Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Thank you to Kichler for being a part of this project. All content, ideas and words are always my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make possible! Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Before I get too carried away showing you our gorgeous new lighting, pop over to Instagram and enter to win a beautiful chandelier from Kichler!

OK, so you’re probably familiar with the Kichler brand already; I’ve featured their lighting fixtures in the master bathroom, the staircase, and the girls’ shared room at the Greenfield Remodel.

Kichler has so many beautiful collections in a variety of styles – you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. But what really sets Kichler apart is their superior quality. High-quality products are a result of high-quality testing, and Kichler has the only class 4 lab in the U.S., ensuring verified specifications and safety for each and every fixture you order. So whether you’re shopping lighting for your own home – or for an investment property like we were – you can have peace of mind that Kichler quality is top notch.

I always say lighting is the jewelry of your home, and as you’re about to see, I chose some stunning pieces for the Greystone House. Let’s take a lighting tour of the Greystone House, shall we? Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

In the living room we have the elegant Piper chandelier. It’s both classic and glamorous, and creates a beautiful focal point for this area. I chose the espresso finish, which is dark enough to look like a matte black finish.

Lighting impacts the mood of a room, especially in the evening time. I personally obsess over how fixtures look when turned on, and the Piper chandelier does not disappoint. It creates the prettiest, whimsical shadows, and I just imagine the new homeowners gathering under its soft light every evening after dinner.

Speaking of evening time, Kichler has a really cool interactive virtual showroom that lets you see how different light fixtures look in daylight versus nighttime. It’s so fun! Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

In the kitchen we have two matte black and brass pendants with a white diffuser on the bottom, which creates beautiful soft lighting over the kitchen island. One unexpected but wonderful feature on these pendants is a small switch key on the bottom that allows you to switch from 1-, 2- or all 3 bulbs, depending on the level of light you’re needing. The fixture basically comes with a built-in dimmer.

These black pendants add the perfect dose of contrast to the white kitchen. The curve of the black dome plays off the curved dining area chandelier, so although they are from different collections, they pair well together. Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Kichler hosts a fun series on Instagram where they regularly share the inspiration behind their designs. It’s so interesting to learn which part of the world, or element of architecture, or personal hobby influenced the design of a chandelier or sconce. Hearing the backstory of a piece makes it that much more interesting.

For example, in the dining room we have the Valserrano chandelier in a black finish. Its design is inspired by the shape of a wine goblet, and its graceful curved arms are the epitome of feminine elegance. The curved arms is what initially attracted me to this chandelier, because they are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Moving on to the master bedroom, we have the Trentino chandelier in a brass finish. I’ve been obsessing over the Trentino collection for some time and was so excited to feature the 9-light chandelier in the Greystone master bedroom.

It feels like a sculpture. The sleek brass cylinders look striking against the black barn doors leading to the master bathroom. I’m considering adding an elaborate ceiling medallion to offset the Art Deco aesthetic with a more traditional element, but even on its own it makes a bold statement. Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Continuing into the master bathroom, you see my favorite sconces of all time: the Azores sconce. If you recall, I used the same sconce but in a smaller size in the Greenfield master bathroom. I decided to go even more bold in the Greystone master bathroom with four 24-inch Azores sconces.

These sconces add so much visual interest to the room! I love how the natural brass finish contrasts against the polished brass finish of the plumbing fixtures. The fluted detail is, of course, my favorite; it’s equal parts vintage and modern.

These beautiful sconces remind me of something you’d find in a boutique hotel or a Parisian cafe – and you know I’m all about that aesthetic. In fact, I love these sconces so much, I used another one over the staircase. Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

I searched quite some time for a sconce to hang in this spot. The open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, and overall layout of the staircase posed quite the design challenge.

I had this vision of a black and white gallery wall all along the staircase, with a brass sconce above it. The 32-inch Azores sconce is absolutely perfect. Not only does it provide ample light for the staircase, but it’ll create a nice contrast to the future black and white gallery wall. Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

For bedroom number 2, I chose the Cassadee chandelier in a brass finish. We have the same fixture installed in our entryway at the Greenfield Remodel. It’s such a versatile piece that can fit several aesthetic environments. I especially love the curvature of the arms.

Besides the bedroom and entryway, the Cassadee chandelier could also work over a freestanding tub in a bathroom, in the center of a living room, or over the table in a breakfast area. It’s really quite versatile! Lighting at the Greystone House + Kichler Giveaway

Last but not least is the artsy yet sophisticated Torvee chandelier in bedroom number 3.

The striking geometric shape and intentional design details is what drew me to this chandelier. The center stem features a subtle ribbed element that I love so much. The bottom of the stem has a hourglass-shaped element that reminds me of a fancy cocktail jigger. The recommended G25 bulbs (sold separately) add a playful element to the design. Like I said, no detail of this fixture was left untouched.

The Torvee chandelier is actually the Kichler giveaway prize, too! A couple of weeks ago I polled my Instagram audience on which Kichler chandelier should be the prize, and the Torvee chandelier won by a landslide. If you haven’t already, head over to Instagram for your chance to win this beautiful fixture! While you’re there, be sure to check out the before-and-after reel I shared of the Greystone House. 

Now, tell me: Which Kichler fixture was your favorite from our Greystone lighting tour? Where would you hang the Torvee chandelier if you won the giveaway?

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