Kitchen Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

So much progress has been happening at the house, I can barely keep up! I’m simultaneously drafting at least 6 different update posts, so buckle up!

Today’s focus is the kitchen. We plan to complete it by the end of February, but it could be as early as next week that the cabinetry is installed. That’s usually a major turning point in a kitchen renovation. Once the cabinets are in place, the finish line is in sight!

So, now seems like an appropriate time to share my kitchen design plan.

The Before

But first, let’s review. I’m including the “before” images here for reference. Some photos you’ve already seen, and some you haven’t.

The cabinet doors, the colors, the pink countertops, the massive fluorescent light – all of these design choices really dated this space. But there was also so much potential! I talked about all that in great detail in my last post, along with the changes we made to the layout while staying within the existing footprint.

The New Layout

The most notable changes to the layout include switching the location of the fridge and the stove, adding two tall pantries around the fridge, and exchanging upper cabinets for a modern, floating shelf.

Below are 3-D renderings of the new space.

How to Reconfigure a Kitchen LayoutHow to Reconfigure a Kitchen LayoutHow to Reconfigure a Kitchen LayoutHow to Reconfigure a Kitchen Layout

Our To-Do List

If you’re wondering what we’ve done thus far, here’s a look at our massive to-do list:

  1. Demo Cabinetry
  2. Remove Existing Appliances
  3. Patch Up Ceiling
  4. Remove Existing Lighting
  5. Order New Lighting
  6. Rework Electrical and Plumbing
  7. Paint Ceiling, Walls, Trim, Doors, Molding
  8. Design and Order Kitchen Cabinets
  9. Choose Countertop Slabs
  10. Fix Broken Tile
  11. Order Hood
  12. Install New Kitchen Cabinets
  13. Order and Install New Appliances
  14. Install Hood and Reroute Exhaust
  15. Install Backsplash Tile
  16. Design, Build and Install Custom Floating Shelf
  17. Order and Install Hardware
  18. Order and Install Sink & Faucet
  19. Install Countertops
  20. Install New Lighting Fixtures
  21. Style and Stage the Kitchen in Preparation for Real Estate Photos

Whew, what a list. I’m sure there are plenty of tasks I missed, but you get the point.

The Moodboard

Now, everyone’s favorite part: the moodboard!

Below you can see most of the finishes I chose for the new kitchen, along with my reasoning for choosing each one.

Cabinet Pulls  |  Kitchen Sink  |  Flushmount Light Fixture  |  Penny Round Tile  |  Pendants  |  White Shaker Cabinetry  |  Range Hood  |  Stove  |  Refrigerator  |  Dishwasher  |  Kitchen Faucet  |  Floor Tile  |  Countertops  |  Paint Color: “Barely White” by Farrell Calhoun

Before you say, “Not another white shaker kitchen…” – hear me out.

For a brief moment I considered this house project to be the perfect opportunity to try something new in terms of kitchen design. After all, I’ve designed a white kitchen before. “Been there, done that, loved it” sort of thing.

But I quickly remembered: We’re trying to appeal to the masses here. We’re not remodeling for ourselves; we’re remodeling with the goal of increasing value in order to sell this house. With that in mind, what could possibly be more classic, more universally appealing, than a white shaker kitchen?

There’s a reason why it’s the most purchased cabinetry option. As such, this wasn’t the time to take risks with color.

Kitchen Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

But just because it’s another white kitchen, doesn’t mean it’ll lack in personality.

The existing floor tile – which I originally thought would be a nuisance to incorporate into the design – is actually shaping up to be quite a fun element! Before, with the orange oak of the cabinets being reflected off the glazed surface, the tile was looking far too orange for my taste. So many of you that are following our renovation on Instagram said the same thing.

But after the dated cabinets were demoed out, I realized the tile had nice shades of white, beige, and – believe it or not – gray! It’ll be a key player in tying together the contrasting warm hues of the brass elements and cold hues of the stainless steel and chrome.

Speaking of brass and chrome, it’s one of my favorite combinations as far as finishes go. I’m incorporating both finishes throughout the entire house.

When I design any room, I love to play up the juxtaposition of opposites: feminine and masculine, soft and edgy, warm brass and cool chrome. We come to know and appreciate a material by its constrast against another. It’s what makes a room interesting, multi-dimensional.

The paint color we chose is “Barely White” by Farrell Calhoun, which is a bit of a chameleon in that it can look soft and warm at certain parts of the day and cool and gray at others. We painted the entire house the same color. We did that in our old house, and I honestly couldn’t recommend it more.

I plan to add texture by installing penny tile for the backsplash. We have quite a bit left over from a previous project – a great opportunity to maximize our budget! Although I originally planned to use it for the master bathroom floor, the layout there was just too complex for a detailed mosaic like this one. The verdict is still out on the grout color, but I’m leaning towards a medium gray.

For the countertop we’re going with Luna Pearl granite, which we also had in our previous house. It’s quarried in Spain and is sometimes called Bianco Sardo granite. It features a small, intricate pattern of whites, black, gray and peachy-brown. What’s special about this particular granite is that it has pearlescent accents, which add a luxurious look without the luxurious price tag. In fact, one of the main things that attracts people to this granite is its affordability, which starts around $30 per square foot.

We’ve yet to figure out the exact appliances but definitely going with stainless steel. I love the sleek design of the Kitchen Aid collection (those handles are perfection!). I’m hoping we’re able to find something similar but a bit more cost-effective…wish us luck!

That about covers most of the major decisions. Questions, comments, concerns? Anything specific you want to see or learn about the kitchen renovation process? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, below.

I’ll have another renovation update for you next week.

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