One Room Challenge, Week 4: Time to Tackle That Fireplace Makeover

I’m convinced the universe is conspiring to prevent us from making any progress on the One Room Challenge this week.

Take Monday, for example.

After spending the entire third week of the One Room Challenge at the beach, I was on my way to work that morning – when one of my tires exploded going 80 miles per hour on the highway.

Quite the start to the week, eh?

Our transportation debacle continued into the evening. After a colleague dropped me off at my husband’s office, we get into his car to go home – only to find out he left the lights on for the entire day. Needless to say, the car battery was dead, and it was nearly six in the evening, so most people had already gone home for the day.

As a result, our grand plans to (finally) tackle that fireplace makeover on Monday evening were postponed to Tuesday.


Then when Tuesday evening rolled around, we couldn’t find half of our masonry tools, so by the time we taped off the fireplace and covered the surrounding hardwood floors, it was time for bed.

Thus, the project was postponed to Wednesday.


But the misadventures didn’t stop there, oh no!

On Monday evening, just when I had finished wailing, “Why me?!” to the universe, I received a “thank you for your business, but…” email notification. Apparently the coffee table I ordered for the living room wouldn’t be arriving until December.

You win, universe, you win!

Speaking of ordering furniture, since the One Room Challenge first began, the bank froze my debit card three times. THREE TIMES, I tell you!

In the words of the oh-so-helpful customer service rep, I’ve been making “a significant number of very large purchases” so the bank has been flagging my online shopping as suspicious activity.

The irony of this is not lost on me.

On a more positive note, let’s talk about these beautiful custom frames from framed & matted. Am I crazy for thinking I can go ahead and hang these even if the sofa hasn’t arrived? I know I need to wait to get the proportions and placement just right, but oh, I am SO desperate to cross off just one item from my ORC to-do list!


Even the artwork didn’t escape drama-free: I was excited to pick up my photography prints from a local printer – only to discover that instead of 8×11″, they were printed at 8×10″. Thankfully I have a solid working relationship with said printer. They are my preferred vendor for all of my freelancing design projects; as a result, they were able to fix the issue right then and there, as I toured their gorgeous new office space in downtown Chattanooga.

Shout out to Ginger at Aladdin Printing for the quick turnaround.

Assembling the frames was a total breeze, though. When you order a custom frame from framed & matted, all of the necessary hardware pieces to assemble and install your artwork come included in your package. No need to stress about finding the right hardware, whether to hang from a wire or a hook, how to attach said wire – questions I am completely clueless about.

Thanks to framed & matted, I assembled all eight frames in less than an hour.


Speaking of artwork, I also ordered two large-scale engineering prints from Staples with my own designs. I originally considered hanging the prints in our master bedroom but thought the bold, geometric patterns may be more fitting for the living room.

I’m picking them up this evening, so if you’re curious about large-scale engineering prints from Staples, come hang out with me on Snapchat to see how they turn out.

By the way, thank you so very much to those who sent such positive feedback when I unveiled a smaller version of the prints in our guest bathroom. Once the ORC frenzy dies down a little, I’ll be adding these two designs (and so much more!) to the FOXY OXIE Etsy shop, so stay tuned!

Oh, and of course I can’t forget about my very favorite item that has arrived thus far: these beautiful, velvet barrel chairs! Just how darling are they? I literally spent the entire Wednesday evening rubbing my hands all over the soft fabric – it is THAT fabulous.


Now our chrome Sputnik chandelier has another chrome friend to play with in the midst of all the big, bad brass.

I originally included two special edition Safavieh chairs in the design plan, but come on, I wasn’t about to pay $1,100 per chair – that’s insane.

Speaking of the design plan – it has changed quite a bit. (Surprise, surprise!)

Instead of a geometric, gray rug, I ordered this gorgeous black and white number.

Those that know me well can attest to how obsessive compuslive I am about straight lines and structured patterns; my decision to order a natural cowhide rug surprised even myself! It will add just the perfect dose of masculinity to the living room, though, which was turning out quite feminine.

Then, failing to find a substitute for the backordered coffee table, I purchased a tufted bench in white leather from Overstock and plan to use it in lieu of the table.

Check out the updated room mockup for a better idea of how it’ll (hopefully) look.

living-room-1 living-room-2

As for what’s left, in no particular order:

  • Finish the brickwork on the fireplace, then paint it;
  • Touch up the ceiling around the fireplace;
  • Install AC vents;
  • Install gallery wall behind the sofa, if the latter ever arrives;
  • Assemble and install large-scale artwork behind the two barrel chairs;
  • Paint the console table – unless I change my mind and decide not to use it;
  • Install curtain rod, purchase and hang curtains;
  • Install the round mirror on the fireplace;
  • Purchase a few vases, a comfy throw, baskets for storage, and fireplace tools and accessories.

Now let’s just cross our fingers that sofa arrives on time; otherwise I’ll be in big trouble when November 10 rolls around.

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Huge thank you to sponsors PureModern for gifting us the “Sol” chandelier and to framed & matted for providing the custom frames for this project.

One Room Challenge, Week 1: The Living Room Renovation

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    • Thanks Angela! Can I be honest with you? We have yet to hang these frames – and everything else, for that matter, because every waking minute has been spent on the dang fireplace! Literally stayed up til 4 in the morning working on it – and it’s still nowhere near being done. Hope your week has been less stressful! Cannot wait for Thursday to get here… (I’m sure you can relate!) XO

  3. Oh my goodness I just hate all the trouble you had but I know you are going conquer it all and this room is going to be AMAZING! By the way, I’m obsessed with that fireplace and how it divides the room perfectly! Can not wait to see the finished room Oksana!

    • Thank you SO much, Carissa! This week is turning out to be total hell. Husband stayed up til 4 in the morning working on the fireplace – and it’s still nowhere near being done. Hope your week has been less stressful! XO

  4. Oh Oksana, what a week you had!! I know everything will work out for you next week! Everything looks awesome so far by the way – I love where you’re headed with the design and I’m dying to see that fireplace made over!!

  5. I was screaming for you in my head as I was reading your misfortune! Ugh! But, star today’s delivery, nothing can stop you!! I love the black and white gallery wall and can’t wait to see it all hung! Keep pushing!! Xoxo

  6. Oksana, you know the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’ You my friend will surely be mighty after this adventure. But that chair! It’s absolutely luscious! And where your space is going…I cannot wait to see the final reveal, especially what you do to that fireplace! I’ll be back!

    Wishing you a less dramatic and more productive week!

    Hugs, Lynn

    • Thank you SO much, Lynn! I appreciate your encouragement, because I’m definitely going to need it this week! Doesn’t look like the fireplace will be done in time for this Thursday, so it may be the final reveal before you get to see it in all of its glory!

      Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

    • Thanks Emily! At the end of the day, I remind myself that it’s just design; there are far more serious matters to concern myself with, I know. But it’s my first time participating in the ORC, and thanks to my perfectionist tendencies I’m being incredibly hard on myself! Thanks for your sweet note of encouragement – I appreciate it more than you know!

  7. I actually like the bench better than the coffee table! Those black and white prints look great. Can’t wait to see your fireplace makeover! I really like your grey couch, too.

    • Thank you Lucille! So glad you like it! I was a bit uncertain at first, but now that the bench has arrived, I love it!!! Can’t wait to share a peek next week! As for the sofa, it has yet to be delivered, and I am now being told that it may be after the final reveal when it arrives. Crossing my fingers for a miracle!

  8. Oksana!! Wow, what a week! I love that you remain in positive spirits after all that happened. I really think the results will be all that amazing after some set backs. Your mock ups are incredible and I just love your style so much. Your art work is going to look amazing in there too!! Can’t wait for next week!

    • Oh Yuni, your sweet comment made my weekend. I’m generally more of a realist rather than an optimist, so the fact that you picked up on some sort of positive trait makes me very happy. Maybe there’s hope for me after all, ha! :) Hope your Monday is off to a great start! XO

  9. You have so much patience with this renovation and documenting it the entire way through! It’s really coming along fabulous!

    • Always such a pleasure to receive a comment that starts with, “Wow!” Thank you for that, Delia! :) The bench-turned-coffee-table actually arrived yesterday, and I’m so excited to share a glimpse next week!!

  10. seriously, those chairs are EVERYTHING!!!!! I have some swivel chairs similar…but I think i like yours a little more. Also, I love the luxe feel of the space.

    • Thank you SO much, Jessica! Your comment just made my day, because ‘luxe’ is exactly the feel that I’m going for! I actually searched high and low for velvet barrel swivel chairs, but couldn’t find any under $2K. Then I found these and fell in love! XO

  11. Hi Oksana! So sorry you have had a rough time. Hopefully everything goes smoother from here. Love the black and white photos and artwork. Always a classic! You know I love your chairs, and the chesterfield sofa is just perfect. I have a Chesterfield sectional in our family room. We are meant to be design besties!

    • Thanks so much, Mysha! Ironically, the thin brick wasn’t my first choice, but once we demolished the wall where the fireplace is, it became very evident that the fireplace needed some major aesthetic help and not wanting to make it too bulky, we ended up adding thin brick to an already-brick fireplace, ha!

  12. What a week you’ve had! Such a let down after a week at the beach! I love your art and velvet chairs though and I’m going to say a little prayer right now that you have a better week! xoxo
    PS: That sofa is everything!!!

  13. I’m definetely checking out framed & matted! Your prints are going to be so gorgeous behind the couch. I’m having the same issue wanting to hang art but not having things delivered. I may end up taping off the dimensions on the floor and figuring out the art that way!

    Oh, and those chairs. What an amazing deal! They look so much pricier. Fingers crossed the next week goes better for you. And for your cars! So glad you were safe after the scary blow out.

    • Aww, thanks sweet friend! This week for me was sort of like the first week for you – I was ready to call it quits!

      Great idea for hanging the art – I just may try that myself, because at this point it feels like all I do is carry things from one corner to the other (a la first photo). LOL

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