Neutral but Playful Kids’ Bathroom Design Plan

Neutral but Playful Kids' Bathroom Design Plan

Let’s talk about the kids’ bathroom, which I’ve shared so much of on Instagram that I’m afraid you already know all my plans for it and won’t care to read this post, ha!

In case you’re wondering about progress on our powder room – there is none, ha! That project came to a sudden halt when Wayfair reached out and asked if I could create some digital content for their site specifically around a kids’ bathroom remodel.

So, let’s talk about that, shall we?

When we first bought the Greenfield Remodel house, this particular bathroom was in the worst condition of all bathrooms. By the way, feel free to take the “before” tour, if you haven’t yet.

Back to the bathroom: The house was built in the late-1990s, and this entire bathroom hadn’t been updated since then. Here’s how it looked when we moved in.

Most people, when they think of kids’ spaces, they imagine a chaotic explosion of color. You already know you won’t be seeing that from me, ha! When I design kids’ spaces, I always try to make design decisions that can transition well as children get older.

Case in point: Mila’s first nursery and the girls’ first playroom.

The plan for the kids’ bathroom is along the same lines. I’m sticking to my signature neutral aesthetic while introducing playful elements through textures, patterns and fun shapes. Below are several quick Photoshop mockups I created; let me know what you think!

Neutral but Playful Kids' Bathroom Design PlanNeutral but Playful Kids' Bathroom Design PlanNeutral but Playful Kids' Bathroom Design Plan

The beautiful, black vanity – which we scored at nearly 50 percent off during Black Friday – is such a versatile, classic piece that will last for years and years to come. It’s rare that a ready-made bathroom vanity has accompanying hardware that I actually like – but this one does! The polished chrome hardware ties in the faucet, shower trim kit, shower rod, and all other chrome elements. I also love that the cabinet comes with a real Carrara marble top; the veining is so prominent and beautiful! The legs on the. cabinet make it feel like a custom piece of furniture.

Side note: If you want a room to feel larger, opt for furniture with legs instead of bottom-heavy pieces.

Speaking of chrome, the faucet is a beautiful work of art – wouldn’t you agree? We installed the polished gold version of it in the powder room – and it is striking. It’s made of solid brass but is such an affordable price and comes with all necessary parts – something you don’t see very often these days.

The toilet paper holder is also worthy of a mention. In our experience, freestanding toilet paper holders are more toddler-friendly, so that’s what I chose. This one in particular has a weighted bottom to prevent falls, and there’s also a reserve area that accommodates 3 jumbo rolls. That might be an unusual detail to mention, but you wouldn’t believe how many toilet paper holders I’ve ordered that did not fit larger rolls!

The arched mirror is another Black Friday score. It currently lives on our fireplace mantle in the living room, but I purchased it specifically for the kids’ bathroom. I intentionally chose the arched shape to mimic our arched front door, the arched window in the two-story entryway, the demilune table also in the entryway and the arched mirrors that will be in the master bathroom (after it’s renovated). Repeating the same element throughout the house creates a sense of rhythm, making the overall design feel intentional. 

The vanity lighting is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I’ve considered so many shapes and sizes and finishes and have had to return them all. I do know I want brass to contrast against the many chrome elements in the room. Combining chrome with brass finishes is my favorite way to create visually interesting contrast in a space.

I’ve landed on this 3-light Art Deco-style sconce – but I’m still questioning whether this is “the one.” I’ve introduced several Art Deco elements throughout the house, so it’s not necessarily the style I’m hesitant about. It’s the combination of the arched mirror with the 3-light sconce. Ideally, with an arched mirror you want to have two sconces, one on either side of the mirror. But to save time and money we decided to keep the electrical as is, which leaves me a bit confused as to what type of vanity light will look best above the mirror. What are your thoughts?

One element I’m definitely not questioning is the tile – despite the surprise of many! When I first shared this tile option on Instagram, it quickly became quite the polarizing topic. To this day I cannot comprehend why so many people dislike it so strongly, although I do have a guess.

When choosing the tile for the bathroom floor, I knew I wanted something fun and patterned. But because this bathroom is on the smaller side, a bold pattern – like the one we used in the Edgmon Ranch master bathroom – would overwhelm the room. Instead, I chose this warm, predominantly-greige pattern, which provides a nice contrast against the otherwise black and white color palette. I think that’s what’s throwing people off, honestly – the warmth in the pattern. When you combine juxtaposing elements – warm and cool, traditional and contemporary, feminine shapes and masculine – that is when you create the most visually interesting space. But when everything is the same hue, or style, or shape, the design starts to feel flat and uninteresting.

Truth be told, I love when so many people disagree with my design choices; it makes me love that element even more. Differing opinions only confirm that I didn’t choose that element based on popular trends but rather on personal tastes – and isn’t that what our homes should be, a representation of us?

Moving on, the alcove bath and shower insert is the only element that isn’t getting replaced. We’ll get it resurfaced, but other than that it’s in good shape. Obviously I wish we could replace it with a new tub and custom tiled surround, but with ROI at the forefront of our renovating decisions, it just doesn’t make financial sense.

I plan to add an extra-long shower curtain with a beautiful waffle weave like you’d find in a luxury hotel. Extra-long curtains instantly make a room feel taller, so that’ll definitely elevate this space a bit.

On the wall between the bathtub and door I plan to install a row of sleek, modern hooks in a chrome finish, instead of the standard towel rod. Not only are hooks a better option for a family with multiple children, but they’re also more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. I originally wanted to install a board and batten on the walls, but with a looming contract deadline, that idea fell on the back-burner. Maybe I’ll revisit that project at a later date, though; we’ll see!

The paint color here is my favorite white – “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore. It reads a bit greenish on the screen but in real life it’s the most neutral, soft white I’ve ever seen. We painted the entire house the same color, something we’ve done in each of our investment properties. I highly recommend it!

I’m keeping the styling minimal; if you have little ones, you understand. I’ll add a tray or platter to corral the soap and toothbrush holder – likely something from my thrifting collection. I’m also wanting to add some artwork above the row of hooks. Our oldest daughter got a ballet-themed coffee table book for her third birthday that is full of beautiful photos of ballerinas – her latest obsession – and I had the idea to cut out and frame a couple pages. I’d love to bring in a little of the girls’ personality through that.

I also had the idea to give the girls some paper and black paint and give them free reign in creating their own abstract art; wouldn’t that be special to feature some of their artwork as decor?

Now, if you’ve made it this far into the post, THANK YOU! I so appreciate every single one of you for following and encouraging us in our renovating chaos adventures. Let’s look at the moodboard real quick, with all the sources in one convenient place – because I know you’ll ask.

Neutral but Playful Kids' Bathroom Design Plan

Black Vanity Cabinet with Carrara Marble Top | 3-Light Sconce | Chrome Faucet | Arched Mirror | Modern Towel Hooks | Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder | Floor Tile | “Rolling Fog” Non-Sanded Grout | Gray, Swing Top Trash Can | White, Extra Long Shower Curtain | Chrome Shower Rod | Chrome Shower Curtain Hooks | Gray Waffle Weave Bath Towels | Ballerina Project Coffee Table Book | White Frames | White Scalloped Platter | Glass Toothbrush Holder | Soap DispenserKids Toothbrushes | Paint Color: “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore

So, what do you think?

Do you have any questions for me? I’m always happy to address them in the comment section, below. So excited to share more of the Greenfield Remodel. Be sure you’re following FOXY OXIE on Instagram for daily renovating progress!

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