Nursery Progress

Nursery Progress

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s One Room Challenge (ORC) update. In case you’re new to, the ORC is a six-week design event during which I’m transforming our makeshift office into our very first nursery for our baby girl due in July.

If you’re not new, then you’re probably wondering, “What’s with the belly photos?” Ha! Just be thankful you can’t see my swollen feet in this one… unlike last week! (Covers face in shame…)

This week included lots of shopping, so today I’m sharing a peek of all the goodies that arrived thus far.

The Jenny Lind crib arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and I had just enough time to assemble and photograph it, so I could share a peek with you today.

Nursery Progress

I adore the vintage detailing and am obsessed with how the room is coming together, now that there’s actual furniture in it!

The matching Jenny Lind dresser also arrived, but as you may have seen in my Insta Stories, it’s currently in a million separate pieces. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to assemble both items in one evening, so you’ll have to wait until next week for a glimpse of the dresser.

Besides, I’m still awaiting these crystal knobs that are due to arrive tomorrow. They will replace the boring wood knobs that came with the dresser. I originally considered blush pink glass knobs, but the ones I found cost a pretty penny and shipped from the U.K., so off to Amazon I went in search of an alternative.

Check out the amazing reviews on these babies – and $10 for 10 knobs?! That kind of deal is unheard of!

Nursery Progress

If you missed my sale alerts on Facebook, I scored THE BEST DEAL on both the crib and the dresser, so if you’re decorating the nursery or know someone who is, then listen up! The crib is currently on sale for 25% off (that’s a $50 discount!); find it hereThe dresser is also on sale for about $80 less than other retailers. Find it here.

More fun items that arrived this week: the cutest musical baby rocker in the world (thanks to Rockabye for the sweet gift) and the most precious baby moccasins I ever did see (a gift from the sweet girls at Freshly Picked).

Nursery Progress

I honestly teared up a little opening the package with the moccasins. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that the tiny, little feet currently causing so much commotion inside my belly will very soon wear these precious baby moccs.

And to say that I’m excited to start organizing these goodies in her closet is a major understatement!

Nursery Progress

Speaking of the closet, despite our best efforts, we’re only halfway done with the installation. More accurately, we’ve assembled most of the items but haven’t begun installing them just yet. First, we need to remove the closet doors and the baseboard inside the closet, because ClosetMaid towers are designed to be attached flush with the back closet wall.

Nursery Progress

Another item due to arrive soon is a custom mobile from Sproutling + Co. The minute I discovered this adorable Etsy shop, I was head over heels with the simple but modern designs of Kristin’s mobiles. I can’t wait to show you the dreamy colors I chose for ours! I hear they’re magical in capturing baby’s attention while on the changing table, and that’s exactly where I plan to install ours.

The brass curtain rod is also due to arrive later this week. So many of you were surprised that I was debating whether to spend $40 on a 66″ rod. You see, we’ve always bought curtain rods at IKEA, so to me the price difference is insane. But ain’t nobody got time to drive 2.5 hours down to Atlanta for a curtain rod…right?

Besides, I found a near identical brass curtain rod at West Elm for $109 and thought I better snatch up the $40 version before it’s too late – and that’s precisely what I did.

After much debate, I finally ordered the artwork, too. Originally, I had picked out a series of animal prints, but in gathering inspiration for the nursery, I came across a million photos of nearly identical artwork hung in a nursery. So it lost its appeal for me rather quickly.

Instead of opting for something that is obviously kid-oriented, I chose photos of my beloved Paris that can transition beyond a nursery into a toddler’s and then a teenager’s room.

Photos of Paris always bring a smile to my face, reminding me of our adventure across Europe.

Nursery Progress

The verdict is still out on the ceiling medallion (is the extra work worth it?), the glider (will it even fit?), and a possible DIY wooden beads shelf, a la fellow blogger Preciously Me (where would I hang it?)

Your insight (and glider recommendations!) are always welcome!

If you missed the previous weeks of the One Room Challenge, catch up here: week 1week 2, and week 3. You can also tour our living room from the previous ORC round.

Happy Thursday, friends – here’s to a productive weekend ahead! Can you believe there’s only two more weeks between now and the final reveal?!

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Huge thanks to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing the One Room Challenge. To see the other bloggers’ transformations, check out Week 4’s “One Room Challenge” linkup.

Thank you to this round’s sponsors, including ClosetMaidWalls Need LoveLamps PlusMintedRockabyeFreshly Picked, and Sproutling + Co. for helping bring my nursery vision to life!

Most of all, THANK YOU for continuing to read, share, and comment on You make this blog (and projects like this!) possible.

One Room Challenge, Week 1: The Living Room RenovationAbout the One Room Challenge

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Twice a year, 20 featured designers along with hundreds of guest participants are challenged to transform any room they so choose, but they must complete the entire project in six weeks.

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  3. It’s coming out SO beautifully! I love all of the small details, it really brings the room together! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Found your site through the linkup, and I had to laugh because I figured it was a belly pic (the first one) but thought it could almost pass for one of those braided pouf ottomans. I really liked looking through the design plan and hearing all the updates for the space, excited to see it come together :)

    (Please don’t hate me for saying that your baby bump could be an ottoman!).

  5. I must say, I love reading what you write. Whether it is fashion or design, I simply adore the fun and straightforward way that you play with words! I noticed you mentioned not being sure where to fit a glider. I do not know where you will put it, but from one mom to another, that piece of furniture is the most important next to a crib. When the nights are just about sleepless, having somewhere to relax while you rock your sweet one turns what could be semi-tortuous into the most fond of memories.

    • Hi Cana! Thank you so much for your sweet comment – you totally made my day, especially because I was struggling with this post, thinking to myself, “This is so boring – who’d want to read this?!” :)

      You are so right about the glider – and deep down I know I need to figure something out, but this room is just so teeny tiny, that I don’t know what to do! I’m hoping that once the dresser is assembled and the closet is installed, I’ll be able to get a better idea of just how much space I have to work with, but right now, it’s not looking too good…

  6. That belly pic is the best! And so are those adorable baby mocs – if I had a baby to buy them for, I’d have to get a pair. Love all the little peeks at how the space is coming together.

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