Kitchen Cabinet Latch Hardware Roundup

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

One of my most favorite details in the Greystone kitchen is also one of the smallest: the cabinet latch. I only have three installed, but when used thoughtfully, cabinet latches instantly elevate the overall feel of the kitchen.

There’s something so utilitarian and old-fashioned about them, don’t you agree? They’re a mix of old-world charm and modern European style. Although cabinet latches are no longer necessary to keep cabinet doors closed like in the old days, their vintage appeal cannot be denied.

Honestly the most beautiful of hardware options, latches add so much timeless character to a kitchen. They’ve become quite popular in designer kitchens in recent years because of their ability to add instant historic charm to a newly built or newly redesigned kitchen. From a functional standpoint, however, latches make the most sense in an area meant for storage rather than everyday use. In the Greystone kitchen, I opted for latches in 3 locations:

1) above the refrigerator,

Kitchen Cabinet Latch Hardware Roundup

2) below the sink, and

Kitchen Cabinet Latch Hardware Roundup

3) above the oven range, in the cabinet that houses the vent hood.

Kitchen Cabinet Latch Hardware Roundup

Install latches on cabinet doors, never drawers. They are quite versatile in terms of placement and positioning – mostly because they are used sparingly. In the Greystone kitchen, I installed them so the edge lined up with the inner edge of the rail.

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorites in three finishes: brass, matte black, and polished nickel. If you’re looking for a guide on installing hardware, you’re in luck! I shared detailed instructions earlier this week!

Kitchen Cabinet Latch Hardware Roundup

  1. Satin Bronze “Highline” Cabinet Latch
  2. Small Oval Cupboard Latch, Black
  3. Antique Style Shutter Bar Latch
  4. Vintage 1900 Latch 
  5. Rhombus 1 in. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Square Latch
  6. Top Knobs Transcend Collection Cabinet Latch
  7. Small Oval Cupboard Latch, Brass 
  8. Matte Black Cabinet Latch “Luxe”
  9. Top Knobs Additions Collection 2-Inch Cabinet Latch, Polished Nickel
  10. Fancy Victorian Cast Brass Cabinet Door Latch
  11. Antique Style Shutter Bar Latch
  12. Plain Hoosier Nickel Door Latch with Offset and Flush Catches
  13. Satin Brass Cabinet Latch “Luxe”
  14. Renovators Supply Manufacturing Black Slide Bolt Door Latch
  15. Small Oval Cupboard Latch, Polished Nickel

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the following:

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