Master Bathroom Design Concept: Old World Glamour

While I adore the challenge of combining modern and classic styles into one seamless look – much like I plan to do in our dining room – the more I contemplate the design of our master bathroom, the more I am drawn to old world glamour that evokes feelings of romance and grand luxury.

If you’re struggling in defining old world glamour, imagine delightfully intricate mirrors, mosaic marble tiles, brass detailing, and a mirrored golden tray filled with an array of perfumes and, of course, a fresh bouquet of my favorite peonies.

While our master bathroom is more than 100 square feet – perhaps not impressive to some but by far the grandest bathroom I’ve ever had – I am faced with the challenge of designing a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and organized, because I, in my typical fashion, have a million and one ideas for every inch of the space

Today I wanted to share my master bathroom design concept and the ideas I’ve been dreaming of for this room. I’ve taken the liberty of mocking up a couple of the spaces in the bathroom, below, but before we dive into how it will hopefully look very soon, let’s recall its current, less-than-thrilling state of existence.

Home Renovation Progress Report: Floor Plan Redesign

Here we have the space immediately to the left of the entrance from the master bedroom. This is where the vanity will stand. Can you picture it?

If imagination isn’t your forte, don’t fret. Here’s a Photoshop mockup of what I have in mind for this space.

Master Bathroom Design Concept: Old World Glamour

Lovely, isn’t it?

I must admit that a part of me is afraid that if my bathroom, indeed, looks this gorgeous, I just may never leave the place!

Moving on, below is the bath tub nook in its current state.


A few of you recommended putting in a larger window, and although that was our original plan, you’ll find that when you’re renovating an old, abandoned house, plans don’t always work out the way you think they will.

Besides, when you all first made the suggestion, we were already in the process of applying stucco to the exterior – so, unfortunately, it was a tad bit too late to change the window size.

But wait until you see the elaborate plans I have for this little corner of the bathroom! The size of the window will be the last thing on your mind!

Master Bathroom Design Concept: Old World Glamour

The biggest difference between the mockup and reality is that our vintage clawfoot tub actually comes with a ceiling mounting hardware set, meaning that it will be attached to the ceiling and will have a rounded rod from which to hang a shower curtain. So instead of the curtains on the window, I plan to hang sheer chiffon panels around the back of the tub, a part of which will extend to the right side to create a feeling of romance and further highlight the old world glamour style.

Granted, we won’t be taking showers in the tub since we will have a custom shower right on the other side of the wall to the left in the image above. So the chiffon curtains will serve no other purpose than to add dimension and a degree of romance to the room.

Home Renovation Progress Report: Floor Plan Redesign

Master Bathroom Design Concept: Old World Glamour

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. That concludes our brief tour to what will hopefully be our master bathroom one day very soon.

What do you think? Do you prefer modern bathrooms or traditional ones? Would you design anything differently if this was your own space? As always, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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  1. Your visions are beautiful! I’m constantly pinning vintage-glam bathrooms on Pinterest.


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