13 months.

So, what’s next? We pack. And we scramble to finish a few projects at the house. And we purge. And we plan a yard sale, which, by the way, will take place next Saturday so if you’re in the Cleveland or Chattanooga area, stay tuned!

Follow along with our adventures on Instagram and Snapchat, where I’m sure there will be lots of talk about how bittersweet it is to leave this little apartment we have called home for the last year or so. Oh, and be sure you’re following FOXY OXIE on Facebook; I’m planning an epic online house-warming party, and you’re all invited!

We can’t wait to share this new journey with you.



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  4. Wow that is so exciting! Good luck with the move! I also cannot believe that it is the end of August.

    xo Courtney Drew

  5. Sending lots of positive vibes your way that moving goes as smoothly as possible!! So excited for you and your new adventures at the bungalow!! Can’t wait to see some decorating posts!!

    xo Ashley

  6. Ha, that’s a lot! I totally understand, I made an offer on a house that was accepted last weekend and now we will be moving in a month and I know it’s SO much time, but I promise I won’t be packing until the day before we move!

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