New Year, New Beginnings: Introducing #FOXYOXIEloveletters


The countdown to the new year has begun, and in the midst of what can only be called insanity, I have been doing some thinking. (Imagine that!)

I am tired.

I am so incredibly tired of the stress and anxiety that accompany our self-consumed lives.

Aren't you?

I recently came to the realization that despite my best efforts to care for and love others, I continue being selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-seeking and self-serving. 

If that description doesn't fit you, I applaud you. (Also, can we please be friends?) 

As for the rest of us, let's continue.

We as humans have a tendency toward self-centeredness, but that doesn't mean we should allow our corrupt nature to control our lives. Even if we are fortunate enough to arrive at a point in our life, where we can honestly say we hold others' interests above our own, the "others" we typically refer to are only our friends and family. Our "selfless love" never exceeds the circumference of the comfort bubble we've built around ourselves. 

Introducing the #FOXYOXIEloveletters project: Over the next year, I will be mailing handwritten love letters, notes of encouragement and other little surprises to strangers around the world with hopes of blessing others at a time when they need it most. 

Why am I doing this, you ask?

Life is hard, and there are so many hearts around the world that are desperate for genuine human interaction – for someone, anyone to acknowledge their situation and to offer words of hope for the future. My dream is that through this little project you and I together can spread a little love to the world and renew people's faith in humanity the way God intended it to be. (And in the process, shift our focus from loving ourselves to loving others.) 

Want to get involved?

Simply send an email with your mailing address to, and I will send you your own little surprise! Feel free to include a mailing address of a dear one in need of some literary love. I only ask that if you receive a love letter, you continue the #FOXYOXIEloveletters effect and send love to someone you know is in desperate need of it. 

I truly hope you will join me in the #FOXYOXIEloveletters project, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you! 

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