Most Amazing Living Wall and Vertical Garden Ideas

One of my most vivid and fond memories from early childhood is watching a soap opera series called "Santa Barbara" together with my mother. How she ever allowed that to happen I am not sure, but at four years old, my young mind was in no way interested in the love triangles and exaggerated drama, but instead, I was completely captivated and enamored by the series' sprawling Spanish-style villas with gorgeous vertical gardens winding their way up the stucco facade.

Although I've always envisioned a cozy outdoor living space as part of my dream house, our recent road trip across California solidified my vision of one day creating my own vertical garden or living wall. Adding plants to any part of the house is a perfect way to breathe life into your space, making it warm and inviting. Besides,  you can't beat the positive effect plants have on indoor air.

So as the construction on our bungalow progresses, I'm finally allowing myself to entertain the idea of creating my own vertical garden or living wall. I haven't yet decided whether I want it indoors or outdoors, but I've combed Pinterest and compiled a list of my favorite vertical garden ideas with hopes that you'll help me narrow down a favorite!

Most Amazing Living Wall and Vertical Garden Ideas

Outdoor Eating Area


Which of these ideas strike your fancy? Can you just imagine the lovely dinner parties you'll host in such a cozy space?

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  1. These garden ideas are absolutely beautiful. I am going to do the hanging pots in the window. Also the pallet wall, the herb wall and the outdoor eating area. I’ll post follow-up photos when I’m finished.

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  3. I’ve always like the look of greenery inside the house and convinced my self that I too could do it. I bought my boxes and all, but never really got anywhere! Lol. I don’t have a green thumb at all…smh.

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