Logic vs. Fashion: How to Pack 5 Months of Outfits into One Suitcase

Every now and then I toss rationality out of the window and buy a piece like this long Tahari blazer. My initial reaction upon seeing it was, "Wow," which was quickly followed by "Where would I wear that?"

I am faced with a similar logic-versus-fashion dilemma as I continue procrastinating packing 5-months' worth of outfits into a small suitcase for our tour across Europe. I have searched the interwebs high and low for advice on overcoming this impossible feat, but alas, I still have an empty suitcase and half my closet in a pile on the floor. Have I mentioned that we are leaving in a week?

Let's go back to the blazer for a minute. Picture me wandering through the cobblestone streets of Paris, wearing this classic blazer over something silky, or perhaps cashmere, my hair in soft waves, gorgeous shoes, a scarf trailing in the wind, the iconic femme fatale red lips... What's wrong with this picture? Well, for one, where is the logic in wearing gorgeous shoes on a cobblestone street?

So you see my dilemma? Globetrotting fashionistas, travel gurus, jet-setting fashion bloggers - please help!

1. Dress, Steve Madden (similar) // 2. Blazer, Tahari (similar) // 3. Earrings, Dillards (similar) // 4. Sunglasses, Michael Kors (similar) // 5. Lipstick, Maybelline

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  1. Love your look! Those sunglasses are perfect. Wow, I can’t even imagine trying to pack for something like that – I go mad if I have to pack for a three-day-long quick trip! Good luck, that’s so exciting. :)

  2. This sounds very overwhelming! My best advice would be to pack things that you know you always feel comfortable in so you won’t mind them on repeat. Roll things up tight to give you more room and avoid wrinkles. Other than that, I’m not much help on this one because I’d be right there with you and your empty suitcase and pile on the floor of your closet.
    By the way, you look gorgeous in these photos. The fuchsia lips are stunning on you and your hair looks amazing!
    Have a fabulous time on your trip!
    XO, Gina

  3. I’d say pack only lightweight stuff, such as chiffon blouse and dresses. And yep, looking pretty while on a travel, especially for a long time, can be quite a nightmare. I agreed with the first commenter to avoid bringing more than 2 pair of jeans. I wash my jeans once every three/four months (some source say 6 is the ideal one), so you probably only need to bring one. And I’m sure you can find a handful of laundry services there, so make sure you don’t bring fragile items that need special washing precaution or anything.

    Hope this helps!

    eyeshadow illustrator
    The Dilly Chic

  4. Gorgeous… in my experience only pack the things you know you will multiple times over an that are so versatile that you’ll never get sick of it… Accessories are great for this… and don’t forget you’ll probably pick up a few things while your traveling! Jersey knit is fabulous because it’s comfortable and light… Try to bring something with you that you’ll save towards the end of your trip and it will feel exciting to wear something you haven’t seen in a few months.. kinda like a treat! That’s my advice!!

  5. I packed for 5 weeks in Europe and that was a nightmare, never mind 5 months! By the middle of the holiday all my best clothes had been worn and I looked terrible on the later photos. The only real advice I can give you is to pack lots of dresses and avoid taking more than two pairs of jeans, because they really are bulky.
    Hopefully youll come across places to wash your stuff easier than I did!

    Best wishes, your trip is going to be fab!
    Vanessa x


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