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home decor prints #ORdesigns

When yet another sale came in from FOXY OXIE yesterday, I was overcome with gratitude at your constant support of my sometimes outrageous but always exciting and creative endeavors. Thank you to all who follow me on various social platforms, take the time to read the blog and leave comments, and share my home decor prints and invitations with your friends and family. Because of you I get to do something I absolutely love, and I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes us in the upcoming months!

I have several fabulous collaborations underway, but in the meantime I wanted to express my gratitude in a way that is meaningful, so I am promising to host a very special giveaway as soon as we hit 100 sales. Get excited, friends! 

 home decor prints #ORdesigns 20% off promotion discount

So browse around the shop, or request a custom order and have something designed just for you! Get creative in styling your FOXY OXIE home decor prints and invitations for a chance to be featured on my Instagram feed, or right here on my blog! Just post your photos with the hashtag #FOXYOXIE. 

Happy weekend! XOXO

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